We Didn’t Eat Anything For A Week *Here’s What Happened*

We’re like halfway through day three and apparently this is the worst day last night was really really hard for me We’re gonna go Gravatar some food right now She’s about to break her fast. He’s done with it, which I support stuff. Everyone sucks There’s one hardest things, but you ready? Hey, what’s everybody it’s like midnight right now. I just finished editing the video This is by far the hardest video we’ve ever had to make with everything. We went into it So please leave a like we really appreciate it. Really. Hope you enjoy the video I just wanna let you know there’s a ton of information in the description About the juicer E&T when he’s a great resource if you guys want to learn about juicing and fasting and all that stuff this time stamp right here is where the Actual cleanse starts the rest of its us preparing for it, but super-fun. Hope you guys enjoy it Deuces, I guess we’re started out early. Tardos need you to pull the camera. This is a good day. Yeah right on live How are you guys? We’re about to get hard. Oh wow, Jara Jara Torres are together now after entire together hunter and Jara Hunter and Tyra all set up. We’re about to get a greener grass cold-pressed juicer II set up forums or going to the store right now about to get some organic produce for these guys that start cleaning out their bodies and we’re thankful for you guys to watch us and Join us along the journey Basically this whole next week. We’re not eating a single thing by-product, we’re drinking something that you could have ate, but We’re turning the juice that pigs gonna take us along for the journey Great for the organs great for the body great for a refresh rate for detox It’s got some grapes grapes are one of the best Well as watermelon you got that For five cucumbers We’re junk you come Burgers cumbers almost Can convert us pink embrace Grocery shopping cart has never I really like this I had one conversation. This card is packed full now. Let’s get it man So absolutely nothing except for juice no gum. No sunflower seeds nothing straight juice No way a snack yeah say, what’s up No way See you there. Alright, we got everything is Arvind grocery shopping and you have to have everything in one trip No, yeah, where’s our over there, huh? I just kind of wanna get a before shot of all this fruit. So then after we’ll see how much juice Alright guys, let us know exactly we’re doing Tuco from that to actual juice Absolutely. So first step is cleanliness You got to clean the product and then we’ll go from cleaning to the prepping station where we cut we make everything happen and We wave we measure how much it is So we know we’re getting exactly the nutrients we want as well as the taste then after that is going to come over here It’s gonna transfer over to the dominator here who’s doing the juicing today? we have Cory here the trail ninja he’s getting ready to do the bottling and Prepping so that we can store it we can get it in the fridge and we can start conserving it for as long as possible For the next seven days like it It’s just carrot this is post after it’s always right out The taste like carrots flavors sand Tons – below We tried a little something the juice I was your projection so mom Its Matt you’re gonna is gonna work for the next week Taj is the whole thing gonna slip some in there This is there right here finale slap the bag yeah, that’s a wrap, baby We’re all wrapped up good job Great work team we start at what time thing? Yeah. We’ve got the store at 10:40 At least one of the hardest side effects is just not being able to chew like there’s just some about chewing from eating three meals A day that you’re used to then you’re just like man like you just want to chew on something, but it gets easier Your body feels amazing and it’s just like going to the gym. You’re never mad that happen to ever use Okay after yeah, you’ll start leaving out. Yeah, you’ll start leaning out for sure big time. It’s a good pre-fall training In the morning juice cleanse have started how you feeling How are you tar woke up and was just like I want some real food and I was like you can have some juice I’m not the guy there Logies whole week We’re sending it today Just break the break the fast on the first day mom went on a 40-day juice cleanse 40 days We’ve actually 48. Mm-hmm. No food just Juice, I’m a juicer 40 I think I don’t even hang up work a lot Listen guys, I’m here to full send it. I’m starting with the the green one the least good tasting But the highest nutrient density, so I’m going to get it out of the way. I’m a rocky today So we’ll come with an update later today I’m trying to drink all of this cuz I’m not at peace myself. I have a drink Will get it still day one. It’s four o’clock of day one how you feeling not looking too hoppy Yes Buh-burn I just I want here in a bakery fans To see you like if I drink to use my kids now, so I feel How would you say day one’s going self I’m honestly not doing too bad Still early so we got a long ways to go We’re not with the jokes today. I’ll have it. Thank you Hertz Going on everybody Day two of the juice cleanse right now. I finished yesterday feeling really good and I had a lot of cravings during the day but then the afternoon I started feeling a lot better, but I cheated But today I’m back on it except for when Hunters dad makes ribs ribs are smack There so I’m gonna try not eating anything. I’m gonna continue to flex my self-discipline. I did good all yesterday I’m not eating a single thing today Even the ribs. I’m trying to keep it below for a week Well update you guys later in the day we’re drinking juice right now the green one the gritty Green clean green or something green. Anyways, what did you just eat? I put a piece of gum Hi everybody, it’s 3 o’clock on day 2 My hunger just hit me really really hard really angry. So we’re gonna I’m gonna get some juice cuz this is I Am hungry I’m trying to think about this You guys We’ve been gone I don’t want to go back to the house I know the house is going to smell like ribs again Again it’s a juice juice. Yes, six more days is not eating What’s up everybody it is now day three of the juice cleanse we’re like halfway through date three and apparently this is the worst day or like Ending the worst part of the Clones so last night was really really hard for me my dad made ribs and they had macaroni and mashed potatoes was like my favorite things ever and I had to say no to that. It was super hard and I did my first workout yesterday and my body was a Little weak. I feel pretty sore this morning from workout. That usually wouldn’t make me sore but Okay with it so four more days We’re going strong gonna need to go and make more juice later tar has been struggling tell you that she’s hurt Yeah, are you dinner? I? Can you know the whole day? until dinnertime because when we went to our friends house and their mom and dad made hamburgers and I love a good hamburger, which I also had to say no to and then See if Huntress God is a really really good barbecue Smoker whatever you want to call him, and I could not say no to his ribs I only get maybe once a year I do as well but I’m in it, but not like you get it at ribs when you live down Thank you. But anyway, I have never experienced ribs like that in my entire life and I cannot say no. So yeah And I could really go for some Play right now. Yeah cravings are super bad. So I noticed the first day. Was it worse for me every day? It’s got a little better, but just thinking of foods It’s it makes you crave them so bad. For some reason. I have like really really high crave Right. I don’t know but like I crave Mexican food a lot even when I’m not using like even when I’m Normal, and I be in like five minutes ago I crave tacos And I crave Chipotle in chick-fil-a who were shopping. I swear every 30 seconds Tara be like, oh Sweet pork now just sounds so good. Yeah Oh Taco sounds so cop is gay. Let’s go get some Chipotle and I’m just saying they’re like no Stop this and last night. Tell me you did last night to me when we were watching movies I folded a Eminem’s are in front right in front of me. Peanut M&Ms. I love peanut M&Ms. It wasn’t a thought because it’s it’s kind of like just you know, a natural instinct that you just grab food and just eat it and it just Completely missed me. Yeah, I haven’t cheated at all. I am very sleepy I can start to see my body like definitely cutting down now So that’s good Yesterday my workout was weird feeling like this is gonna sound stupid, but I can feel my whole body. I Don’t know that’s update we’ll catch you guys later today to let you know how it’s going Oh, you guys didn’t know I’ll let you know if I cheated. Yeah, I probably should be dope Hey later Thomas thinking about getting some food maybe Some seafood place so that may be exciting but so far Park City is what would you say? done out of 10 We’re gonna go grab tiresome food right now She’s about to break her fast. She’s done with it, which I support. It’s not for everyone and it sucks This is one the hardest things I’ve done but you ready We walk back to the car we’ll head over there. So we’ll see you guys there, huh? What are you about to do? I’m about to end it end it all. Yeah Explain tell us what’s happening I mean, I do want to do it at the second support hunter do a hundred but We’re gonna go get her some food right now, she’s gonna break it with some seafood Which makes it a little easier for me cuz I’m not a huge fan So I don’t have to kill myself watching her eat, so tough everybody welcome to part 2 of the the juice cleanse Tara has Given up on the juice cleanse this morning. We made french toast for her. So, how is it? Yeah, was it worth quitting? Okay, you feeling better now? Yeah me not so much I’m still hurting It’s supposed to be a week, but I might push it to five days cuz It’s getting pretty tough, but we’ll see here Today and tomorrow how it goes? I’m losing a lot of weight is true. Are you touching me like that? What’s up guys it’s a it’s a sad day today Worried about It’s four o’clock. So we’re almost done with day four, and I just can’t I know I could do it but I’m just super grouchy and My energy is so low. I still feel very good We have a few more days of summer left. So I figured if I’m just gonna be glad to die So that’s that’s not fun. So I’m gonna break my fast right now. I’m just getting the salad because I need to break it with veggies and This is gonna be the most infamous fry let me feed the fry that took me down was just ketchup on it again Wow – so wow That’s crazy, oh my gosh Is weird chewing again That’s nuts my stomach is like what is this just from 1886 hours with no food. Are you happy? Yeah, I’m glad I did it. Thanks. It’s In this sucker, and I don’t want to go to go. Yeah It’s a good thing Hmm That’s crazy That’s a guy this is this was supposed to be two to three videos and I think it’s only gonna end up being one video so Guess I I lost a lot of weight. Ooh actually lost like five pounds That’s it guys that’s the cleanse if you guys liked it Another time we can do a week or do something or something like it. I don’t know Let us know if you guys enjoyed the video remember? All of greener grass Juicery stuff isn’t leaked. Thank you for watching. Make sure to LIKE Killer podcast with hunger ball antara

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