100 thoughts on “Viral White House Chef With 24-Inch Biceps Talks Internet Fame, Food + Fitness Tips”

  1. а где он берёт стероиды? или вы реально верите в то что он их не применяет?

  2. Saitama did 100 pushups and he became indestructible and he does 2222 pushups every day.
    He must have become a GOD long ago!

  3. He's alot like CT fletcher in his prime in terms of his size and physique. I hope his heart doesn't fucking explode like his. Just being honest.

  4. Problem with people like this is they stand out and easily recognizable but the positive side is no one would dare fuck with you 😂.

  5. You should see how he do his legs. We all saw that big ass smile on Rachel's face 😁🏋️‍♀️. She hurried up and got off. Probably was about to have an orgasm. I know those ladies in the audience was loving it. They all wanted to "ride the maverick!"

  6. How can this guy be talking about limiting calories, he's huge, you'd need to eat around 5,000 calories a day to get that bulked (and obv steroids but that's not the point)

  7. He dosnt care about hischealth Hesx3ctimes bigger than healthy..they will die soon. Hes not healthy how many huge people u see at 75 10 out of ten die. Jesus died for sinners people love to fool themselves thinking their good .liars adulters murders at heart. theives entiltment. this is why we need a Jesus who is the way thectruth the life no man comth to the father but through me. IHOPE BIG MAN COMES TO THE CROSS.

  8. No way he does 2200 pushups a day. No one does, not when you know how to train properly and effectively. 2200 pushups, done in lots of 60 (1 per second) with a 2 minute rest between sets, would take over 2 hours. No one trains chest every day, let alone for over 2 hours. This is just a gimmick he's selling for TV fame and the couch potatoes are buying it.

  9. Cool guy but theese aren't full push ups, He only goes half way, good for tension but not as difficult as full-movement push ups.

  10. Chef André is the type of Guy – when you come home early at night and saw him sleeping whit your wife…

    Then you put him under a sheet and give him a good night kiss

  11. President: This chicken is dry, can you cook another one?

    Andre: No, the chicken is perfect

    President: The chicken is perfect

  12. "Chef Roids". Listening to him talk about "it's your body and you only have one of them", meanwhile 250mg of Deca was just injected into each arm 20 minutes before he got on the air. Yep, a healthy role model.

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