VLOG #1 – Pasta al Pesto, Mukbang, Daym Drops, Kim Kardashian, Chef Rubio

VLOG #1 – Pasta al Pesto, Mukbang, Daym Drops, Kim Kardashian, Chef Rubio

Hi everyone. TheKitchenMoFo… Pasta! Today I’m gonna cook f*** all, because I’m lazy but I’ll talk, just like that! Everybody vlogs, vlogs and vlogs, so I’m vlogging too Pasta Pesto They’re the really easy things to make when someone doesn’t feel like cooking and I’m one of those… despite making videos I like my pasta “al dente” I pretty much wanna feel the tooth breaking so… the noise might be heard People say it’s not polite to talk with a full mouth but I’m on my own, so who cares! They call these videos “mukbaaang”, “mukbang” “cowbang” I actually don’t have that much stuff in front of me but it’s a pasta portion which wouldn’t even satisfy a truck driver It’s just enough for a big boy of my size This is the pesto I used Why no garlic? Because… My dating life is already quite a joke… so if I add the super bad breath no one will even look at me I’m quite paranoid about bad breath we all have it occasionally I even smell myself to check if I got it It can happen! I lived in Madrid before and in the morning, in the metro, to go to work… …some crazy stuff! When you eat garlic it’s not only your breath: you actually sweat it! You feel it everywhere! So in the morning when you get in the metro after maybe walking under the sun, 40 (celsius) for 10 minutes sh*t, you smell it on the train I also learned how to say “ohne Zwiebeln” in German when I used to go to fast foods and I didn’t want onions in my burger for that reason About onions… I kinda changed my mind: I would eat it if it’s cooked if the portions aren’t too big Raw onion is a no no anyway I know people who eat those like apples Well, I can’t do it… Let me know with a comment below what you think about foods that make your breath smell Tell me about the stuff you avoid or the stuff you eat on purpose to f***ing bother the people around you Oh yeah, obviously welcome to the rest of the “studio” where I make my recipes which is my house… It’s a bit messy in the back there but I still have to decorate… plenty of stuff to do because I’ve just recently moved in here If you see anything that catches your eye, please tell me I’m curious to know what you guys watching my videos are passionate about Why did I decide to do this vlog thing today? If someone has a channel where he shows his face he also has a story to tell… and I definitely want to share some stuff with you too Not too long ago I posted this video in which I answered some questions from Instagram Sure I’m not f***ing Kim Kardashian who’s got two million people messaging her every day asking her what’s her underwear colour Mine is black anyway, because… it makes me thin! I also think this is a good way to get to know me After all, I show you what I do in the kitchen sometimes they’re not even good but it’s nice to share something more with the people who have fun watching an idiot talking in front of a camera I had the idea of making videos while I was eating after watching Daym Drops that’s his channel’s name He’s an American dude who cracks me up and makes a lot of videos while he eats burgers, sandwiches and similar dirty stuff in his car He does these odes to… …food and I was kind of inspired by that to do my first things on YouTube I’m almost done here I invite you to subscribe to the channel below here It won’t always be someone who eats and talks I do a lot of other stuff It would be awesome if you followed me here but also on Instagram Some of the messages I get… and they’re not that many I’m not being the sh*tty celebrity here… they warm my heart! Because that means someone appreciates what you do even if you’re only doing it for fun I see people posting some stuff and I’m like… alright, she’s got a nice ass: aah! Big boobs: ahh! He’s got a nice car: aah! It’s just showing off and it bothers me just the same way showing off with food bothers me All these super gourmet restaurants with these “artistic” things kinda piss me off: I eat there and they’re good but I’d like to see the concept of “simple” in those too After all, at the end of the day I have to eat that stuff and I’m not saying you have to toss it on the plate like you’re building a brick wall but if a product is good it will also look good A plate with pasta always looks good, right? Well, unless you put some sh*t on it… So all that stuff isn’t really needed, I don’t get it I like another kind of cuisine Let’s say… between Cracco and Rubio and it’s not about the tattoos, who gives a f*** I prefer Rubio’s attitude At least he’s a student of the “cool” gourmet thing and he knows what he’s talking about and he probably realised it didn’t make any difference to him he probably prefers a more “genuine” thing Despite being a fatty, I can’t have any more of this I’m finished eating, I’ll reheat it later Not gonna use a microwave, not a fan of microwaves If you managed to get to the end of this video I’m thanking you so much and I’m inviting you again to subscribe to the channel there will be some news soon See you next time! Ciao!

3 thoughts on “VLOG #1 – Pasta al Pesto, Mukbang, Daym Drops, Kim Kardashian, Chef Rubio”

  1. personally i dont give a second thought to foods that might catalyze bad breath, but then again im a misanthropist weirdo so yeah.

    anyway in my youth i used to prefer my pasta "scotta" and would throw fits if it was not cooked enough to achieve the starchy succulent gluey texture that brought me to my pasta feasting state of sanctuary. nowadays im much more acquiescent and since most of the time the people i cook for would like it more 'al dente' i too have adapted to cooking it so. and so as is often the case with things you tend to prefer what you become accustomed to. so these days i would rather the pasta be a bit crunchy than mushy. so in your honor later today when i cook my spaghetti i will make it extra al dente.

    but sorry meatballs. one day but not today. today its spaghetti al la bolognese as a compromise because truth be told i hardy ever use spaghetti as a pasta in general. if i do its usually spezzati. maybe its down to the fact that i really prefer using spoons to eat and will do so with almost anything. that rigatoni for example i would be using a deep bowl and be going to town with a spoon. forks just tend to leave too much of the creamy juiciness behind. sure that can be sopped up later with bread but by then its cold. its spoons for me. but i did take a moment to admire your side forking technique on those rigatoni. quite nice.

    its a shame that youtube tends to be such a slow snowball of a medium for fledgling channels because your content is really A+ stuff. i hope your snowball begins to grow exponentially soon.

  2. Mi piacciono questi video alla Marco Togni. Raccontare aneddoti mentre si mangia.
    Un Like ci sta alla grande 👍

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