We Played A “Mario Party” Cooking Minigame In Real Life • Tasty

We Played A “Mario Party” Cooking Minigame In Real Life • Tasty

hey I’m Alvin I love steaks and I love Mario Party I’ve always wondered what is it like to play those minigames in real life and today we’re gonna be playing a Mario Party minigame sizzling steaks it’s crazy it’s intense and somehow you cook a perfect we cook steak in like ten seconds my area of expertise is food so I thought to be fitting to bring in a video game expert this is Zach from BuzzFeed multiplayer hey yeah I am NOT a cook at all I play video games a lot so I think it’s only fair we play Mario Party first I think that’s a fantastic idea all right let’s do it all right let’s go so the rule is you have to cook all six sides of the cube and whoever is the fastest wins the catch is you have to only use flipping it with the coin toss yes play beep does it play like that so we’re gonna see how it’s gonna play out safety first gotta have safety everyone hands are flying the stakes going everywhere yeah oh the nerves are kicking in this is a perfect circle of oil in the middle okay sorry Oh drop the stick yeah okay cooking aside one oh I got two okay this is the most nonstick pan I’ve ever seen in my entire life I only have one more okay what how did you go so fast once I you got it oh my god you’re so good exactly oh well I try to replicate this in real life I think I have a bit of work cut out for me but I’m gonna do the best I can we work with the culinary team to try to replicate the game as much as we could there’s a little plate of food on the side a hand nice plants because I think that’s how Mario likes his cooking setup how do you feel about all this I’m blown away this is really exactly like the game this is a boneless short rib it’s a really nice cut of beef I think it’s got really nice marbling the muscle fibers are nice and even and I’m just gonna cut through and get really sharp slices because we want be a cute neck see that Wow drop corners it’s kind of good I want to go freeze these and we’re gonna cameras in here to get that set up excited yeah let’s do it all right let’s go all right so yeah we are ready the cameras are here the angles are set up pains are heating pretty much ready to go I’m gonna put some oil in because I think the oil also needs to be hot for the sake of sizzle so just gonna use some nice vegetable oil okay yeah Zach you want to put some oil in yours want me to do that yes I want you to do I know there’s no coming up but that’s a good sound okay so tell me when keep going keep going all right you’re good you’re good mine’s going a long water lots more than yours before these get too crazy I’m gonna season these steaks really okay while these pans are smoking the goal of game is to cook each side until it’s brown yeah I don’t think it’s fair for the judges of our own steaks so we have a special guest judge reate she will help us determine whether or not the steaks are brown on each side so that is an even playing field but for safety we want to put on some goggles because we don’t want to make sure any oil splashes out because in the game you don’t have to worry about that when you get goggles for something that like truly as I know you are in danger all these smell weird yeah all right oils hot I’m ready Zach are you ready I’m ready ray are you ready I’m ready but I’m gonna stay put I’m checking Kate please do not do this at home ready go oh boy Oh go like this Oh your slides already kind of moving I’m gonna go for a flip here already okay yeah what we think here ladies give it there okay in the game you’re always constantly moving like this and I think I took that kind of tough part I was like yeah I’m gonna finish in 20 seconds you want okay that across showboating a little I’m gonna try it okay sit turn so I won’t come back over its main role you know raise that a good crust okay so everything shaped like the one how’s this looking what do you think I like the one on the top oh there’s the one on the side oh that one looks good okay let’s see more of that mine’s turning into a tube I have one side that is just red but looks like seared ahi tuna yeah but I should have cut yours worse than I cut mine and we’ll see that I’m going for a big one all right come on there will you drop it at one just poop in the air no unless I get extra credit I don’t know get the last side for the light from your side is it’s like it’s way too hard is something I do wow this is so much harder than the game how much time we did say so far to us is very hard I’m so mad I can’t get this piece see in the game everybody snakes lips to save you know that I deal with this kind of stuff it’s gonna go off the side of the pan there what do we think of this that was a pretty wild I feel cheated even though I know I’d come my own state well in the game there’s like a sauce that goes on the place I’m gonna use the fawn from the beef to make a little quick like deglaze sauce and we’re going to go in a tasting after that dinner whites long oh no no don’t worry about it all right so we have orange juice just like in the video game these steaks are plated and I’ve made a quick soy honey glaze just to kind of emulate the dark sauce on the plate so you see the smallest steak I’ve ever seen I reserved this at a party I’d be pissed yeah I think now it is time for a taste test we are special judge you may please yeah oh this is like Oh every cooking show and they cut in here like please be the right temperature oh she’s nodding her head yeah yes Wow next perfect Gordon Ramsay my name is Mario yeah well my six cube side steak nothing good I mean tasting yeah so you guys a boss wiener oh you guys have any ideas for other games that involve food that you want us to try to replicate in real life let us know in the comments 1pp a mistake yeah it’s actually a really good steak [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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  1. I stopped watching after the guy that's supposed to be a cook put on goggles and told me not to cook steak at home

  2. Parties: wooooo drop the beat!

    Mario party: yay lets try to jump over a plant that can swallow a person whole! and lets fight to death till only one person is alive! Lets try to not fall into the lava while the ground under us is falling!

  3. Alvin : Oh yeah i'm so gonna win this
    Zach : Ey wassgud
    Alvin and zach : * play *
    Zach: * wins *
    Alvin : yes, of course, he plays games but the next one i WILL win
    Zach : * wins again *
    Alvin: sweet mother of ramen help me in this time of need to beat the living shit out of this linguini from ratatouile looking ass

  4. Both are noob. Fucking noob. Noob of noobs.

    No cook, chef, baker, roaster, butcher, fish monger, etc etc etc etc etc wear biker gay glass while cooking.

  5. The thumbnail looks like shisha (arabic people would understand) so i was there like who tf puts only one burning coal on their shisha

  6. I just watched the video where the king of random/grant Thomson died in a paramortoring accident and it is really sad

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