vlog #18 – Grilling steak and Salmon! -Mamiposa26

what are you making Babe? let me see. that gets stuck to the wood plank right? what are you going to eat Babe? steak! where is it? should I get it out? you only bought 3? you are making grilled asparragus? do you want me to prepare them for you? you make that and I make…. the asparagus i can put some of this on the fish to make it taste better no no no no no i don’t want spicy i was wondering if the lemon pepper would make my tummy hurt but.. did you turn on the grill? you leave it here in the very front? does it take long? that one won’t take long yea oh yea huh cuz it is fat asparagus not yet right? you are not going to water your plants anymore? look there a big one over there i didn’t know I had mint!! don’t go! you don’t want your apple anymore? no! you want it? it was to acidic is it ready? i didn’t like this one as much the other one was better

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