Weber® Q® BBQ: Direct & Indirect Grilling On Weber® Q® 1200, Q® 2200 & Q® 3200 BBQs

Weber® Q® BBQ: Direct & Indirect Grilling On Weber® Q® 1200, Q® 2200 & Q® 3200 BBQs

Richard, you know one of the simple things about this direct and indirect cooking Yeah If we go through some of these BBQ’s, lets show, lets show the people at home how it works Absolutely, cause we’ve We’ve got the videos on the Riverside youtube channel, which talk about direct and indirect for the recipes but what we wanna do now is actually show you per BBQ how you set up for direct and indirect We’ve got the Q here, this is the 2200, what’s going on inside? So we’ve got the ring burner which goes all the way around, so you’ve got direct heat whatever you do So for general cooking, if you’re doing steaks, or sausages or burgers you’re just going to put your food straight on Heats already underneath, that way you’ve got your food, and you’re going to cook that food quite quickly But you can also roast on these can’t you Oh yeah This, the trivets So there’s What do they, there’s two parts of that, theres the foil, which you’ve just put on And for me, what that does is, as the heat comes up from underneath It can’t go straight up underneath the food, it has to be forced around the outside So it creates an indoor, an inside convection environment within the BBQ And then you’ve got the trivet there, which sits on there, and that just allows the roast to be lifted up off the cooking surface So that it’s not in direct contact with that heavy gauge cast iron And what you’ll also notice in these drip trays as well as, I Iove the fact that they’ve gone to the detail of putting little pin holes in or little perforations Cause what you don’t want, is to have a build up of fat, that has rendered off your roast Because if you get a build up of fat, and then a bit drips over the side you’ve got a potential flair up issue there shall we say, so that will be your indirect And you can put anything on there couldn’t you, oh yeah, i’ve cooked lamb, pork, everything on there it’s perfect for it So for me also, i know that on this particular style of BBQ, if you put the dial on the minimum setting As a starting point for roasting around about 200 degrees, if it’s a cooler day you may just need to tweek up a little bit But, low temperature you don’t use much gas, you set the temperature using the thermometer on the lid which tells you what’s going on inside That’s going to take about 10 minutes to get up to temperature from cold, and you just put your food in And you cook it in exactly the same way that you would in the oven don’t you And all the Q’s are the similar principle, so you know, any questions that anybody needs to ask, just give us a ring We’re here all the time. Thank you Richard. No problem, Thank you.

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  1. so I just cook my chicken on the grill and then when it is time for indirect grilling i just thorw this tinfoil thing on the grill and put my chicken on that. I just bought a weber q1200 at home depot in canada and did not see that accessary, pardon my spelling.

  2. So for indirect grilling, do you use the ring-burner or the middle burner? How do I come down enough in temperature? For example 100 degrees Celsius?

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