Wagyu Tri-Tip Sliders Recipe | Blaze Portable Gas Grill | Tailgating Grilling | BBQGuys.com

Wagyu Tri-Tip Sliders Recipe | Blaze Portable Gas Grill | Tailgating Grilling | BBQGuys.com

Hey, I’m Randy with BBQguys.com. We’re out here tailgating with the Blaze
Portable Gas Grill and today I’m gonna show you how I do my sweet sesame marinated tri-tip
sliders topped with an asian slaw. It’s gonna be great, let’s check it out! I like to get my prep done the night before
tailgating so that I can just focus on cooking when I get there, and also this needs to marinate
overnight. The marbling on this tri-tip is amazing..
luckily the butcher had Wagyu available, so I couldn’t pass that up. Wagayu is already pretty fatty, so I trimmed
a little of the excess fat. Alright, next up we’ll go ahead and get
our marinade put together. I’m going with an Asian flair for this one. The bulk of the marinade is soy sauce, so
we’ll get that in the mixing bowl. Along with some sesame oil… rice vinegar..
add a little sweetness with some honey… a few cloves of minced garlic… some spears
of ginger.. a little bit of sesame seeds.. along with some cracked black pepper. I’ll give it a quick whisk before I toss
in the green onions to complete the marinade. Throw the tri-tip in a zip top bag.. and pour
the marinade in. Get as much air out the bag as possible & give
it a couple of good shakes to make sure the meat has full contact with the marinade. I’ll toss this in the fridge to let it marinate
overnight & we’ll move on to prepping the slaw. For a nice pop of color, I’ll thin slice
a head of purple cabbage. Follow that up with some chopped green onion..
toss that in the mix… and for the carrots, I ran them through a mandolin first to make
thin slices and then i’ll julienne them from there. Give everything a good toss, we won’t be
adding the dressing until the day of, but we will go ahead and get that mixed up now. For the dressing, I have some minced ginger.. A little bit of garlic, some soy sauce, rice
vinegar, add in a little bit of honey, and the juice of a lemon, sesame oil, along with
some olive oil. We’ll mix this up and get it in the fridge. Alright, on the next day when you make it
out to the tailgate, and you are ready to start cookin, go ahead and start preheating
your grill on high. This will get it ready for the initial sear
on the Tri-tip. I like my slaw fresh and crispy, which is
why I wait till the day of to mix in the dressing. Since we’re mixing it now, it’ll have
some good time for the flavors to meld while we grill the tri-tip. Just stash this in the cooler in the meantime. About 20 minutes before grilling, It’s best
to pull your tri tip out of the ice chest, so that the chill is off of it when you go
to sear. Alright, let’s get this bad boy on the grill. Man, you can really smell that marinade permeating
the air. I’ll go ahead and crosshatch it after a
couple minutes. The easy portability of this grill really
makes it ideal for tailgating like this. Ok, I think it’s about time for a flip. Man, I’m loving these beefy grids, it really
gives me the ability to get great sear marks like these. Let it go a couple more minutes.. then give
it one last crosshatch. At this point, I’ve got a good sear, i’ll
kick the heat on low for the remaining cook. I’m shooting for between medium and mid
rare, so that will be about 10-15 all together and we’ll give it a flip midway through. With the lid down, it will also give it a
chance to get some good smokey flavor. Alright, coming along good. I’ll give it one last flip for evenness,
and we’ll let it cruise for just a few more minutes. I like to get a good feel for my meat, but
it’s always a good option to check the temp with a probe to make sure you are not overshooting
your desired temp. As always, you want to let your meat rest
for about 10-20 minutes before slicing. The Tri-tip came out great. Remember you always want to slice it against
the grain so that it is tender. These slices will be the perfect size for
our sliders. All that extra fat in Wagyu really makes for
a juicy cut. Now it’s time to stack our sliders. Sweet buns pair well with this recipe. If you have a 3 pound tri-tip like this, you
can expect to yield about 15-18 sliders. This is a great little pick up and go bite
for your tailgate party. Let’s try one of these out! This is an awesome marinade that doesn’t
overpower the meat with a refreshing slaw, and if you’re lucky enough to find a piece
of Wagyu tri-tip, then it’s game on! Thanks for watching today guys, and remember
at BBQGuys.com we smoke the competition.

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  1. Hi Randy,
    Does this portable have good power. What temp does the guage get to after a 5min preheat? I have a lion 32in grill currently and I like it alot. But I want a portable that has same power. Can you let me know if it can keep up? Thanks

  2. I love your home made way of BBQ. But let me bounce a quick recipe your way. Take sesame seed oil rub it really good all over your meat 🥩 then take Tony Chacheres Original Creole seasoning rub it really good all over the meat cover it put in the ice box overnight then grill it. And to top it off take sweet baby Ray’s BBQ saws and brush it on right after you take it off the grill. Ho momma! I guaranty it’s the best BBQ you ever tasted. And if you don’t like BBQ saws just don’t put it on the meat.

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