Vegan Thai Cooking Class in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Vegan Thai Cooking Class in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Hey, it’s Shae! And Marissa! And we are doing something fun today. It’s Thanksgiving. We decided that we were gonna go make some traditional Thai dishes… vegan, of course! Yeah! We chose to do a cooking class that is just a traditional cooking class with an option to make everything vegan, or vegetarian.
So we chose the vegan option. And we get six, no, seven! Seven dishes to make. That we’re creating, from, like an appetizer to your dessert, to the main dishes. And currently we are in a market. We just got an introduction of all the ingredients, traditional things that they use in the kitchen. And now we’re gonna go browse for a little bit, and then we’ll see what happens next! Yeah! Wait, what’s yours called? Herbs, Thai Herb Soup. Yum! Soup! Is it good? I’m a good cook. (laughing) Oh yeah? Yeah! You good, Lauren? No! How many peppers did you add to yours? (laughing) A quarter of one! Oh my gosh! Shae, what ya makin’? What do you think? I’m making mango sticky rice! Yeah, our favorite! It’s official! We did it, we completed the Thai cooking course that they let us make vegan. So, no fish sauce, no dry shrimp stuff, paste things, no eggs, yeah. We did it, and so– We are professional Thai cooks now. And very full. Very full. Seven courses pregnant (laughter).

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  1. I did this cooking class  last Christmas! So good! We actually got to do like 10 dishes because they liked us so much. YUM!

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