100 thoughts on “We Competed To Make The Best Waffles • Ladylike”

  1. To get shell out of egg dip a finger in water THEN fish for the shell…..dont ask me why it works, I have no idea……but it does work.

  2. They should do these without recipes. At that point it's not a cooking competition, it's a "who can Google a waffle recipe" competition. Make them actually have to use a little creativity and come up with the entire thing themselves.

  3. Don't do this (rubs butter on the skillet with hands)
    Me at home 🤔 but I've lived my whole life this way lmao 😂

  4. I noticed that Jen picked something sweet and Kristen picked something savory this time around. I like how they switch flavor profiles every couple videos <3

  5. I'm sure it's in this feed somewhere… easily get the egg pieces out by using a piece of eggshell. It attracts and makes it super easy.

  6. Jen, I'm all over your pb banana nut waffles, lady! I woulda picked yours!!! Jen, I love y'all!!! #KristinNJenTinyCookinCompetitionFTW!!!

  7. How about doing like microwave chicken and potatoes? That is my greatest lazy cooking challenge to myself! … I mean TINY cooking… yeah… lol

  8. I love these types of videos. They make me smile so much my face hurts a little lol. The silliness while still being slightly competitive for no stakes except for like bragging rights really, since they forgot to do the “prize” part in the past of choosing lunch. Plus Kitchen and Jorn chemistry is electric. 🖤

  9. Kristin looks like the Minister of health in Belgium. Trust me search it up her name is Maggie De Block Kristin and her are literally cousins

  10. This isn't even a competition 🙄 I'd like to see Jen win next time and not Kristen the spotlight hog! 🤭 Jk jk don't @ me. 🦅

  11. Props to the video editor! These 2 are already hilarious together, but the effects put it over the top 💪🏾

  12. I'm sorry I wasn't there to tell you that you can actually use the already broken and larger egg shell to dig out the small bits of egg shells when they fall in your food. 😘😍🤗

  13. someone who has been editing the videos the last few times has been mispelling Kristin's name and i think i only care because we spell our name's the same way

  14. SO!! I recently was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and I commented about it on another video of ladylikes. WELL I just had surgery to get the tumor out and they took my left ovary and Fallopian tube, they biopsied it and we’re waiting on the pathology results but I’m home from the hospital now and funnily enough I came across This video and I was literally JUST SAYING how I was craving waffles so I thought it was really funny that Ladylike posted a video about waffles. I just wanted to give an update about my diagnosis and I wanted to say how much I love ladylike. ❤️❤️❤️

  15. ….did Jen forget the waffle she poured into the iron?!! It looked like it was still in there at the end of the video 😂😂

  16. Stop using animal bodies as snacks. Use plant based ham instead of someone's actual body.

    There are a lot of alternatives to eggs as well. Next time, google "vegan waffle recipe" or google any recipe but put "vegan" in front of it.

    Its time to stop using animal bodies.

  17. Overtime, I have watched all the Ladylike Tiny Cooking Competition videos but somehow this video i really felt like these videos are too repetitive. When is Jen going to win? I want to see Jen win instead of Kristen winning all the time. It’s not exciting anymore. It is as if it’s predicted of how the verdict will be.

  18. they should make stake because they always say the stakes are tiny but then they would be making regular sized stakes (like the meat)

  19. Basically Jen suggests stuff she wants to eat, and doesn’t care who wins cuz she gets to eat! Kristen’s all, “it needs more salt and cheese!” and Jens snarfing it down!😂

  20. I don’t know that this was fair. One was more of a dessert waffle and one was a regular breakfast waffle. Like comparing apples to oranges…both fruit…but different families.

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