18 thoughts on “Vegan Strongman Eats ONE MEAL A DAY !”

  1. I'd argue that since he does have to supplement, that his lifestyle isn't really natural. He's having to take in extra things with his "Ra Elixer" or whatever he calls it, that he wouldn't otherwise have to if he ate meat. Sorry but them's the breaks. They didn't have this, or ANY supplement for 100's of thousands of years. They just ate meat, and plants, and thus their diet was complete. So yes while you technically can do what he's doing, it'll still never be natural. Nothing can change that.

  2. This man has more discipline in his pinky than every idiot that wrote negative comments. Very informative and true to how our bodies were meant to operate. We all need to listen to this and realize how our food and health industry and government (FDA)has sold us out to greedy capitalism.

  3. Anybody else here who is black/African decent have a couple family members who look like this guy but eat like crap? Dr. Ra's consistency is commendable and his regiment may lend itself to a long life and high mental acuity. As for his 12-pack, I think it's at least 85% attributable to having "little ripped black guy" genes.

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