Vegetable Pulao | Quick & Easy To Make Main Course Recipe | Easy Rice Recipes | Kanak’s Kitchen

Vegetable Pulao | Quick & Easy To Make Main Course Recipe | Easy Rice Recipes | Kanak’s Kitchen

Hey my lovely foodies! Welcome to Kanak’s Kitchen Today I am going to show you a very easy recipe That is Veg Pulao. It is an easy, quick and healthy rice preparation with full of vegetables and spices in it This is one of the most comfort food which I feel everyone enjoy’s in the meal. This recipe is requested by a viewer named Padma Gopinath. So Padma here is the recipe for you Ingredients First heat oil or ghee in a wok To this add the whole garam masala Bayleaf, then the cloves, cinammon stick Green cardamom and the black cardamom Smash a bit with your fingers Add the cumin seeds Stir this and when they are fried enough, add onions to it When onions starts to become little transparent, add in ginger garlic paste to it Saute it for a while Next add in the green chillies Again stir it Now put all the vegetables over here Potatoes, some carrots, cauliflower, peas and beans You can use any other vegetables of your choice Saute the vegetables for around 2-3 mins on low to medium high heat. To this, add in the salt garam masala, mint leaves and the beaten yogurt stir well. To this add the soaked rice Saute it gently on low flame so that it’s well coated with all the mixture Now I am going to pour in the stock or the water whichever you are using Along with the lime juice Mix it well You can check for salt over here Keep it on high flame for 2 mins Until all the moisture is taken up by the rice When you see very little water bubbling up on the top cover it with a lid and keep it on low flame for around 10 mins or until you see the rice is cooked through. You can press it with the help of your fingers and check whether the rice is cooked or not Now lastly I am going to sprinkle a few teaspoons of saffron soaked milk all over It’s optional but I perfectly like the aroma of it Again I am going to cover it for just 1 more min On low flame. Now give it a gentle stir You can also use a fork to puff it up Now it is ready and I am going to serve it hot with some fresh coriander and fried cashews on top My veg pulao is ready and full of aromatic flavours and spices as we have used a lot of garam masala It tastes best when it is served with some chilled yogurt So do try this easy recipe and let me know your valuable feedback in the comments section below. Hit the like button and subscribe to my channel Kanak’s Kitchen for more and more of such easy recipes If you have any other suggestions, query or any other recipe, which you want to show on my channel Do provide the same in the comments section It’s me Kanak signing off Bye Bye

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  1. pulao ka satha kya banaya bataya usaka bhi eka video banaya please please please please please mam rebest you mam

  2. Hello didi!thanks for easy and tasty recipe. di can use khada masala which is mixture of all spices u put at the beginning??can I add paneer to it??

  3. Madam,first of all Thank you for this wonderful recepie,can we skip adding yoghurt?BTW,how does yoghurt help?Can you please elaborate?Thanks in advance.

  4. अन्ग्रेजन हिंदी बोलने में शर्म आती है

  5. I would have loved it more if you put a bit of turmeric and red chilli powder while tastes fab😊😊

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