100 thoughts on “Weed Grandma Shows Us How to 420 Braise It: BONG APPÉTIT”

  1. I cried happiness watching this, beside im so sad that you could sentence to death if you have a kilos of weed here in indonesia, our government definitely blind about this plants 🙁

  2. I don’t really understand is this scripted like when they first meet the camera man was already inside the house someone please tell me. Thank you

  3. Hears that the desert is cannabis infused and you see him guzzle a spoonful down after he is already super fucked, you know thus man ded

  4. Shes cute for the first 30 seconds. Idk if she's just playing up for the camera or what but she seems to think she's quite something.

  5. Why isn't there a love button on youtube? She's so adorable. I kept smileing the whole time, that's how i want to get old.

  6. “Matt! I do not get high on my own supply, I’m a poet and I don’t even know it” I’m dead haha

  7. 1:00 Even though she stoned she still got the granny roasts, that sound like compliments until you think about four days later

  8. Sad lot these commenters. Just buy Marcella Hazan’s cookbook and then you be the judge whether or not to add any other herbs.

  9. Had a pyloric stenosis when I was born. Had alot of my intestines removed and part of my colon. Have extreme difficulty keeping weight and have a few other issues. Secondary surgeries, scar tissue, secondary bowel strangulation due to incisions causing scar tissue etc. Marijuana has made life bareable. It does do the relaxation part which is nice when have constant vitamin deficiency and often nausea. Marijuana has made my life so much better. Way better on the nausea I can eat. I'm more relaxed when your life is hospitals and surgeries.

  10. I live in nz and it is illegal here. I wish we could legalise it here because my niece suffers from seizures and from what I've been watching this will help her alot

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