We Tried Roasting Peeps

We Tried Roasting Peeps

– See I feel like
marshmallows are like camping and then Peeps are like glamping. – Well, that’s that on that fam. (whips through air)
(hinge squeaks) (fun music) – Hey everyone, Emily here. I’m super excited for Easter. I want to share one of my
favorite family traditions, toasting Peeps. So I’m gonna gather some
of my friends at the office and have them give it a try. – There’s two types of
people in the world, those that hate Peeps and those that love Peeps.
– Love Peeps, yeah. – I think that toasted Peeps will taste like magical heaven. – Mm-mm. – I’ll give it a try, but
I make no promises, okay? – We should have a pun about Peeps. Let’s Peep it up, that’s weird. (chick chirps) I’m gonna take this blue one. Oh, it’s stuck.
– Uh oh. First problem. – It’s like a personality quiz. – We’ll be pink twinsies. – Okay. – Is this work, it is working. – I feel some heat. – Oh this is actually so disturbing, it’s like watching a pink,
sparkly baby bird die. (birds chirping) – Well, when you put it like
that, now I’m more excited. – I hope their eyes melt off. – Oof. – That’s a little dark, isn’t it? (laughs) – Oh my God, I burned it. Oh no, now my Peep can’t see. – I smell something. – Oh look, oh, it’s caramelized a little. – Should I bite? (horn honks)
(bell dings) – I’m excited to be proven wrong. – I’m just excited to eat these. – I’m gonna have to eat this? Jesus did not die for my
sins for me to eat Peeps. – I think this means it’s
ready if it’s like slide. Slide, slide, oh.
– Oh, oh, oh. Okay, while you do you… – What’s happening?
– Okay, oh. – I know we’re not supposed to touch, but I really am tempted. – You’re asking for trouble, man. – Oh my God, yours is gonna fall. – Yeah, yeah, oh my God, aah! (record scratches)
(bleep) Hot marshmallow is painful! – I’m just gonna go for
it, I feel like it’s ready. Oooh. (fun music) – One, two, three. (Peep crunches) Oh my God! – This is great. I would eat these for breakfast. – Why haven’t I figured this out before? – It has a nice, like,
toasted shell and the inside is very gooey. Mmm, I’m so into this. – It’s kind of better. (hands clapping) – But it doesn’t taste
like anything, sugar air. – Also, just like look at
that, like that looks crazy. – A nice contrast between tough and soft. Kinda like me and you. – Ooh. (laughs) – So you’ve had a change
of heart, that’s much. – I’m in the middle now
because this is good. I would do this at home but be careful if you try this at home. (fire crackles) Please. Oh my gosh, I remember in All That when the lobsters used to come out. (laughs) – We are the dancing Peeps. (fun music) (whips through air)
(hinge squeaks)

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  1. Next Buzzfeed Video: “We filmed ourselves doing a very underwhelming thing and filmed it for your views.”

  2. I legit thought the title was short for roasting people since… They don't sell those peep things here :/

  3. It’s about GOTDAMNED TIME!!!! I’ve BEEN preaching this since I was a little girl! The sugar on them makes them EXCELLENT for roasting

  4. You know how this works

    1. Prayer for buzzfeed
    2. New ideas for buzzfeed
    3. Subscribe to me
    4. Work at buzzfeed
    5. 1000 prayers for buzz feed
    6. Quit your job at buzzfeed
    9. Remove buzzfeed from YouTube
    0. 19876 prayers for new ideas and a sub to me

  5. I am not joking someone plz tell me what are peeps Edit: it’s ok 👌 I saw another comment asking the same question and I found out what they are

  6. 1:01: “I hope their EYES MELT OFF!!” me: okay, not creepy at allllllllll…. *sends a restriction order to court

  7. I read the video title and thought it’s a video about buzzfeed people making fun of random people. Modern day slang is dangerous! 😂
    (Peeps candy isn’t available in my country)

  8. Is it sad they when they said they where roasting peeps, I thought they meant roasting, like making fun of them?

  9. LMAO another self hating asian wearing colored contact lenses. You will never be aryan. Keep coping.

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