Weber® Certified Hands-On Cooking Classes At Riverside With Andrew Dickens

Weber® Certified Hands-On Cooking Classes At Riverside With Andrew Dickens

So we’re just about to start our next
three hour hands-on barbecue master class here at the Riverside Barbecue Centre.
We’ve got some amazing ingredients if you feel like joining us just go online
come a sign up to one of the courses. They’re brilliant! So this is Andrew, and he’s going to be going through the whole evening with you, and I’m going to be around. Before we start folks health and safety brief…
Not all the barbecues will be on at the same time but what we say it assume
every single barbecue is red hot! What we’ve got is two stations folks; we’ve got one station there… and one station there and we’re all going to be doing the same thing so what we’re going to be doing is splitting into – is it 19 we’ve got? – (There’s 20) Twenty, right, so two teams of 10, so if you’ve got a mate stick with your mates but generally speaking we’re going to have 10 people kind of on one side… ..and ten people the other side. And we’ve got everything divided into two. And the way we’re going to work through all the recipes, and there’s quite a few if you don’t do
the first physical chopping up putting the recipe together, cooking it, then you do the next one. you can all work your way round. So some will be doing “choppy
choppy”, some will be doing “cooky cooky” and then just go around to the
next one and work your way round (And “eaty eaty” as well?) “Eaty eaty!” now that’s a very good point! So flip her over… …or him (not being sexist) And get that rapeseed oil everywhere okay once you’ve done that I want you to just
get that, shake it all over, I mean in there, in there, in there, and rub it all
over. That’s cool! That’ll do! I’m loving that. That’s all good!
Lots of salt on this… This was my birthday present after my wife bought me a very nice barbecue for my birthday.. A perfect way to learn how to use it, fantastic! (And what’s been your favourite recipe tonight?) Beer can chicken! (Are you going to try it at home?) Yes, definitely will!
(Thank you very much for coming!)
Thank you! (whispers) One, two, three…
Oooooooooooh!! It’s almost as if we knew it would work!
I love it! Right Rana so go straight down that way now now. I’m expecting that to
be even hotter. What we at Rana? (Seventy seven) (So what’s gonna be the first thing you’re
going to try when you get home?) I’m going to try this!! Chorizo with tomato! Just be a bit, be a bit more positive! Yes!! Got it!! Awesome! Now, we’ll lift the lid up,
you put it on the pizza stone… then you just pull it out fully back out
okay? Goodness me, that’s hot! That’s it! (Are you going to be trying out any
of the dishes at home?) Yeah, pizza. Pizza, yeah, we’ll do the pizza. (You were the pizza master …you’ve obviously done it before, are you going to have a go at it on the barbecue?) Yeah! (Yeah, and your risotto was very good!)
Thank you! Ah-ha-ha! Oh yes! Look at that! Sensational! I love it! (What’s the best tip you’re going to take home tonight?) I think searing the steaks actually the searing grate, that’s
the thing that was the nugget. (Were there any surprises?) Tarte tatin! That was very good!
(Great flavour!) Never thought of cooking anything like that on a barbecue. Oooooooh, tarte tatin everyone, on the barbecue!
Come and get some! It was all very worth it! (Did you enjoy the course?)
I loved it! (What was your favourite recipe?)
Chicken… and sausages…. …and chips! Ready?
Oooooooh! So this is David’s risotto everybody!
Ooooooh! (How did you find it tonight?) I thought it was absolutely fantastic! I’ve been looking at coming on one for quite a while… …and er, the nice thing about this is I could come along in the evening and even didn’t take a whole day so it’s perfect! A good couple of… a good
three hours! Fantastic! (And what’s the best tip you’re taking home with you tonight?) Well there’s quite a lot. A lot of it reinforced giving me a lot more confidence. what I’ve done is a lot of looking around on YouTube but the thing is seeing it live
just gives you a lot more confidence in so many things. Can’t think of one in particular. Fantastic! Much better than I expected! learnt loads, just got to go out and put it into practice now. (What were you expecting?) Probably not quite as interesting. I was expecting a night out but learnt a lot. (As a vegetarian did you learn a lot of new
techniques?) Yes, yes, lots of really good ideas. And very helpful at suggesting alternatives. (What are you going to try at home? I see
you holding the apple wood chips there) I’m going to try using smoking chips with fish. So that’s another brilliant barbecue course done here the Riverside Barbecue Centre. What do you think folks? ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! (What was Andrew like as an instructor?) Andrew? Who was Andrew?

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  1. Good video highlighting the various aspects of the day, however the background music is too loud and some people's voices were drowned out in places. Very distracting! Please consider turning the background music down and watching the video before uploading in future.

    I might book a class. Do you cater for people with disabilities i.e. wheelchair users as I saw a ramp? It was also interesting to see that youngster there, what is the minimum age for class attendees?

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