Visit Wichita | Making the Irish Red Ale at Aero Plains Brewing

Beer has become a recognizable part of
celebrating many events but none quite as much as St. Patrick’s Day. In Wichita, we know how to party for St. Paddy’s Parades, food and yes, beer! Sound: Beer can seal cracks open The craft beer scene in Wichita is hot right now and a local brewery is about to give us an
inside look at a St. Patrick’s Day Favorite Their Pride of the Islands,
Irish Red Ale The process of making this beer takes months and it isn’t always
easy Worker: pretty close I turned it down back to 20. Head Brewer: fail fail Worker: Here we go (((Sound: Beer canning machine starts))) (((Sound: Pressurized air line releases))) Head Brewer: Kaboom! champagne But the end result is a delicious beer that people end up loving Head Brewer: Please Saint Gambrinus, be truthful and honest Aero Plains Brewing has a sweet
setup in Wichita inside the Historic Delano Shopping and
Entertainment District, their facility is decorated and named after Wichita’s proud aviation past. From airplane paintings to a bar made from a Beechcraft airplane
wing and while a pretty place to get a drink is nice, what you were drinking is
much more important. That’s where head brewer Troy Bervig
comes Bervig: Well, we we don’t do it for the money, that’s for sure. Specially trained in beer making He says the Irish Red Ale
quickly became a St. Patrick’s Day Favorite Troy Bervig/Aero Plains Brewing: I would assume it’s just
because it’s an Irish red you know everyone wants to think Irish you even
when you’re not Irish on St. Paddy’s Day Narrator: Last year Aero Plains Brewing served 15,000 people for St. Patrick’s Day and the most popular drink the Irish Red Bervig: yesterday morning before we filled this tank again we moved the Irish Red to this bright tank Narrator: Bervig leads a team of people to make the Irish red and
many other beers at the brewery. One of those staffers is Drew Scanlan Drew Scanlan/Aero Plains Brewing: I wouldn’t give this up for anything Narrator:he in love with beer making just a few years ago. It’s hard work but has a sweet reward Scanlan: I get to make something that I
love and share it with with the community and see how they
like it and how they share it with others they love This batch of Irish Red took
two months to craft and it all comes down to this; a quick taste test of the
beer before any more cans are made. Bervig: Malty on the front end, exactly how it should be. Narrator: it passed, that’s good news for the founder of the brewer, Lance Minor Lance Minor/Aero Plains Brewing: Aero Plains is really about making well-balanced and approachable beers so
it’s all about finding a beer that you connect with. We’re not beer snobs when
it comes to craft beer; in fact at this point we’re not really even calling it
craft beer as much as we’re calling it beer. Narrator: canning this beer is a process in itself stacks of shiny aluminum cans reaching
10 feet high; machines help pour the beer and add the labels; the rest is on the
staff at Aero Plains to get ready Bervig: we do about 33 cans a minute; if we were Anheuser-Busch we would be filing for bankruptcy in 3-2-1…but seeing
that we’re not an Anheuser-Bush, the speed is just fine. Narrator: The beer isn’t only a St.
Patrick’s Day brew but with it being so popular it usually sells out when the
celebrations are running green. The Pride of the Islands, Irish Red Ale – you will only find it in Wichita, the heart of the country.

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