We ONLY EAT French Fries 🍟for 24 HOURS // TOP 12 Fries

We ONLY EAT French Fries 🍟for 24 HOURS // TOP 12 Fries

Wake up. Today’s the day, the day that we can only eat french fries, for 24 hours. What’s up guys? We are starting a new challenge called Only Eating French Fries For 24 Hours. We don’t have to give credit to anybody because we came up with it. – [Julia] (laughs) Shut up. (laughing) – I know what you’re thinking, french fry? Does that include chicken fry, donut fry? No, it’s gotta be a potato. – JP are we allowed to drink, like, water? – No. This is my randomiser. It’s got all the locations
that have french fries. – [Julia] Shouldn’t we
just go to the worst and the best rated? – [JP] Big money, big
money, big money, big money! (slot machine jingling) Give daddy breakfast. – [Julia] We have to
go wherever is picked. – [JP] Okay. (Julia laughs) (slot machine jingling slowly) (mischievous music) Sonic. – [Julia] Can I have just a
normal side of french fries? $2.33 – [JP] They look good, I
know I was hating before, but I think I’m just hungry. They taste like Burger King fries. – [Julia] Their ice cubes are weird. – Is this filtered? They get increasingly
more boring as I eat them. – That’s ’cause you need ketchup. – But since it’s our first, it’s the best. – Thank you so much, you too. – Sonic’s got it’s own ketchup packet. Consensus: It tastes like
Burger King, but skinnier, like, less girth. – It will sit at number one until something else bumps it out. – All right, water gets best water. (slot machine jingling) Gimme something good! (slot machine jingling slowly) What’s it say? (mischievous music) – I can’t see–
– Checkers! – Checkers!
– We’re going to Checkers! – Checkers is famous for their fries. They even have frozen type. – You know what’s funny? Both places it picked are like,
these drive-through things. – Yeah, you can’t go inside. That’s okay, we’ll just go
drive-through for everywhere. That thing looks like a
french fry, but it’s not. – [JP] What is it? – [Julia] Funnel cake. Can I just have a medium order of fries? Okay, can I have ketchup? – You don’t need ketchup
for Checkers fries. Hi. – [Man] No way. – Hi, what’s your name? Thanks for watching! – Knew you guys lived in Florida. I was like yo, when are they
gonna come to my Checkers? – [JP] This is the closest one too. – [Julia] Here they are. – So the Checkers fry is unique because it does have a batter around it. – Okay, yo. – These are way better. – I know why they’re famous. ‘Cause they taste better. – [JP] Higher price tag, but worth it. – All of those beautiful
little peppered components. Nice and greasy. – Bonus fry in the bag. – There always is one. Checkers has just replaced
Sonic on the scale, so Sonic, sorry you’re down to two. – We all knew it was gonna happen, I just didn’t realize it
would happen so quickly. – I forgot how much I liked them. I haven’t been here in a while. – Let’s see how the water compares. Big cubes this time. – We got the cubes. – Not those weird cubes. Their water is better. – Oh Sonic, uses Florida water,
and Checkers uses filtered. I’m obviously making that up. – Yeah, we don’t know, it’s just water. – Mm. – I’m nervous!
– Where are we going? (slot machine jingling) (slot machine jingling slowly) – Please baby, please baby-by. Wendy’s?! Wendy’s fries are terrible! No! – They’re good with the honey mustard. I feel like going in is
just better idea than getting drive-through. Woah, there’s little bugs over there. – [JP] I think you’re better off getting a ketchup packet in this situation. (Julia laughs) – Okay, already, like the portion size,
– It’s huge! – [Julia] for a medium is much bigger than the Sonic and the Checkers, and it’s cheaper than both. – [JP] We all know Wendy’s as being hand-cut fresh fries
with the skin still on. All right you’re eating fruit fly ketchup, that’s what we’re gonna call it. – Don’t remind me, oh no. This honey mustard isn’t the same honey mustard I used to like.
– It’s not. This is a very disappointing
experience all around. – (sighs) It’s unfortunate. I don’t think there were any
fruit flies in the ketchup, but they might have fallen into it when I squirted the ketchup out. – [JP] Oh there’s
definitely flies in there. They probably don’t clean those pumps out. – You don’t think they do? – [JP] I worked at couple
delis that didn’t clean. – Why are we eating here? – [JP] All right. – I don’t know if anything
is gonna be worse than this. – I’m sorry, this is worse than Sonic. (dings) Biggest bang for your buck, though. Did you see how many fries we got for two dollars?
– True. (cheerful music) – [JP] Come on! – Taco Bell?
– Taco Bell! Oh and an ad! Comment below, have
you ever paid two bucks so you couldn’t see ads before? – [Julia] All right, so, JP,
we’re going to Taco Bell. – Wait, they have fries at Taco Bell? – [Julia] They’re called Nacho Fries. – What? Yay! I already knew that, I’m just trying to add suspense. Taco Bell! Breakfast? They only have breakfast here? – It’s already in the window. Can I have an order of nacho fries? – [Drive-Through Employee]
Okay, and it’s gonna be $1.38 – Did she say $1.38? These are the cheapest fries,
and they come with cheese. – [Julia] Oh yeah, the
Sonic fries container is a little bit bigger. – I don’t know how I feel
yet, I gotta eat more. – The fries are good, I
don’t like cheese sauce. It’s like a spicy seasoning on it. – Do you wanna suck one of these? – No (laughs). – Well how can you really get the flavor? – ‘Cause I ate it! Because they’re so new, I just can’t rate these number one. So for that reason, I’m gonna put Taco Bell in at number two. – These are my favorite. (laughs) If it didn’t have cheese,
it didn’t have the spice, it’s a good french fry. It’s not wonder they came back. – ‘Cause they’re addicting! – [JP] All right, so Taco Bell wins on presentation of plastic cup. (slot machine jingling slowly) It’s going really slow. (serious hiphop music) – McDonald’s?
– Burger King. – We’re not eating burgers today, JP. – [Burger King Employee] Welcome
to Burger King, (mumbling). – [JP] $2.55 for a medium fry. – Oh cute, a little kid cup for my water. – [JP] Oh my goodness, this is so greasy. – Oh, hot. Not salty. Heinz rules the world of ketchup. – They do. – With ketchup, way better. – They almost taste
like frozen fries. Ooh! – You can’t eat it!
– What do you mean I can’t eat it? – You can’t for real. I’m sorry BK, I’m gonna put
you right at the bottom. – I’m gonna agree with Julia on this one, right now Burger King is in last place, but it doesn’t mean it’s gonna stay there. It’s still moving. It’s ’cause we have none left. (chimes) – Arby’s. – It ended at Arby’s. I know this isn’t in the
randomiser, but we’re, Julia had to get gas,
we’re at a Race Track. (bag crunching) Does this count? The Taco Bell ones are cheaper. These are $1.89! (Julia laughs) – Oh they’re good, yummy! – [JP] They’re good? – I really like those. – [JP] Okay, lemme try. – Even though these aren’t really on list. I’m gonna throw them on the list. – They beat Burger King. – They’re number one. (laughs) – Number one? – Hell yeah, I would eat
this rather Checkers’ fries, I’m sorry Checkers. – I put them above Burger King, ’cause they’re too spicy for
me, I’m gonna start sweating. All right, we made it to Best
Buy to get some french fries. No, I’m just kidding. I actually got a protection
plan on this camera, so we’re going here to get
them, to have them fix it. – All these sandwiches
look so freaking good. – [Arby’s Employee] Hi, welcome
to Arby’s what’ll you order? – Can I have a medium side
of fries, and a cup of water? – [Arby’s Employee] All
right, anything else? – [JP] Make sure they’re curly. – Would those be the curly fries? – [Arby’s Employee] Yes it is. – Yes!
– Okay, great, thank you. – [JP] $2.55 so it’s like the
same price as Burger King. They could’ve filled them more. – [Julia] We got like, the big curl. – [JP] They’re better than
Checkers ’cause they’re curly, and the flavor’s a little
bit more like (grunts). This is going above Checkers,
but under nacho fries. – Number one. – I want to dip these in cheese sauce now. – Best flavor, best experience, Arby’s. Yum.
– All right, I can’t, I gotta put these down. – Okay.
– Okay. – I though that I was full,
but now I have Arby’s fries. (slot machine jingling slowly) – It’s so slow; the anticipation. Frozen! They serve Arby’s frozen fries. – Are you gonna get that?
– No, ’cause we have to pick something that’s not. – It’s your choice. – All right we’re going
to the grocery store to get some frozen fries. Julia said she misses chicken, so maybe we’ll just do
a little loophole later, and let her get some chicken fries. – [Julia] Is that gonna be allowed? – No! Is that good water? Like, I know the curly fries
are number one, but, you know. – Top rated water right here. – [JP] Really? I think, Taco Bell wins right now,
they have the best cup. – They have the best cup. – I think it’s just good because
we’re so salty right now. Our bodies are full of salt,
don’t do this challenge. Curly fries, Checkers fries. Which one do I get? Crispers. There’s something
special about these guys, you can only get them in the frozen isle. I’ve never seen them
at a restaurant before. Hi.
– How you doing? – [JP] I’d like to just get these fries. – [Cashier] Okay. – How much does it cost? – [JP] It’s $3.40 for an
entire bag of frozen fries. – So we see about the value
there, it’s affordable. – [JP] But we do have to make it, which is fine because I need a break. All right guys, we just got home, and I figured I’d just kind
of take out all these fries and examine them. The Sonic one is actually a lot smaller than the Burger King one. We’ve still got one
more french fry to fry. (loud crunching) Yes, cripsers! I chose cripsers, ’cause they have girth, and they have crunch. – [Julia] Girth and crunch. – [JP] It could be the name of a cereal! – Reminds me of Burger King. Is that the ones that did it? – [JP] Crispers are their own thing. (crunches) – They’re good but, I still
like fast food fries better. – These are amazing, okay,
they’re definitely gonna fall one below on Arby’s fry,
they’re better than Checkers. – You know what, I’m just gonna put this one right before Burger King. Has better crunch. – [JP] So it’s not as good as Wendy’s? – No. – [JP] It’s like processed
potato on the inside. – [Julia] For sure. We only have a few more left. – [JP] Oh, McDonald’s! (singing McDonald’s tune) This place hates me. – [Julia] We’re going
there anyways, though. – I keep getting kicked out of that place. – [Danny] They kick you out, really? – Yeah, ’cause I tried to feed them like a giant hash brown one time. (laughing) We walked in there with
a giant hash brown, and then Rick and Morty, we
were there for Rick and Morty. I love red lights in Orlando. You could literally find a
porta potty, take a dump, and then walk back to your car. – [Julia] Oh, it’s, you
just talked yourself into a green arrow.
– Good. (sniffing) (sighs) – [Julia] Oh, I would eat you right now even though I don’t even
like burgers from McDonald’s. – [JP] I just can’t believe
Danny got a Big Mac. (Julia laughs)
It’s like he knew that’s what I wanted. (Julia laughs) – At least I can eat these. – [Danny] They’re so good. – I’ll even share some of
these with you if you want. This is the happiest
meal I ever had. (laughs) – [Danny] Those are fresh,
like they just came out, right? – Yeah.
– Oh yeah, they’re really good.
– I’m eating some. We’ve been eating fries all day, but I can honestly say
that these are the best fry out of all the ones I’ve tried today. – I agree, I think that these
are gonna go to number one. – Obviously hot, after ten minutes they taste like packing peanuts. It’s filtered! – [Julia] It’s filtered? – It’s filtered!
– You see the ice cubes. – [JP And Julia] Oh! – [JP] Oh my goodness. – [Julia] What? – [Danny] Chick Filatio? – It doesn’t surprise me, there’s only three options left. After McDonald’s, I don’t
think I want a waffle fry, but I have no choice. – [Julia] Here it comes. – If you hold it this way, look how many fries you’re eating. (gasps) – I never thought of it that way.
– Look at this way. Look at how many fries you’re eating. – [JP] Oh my goodness! You’re eating a grid of fries. (laughing) – Guys, I can’t help it,
I have to feed you a bite. Here you go.
(smacks) You’re welcome. – I mean, on a zone, it’s just lacking. – It needs ketchup or sauce.
– It needs something. The fries are just a vehicle for the sauce to go in your mouth. – Chick Fil A is beating
out the Taco Bell, so everything else goes down. – I’m just not a big fan of them. They’re better than Sonic’s. They’re not my favorite. There’s only two places left. (slot machine jingling slowly) – [Julia] Gonna have to go home real quick and grab a battery. – [JP And Julia] Local. – [JP] Okay. – [Danny] Sweet. (laughing) (playful music) – Let’s go eat some fries! – [JP] (laughs) Let’s go eat some fries. – Now I worked up an appetite! – [JP] Yeah, local spot, right? I’ll get a glass of water, and, I don’t know, maybe like, a
pitcher of beer or something. – You can’t have it, that’s
not part of the challenge. – Okay. – This is really good
water, is this filtered? – [JP] It’s good water. – And check out that ice to
water ratio there; on point. We’re still eating french fries. Thank you. – [Danny] You’re welcome. – Oh, hot! This is local. Today should be a Friday. – I had too many french fries! – It’s a mixture of being so full, and so hungry at the same time. – Yes, you’re so right! (laughs) – The steak fries from the
local pub were really delicious, with that tartar sauce, I’ve
gotta give it with the sauce, goes right underneath the Chick Fil A. – I don’t like steak fries
in general; too much potato. I’d say it’s gonna go below
the Burger King for me. – I can’t believe we didn’t
put Five Guys on the list. Guys, let us know other
places that you wish that we had gone to, maybe if we go and eat another specific
food for an entire 24 hours for one day we will include it. – [JP] This is the last one. – [Julia] More fries? – [JP] Shake Shack. You gotta end with the best. Oh, dude, totally crinkle cut for the win! – They’re good. – They are good. – I’m gonna cry, though. I can’t put them number one, I’m not a crinkle cut person first. (mumbles with food)
– [Julia] Nope. – [JP] What do you got going on here? – [Julia] Don’t look at that. – [JP] Okay, okay, I won’t. – It’s for a different video. – [JP] Okay. – [Julia] $2.99 – [JP] Oh they’re the most. – These are the best crinkle cuts you can buy at a fast food restaurant. These ones are gonna go
right below the Chick Fil A, ’cause they kind of give
me that Chick Fil A flavor, it’s like, what do you like better? A waffle or a crinkle? Waffle. – All right, mine. McDonald’s, Taco Bell,
Arby’s, frozen, Checkers, Sonic, Wendy’s, Chester’s, Burger King. – [Julia] Mm-hmm. – This is hard, ’cause
this is like the last one I have to decide on. McDonald’s is definitely better. Taco Bell’s is definitely better. Arby’s, better. Shake Shack, you’re below Checkers. – [Julia] All right. – But it’s just because
we had so many good fries! – Who’s list do you agree with more? Vote on the poll, we’ll
pop it up right here at the end of this video. You’re not gonna go for the crispers. (JP laughing)
No! I feel like this was really
good experience all in all. I have a stomach ache, JP and I will be breaking out with lots of pimples shortly, so stay tuned for that in a next episode of healthy junk food. – I already have a couple
that I feel coming out. (Julia laughs) I’m just gonna have like, open wounds of pimples for the next week.
– Great. (door squeaking) (door slams) – [JP] I’m surprising Julia
with french fries for breakfast. Here you go, I made you breakfast.
– I would like an English breakfast. You didn’t even heat them up.

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