Wahl Trimmers “Real Guys, Real Grooming: Creative Expression” Brewer Edition

Wahl Trimmers “Real Guys, Real Grooming: Creative Expression” Brewer Edition

In the brewing industry I think facial hair is a prerequisite. Yeah, breweries and beer and beards all go together. I never could figure out why they have such solidarity. Maybe it’s the independent streak. Maybe it’s the ability to say I’m going to do what I want. We try to be as creative as possible. It starts with a name, Kentucky Ryed Chiquen Brut the Hip Man Hop. A lot of them are inside jokes. I’m a pun kind of guy I like coming up with this stuff. With brewing it’s a very laborious and taxing job so you put all your energy into that. You don’t feel like shaving. A lot of times all of us don’t have time to wake up in the morning and run a razor across our face. but you also don’t want to look like a werewolf so you got to do a little bit of something A real guy grooms to his level of comfort the power of this Wahl trimmer allows that I don’t know what it is, these blades are awesome Lithium Ion power cuts through without pulling or snagging I think that we each have our own character when it comes to our facial hair Andrew, he’s a teddy bear. I think he’s hiding the baby face underneath. Sam, his beard is always very, very detailed, groomed. Adam on the other hand, he looks like a wizard. For lack of a better word he’s a nerd. He plays dungeons and dragons. My card says level seventy wizard ellipses seriously Jerry has the potential to have the best Chester A Arthur beard you’ve ever seen in your life. Now I’m legit. I finally made it. One of the great things about Against The Grain is you don’t have to take yourself that serious everyone is allowed and encouraged to be unique, to be themselves, to be creative I feel more like a brewer than I ever have and I can thank Wahl for that.

One thought on “Wahl Trimmers “Real Guys, Real Grooming: Creative Expression” Brewer Edition”

  1. I dont know, but those guys and those nasty ass. Beards around all of those open vats of Beer is really making me wonder if there is much care in keeping a good distance between those nasty Beards and the Beer itself!! The one guy said that its a prerequisite to to have a nasty beard to work at their brewery! I cant think of anything worse to happen when your drinking a beer than to have a beard in your bottle of beer!!! Not cool guys!! I hope hair nets and beard nets are a prerequisite too. Im sorry but ill be havin a Miller Please!!!!!

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