Vegetable Sheets For Sushi – Sushi Cooking Ideas #4

Vegetable Sheets For Sushi – Sushi Cooking Ideas #4

Welcome back to another video, this the fourth
in a series of videos I like to call Sushi Cooking Ideas, where I give you ideas that
you can apply to your sushi to make it more interesting and more innovative and more extraordinary
than everybody else’s. Now this idea is all about using a dehydrator
to create some vegetable sheets that you can use in sushi in lots of different ways. I’m just going to show one example of what
you can do with it but it’s not limited to that. Here we go – let’s go! Okay start with a Daikon Radish and chop it
up. Once you’ve chopped it up then you want
to add it to a boiling pot of water and you want to cook it until tender. Now this will take about 20 to 40 minutes
depending the size of the chop and the temperature of the water. Just cook it until it’s very, very, very
soft. Once you’ve got to that stage then you want
to transfer the Daikon into a container so you can blend it. Here I’m going to use a hand immersion blender
just to get a very smooth and silky puree. Just keep blending it until you get to that
consistency. Once you feel you’re at the consistency
then you can add your ingredient, for example in this case I’m going to use some chopped
red cabbage to get a beautiful purple color. So I’m going to add a little bit of it at
a time and then blend it through and then look at it and decide whether to add some
more or not. Now the color is completely up to you whether
you want a more strong pronounced purple or less. This is what I’m looking for right here,
a nice smooth puree with a beautiful purple color. Now that I’ve done that I’m going to spread
it over a sheet, a very special non-stick sheet designed for dehydrator. I’ll link the description below so you guys
can find the same one. And here I’m just going to spread the puree
across nice and evenly and then I’m going to use a spatula to spread it out more evenly
to about four to five millimeters thickness. You really want to take your time with this
and spread it out nice and gently and evenly until it covers the entire sheet just like
this. Once you feel you’ve got the right consistency
and spread then you can transfer this over to your dehydration rack, just like this. Okay now you want to put this inside a dehydrator,
the one I’ve got here is an Excalibur Dehydrator, but you can use any other dehydrator. I’ll link this in the description so you
can find the same one. I’m just going to close it and set it to
52-degrees Celsius, that’s 125-degrees Fahrenheit; I’m going to let it go for a couple hours
until it’s completely dried out, the sheet. This is quite a few hours later and it’s
completely dry and now I’m just going to separate the sheet gently from the non-stick
sheet. You just want to take the edges and just slightly
peel them off. It’s easy to just peel away the non-stick
sheet than to try to pull off the vegetable sheet. Okay, so here now I’ve got most of the corners
off, I’m just going to slowly pull it up and try to separate the entire sheet. Now it has ripped on the side there so I’m
just going to pull this up and now I’ve got this beautiful super thin sheet of Daikon
Radish with red cabbage. It makes a beautiful purple hue. Okay now to cut your sheet, just place it
shiny side down on a cutting board and then take half sheet of Nori as a tracing tool. Just lay it on top like this and then just
take your knife and cut around the outside perimeter just like this. Now I’m using half sheet of Nori because
that’s just the perfect size to place on top of a sushi roll. Okay one more cut here, great. Now you just want to separate it away from
the sheet so you can have your useable sheet. Just tear it apart very, very gently, making
sure not to rip the sheet. Now be very gentle because this sheet is very
thin and can rip apart very easily. Okay, great, now I’m going to do one more
cut here just to make this side a little bit more neat, alright. Awesome, and now you’ve got this beautiful
purple sheet that you can use to place on top of sushi rolls – sushi rolls like this
one. I’m just going to take the sheet and there’s
two sides to it, there’s a rough side and there’s a shiny side. Now it doesn’t matter which way down you
put it, I’m just going to put it down shiny side first and with the rough side up. Okay, so now to firm it up you just press
it down with a rolling mat just to make sure that it glues on and then you cut it like
you usually would. So just cut it in half just like this and
then cut the halves into quarters, just like so, and then you want to cut the quarters
into eighths. Now be very gentle with this because these
sheets are much thinner than Nori and they can tear much easier. Okay so now I’ve cut it, I’m just going
to firm it up just in case anything moved during cutting and then Voilá! We’ve got this beautiful sushi roll, simple
salmon sushi roll with this beautiful purple pink outside skin. You can make it in different varieties, for
example here’s the one we made and here’s the same just with a bit more red cabbage
and here’s the same with a lot more red cabbage. You can also make loads of different varieties,
you can make it with Daikon and other vegetables or you can make it with just vegetables. Go crazy, experiment and make loads of different
types of colors, tastes and just much more awesome looking sushi. Okay, so there we go now you’ve got this
great idea you can apply to your sushi and make it a bit more interesting. Now you don’t have to just apply it in the
way that I used it, you could also use the sheets to replace Nori for example. If you made the sheets a little bit thicker
so they wouldn’t rip as easily then you could use it to roll sushi rolls with, which
opens the door to limitless possibilities. Now I’d love to know how you would use these
sheets to make your sushi more interesting or other food dishes. Please comment below and subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching, see you guys next week. Goodbye! END

100 thoughts on “Vegetable Sheets For Sushi – Sushi Cooking Ideas #4”

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