Welcome to ICE

Welcome to ICE

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Length : 0:03:08 Speakers : Marc Murphy, Gail Simmons, Richard
Simpson, Andrea Tutunjian, Maureen Drum Fagin, Abbey Chieffalo, James Briscione, Sabrina
Sexton, Ivy Stark, Rick Smilow, Michael Laiskonis, Tina Borbeau, Cindi Avila, Paras Shah, Zac
Young, Kelly Senyei Special Comment: [0:00:00]�
[Audio Starts] Marc Murphy: The Institute of Culinary Education
is the largest and most active center for culinary education in New York City.
Gail Simmons: ICE has an award-winning culinary training program which is only six to 12 months.
ICE really helped me with everything I did afterwards. It gave me credibility in the
industry. Richard Simpson: The school offers highly
regarded diploma programs. One of our goals is to free students from recipes so that they
can become truly creative. Andrea Tutunjian: Classes are no more than
16 and it gives each student individualized experience to have a one-on-one interaction
with their chef instructors. Maureen Drum Fagin: ICE offers a comprehensive
hands-on education class followed by an externship, which gets you out into the job market exactly
where you want to be. Job placement services continue well after graduation.
Abbey Chieffalo: Externships at ICE are a foot in the door for our students. A lot of
them have never really worked in the industry before, so this is helping them put that experience
that they learned in a classroom, all those skills into practice, putting work experience
on the resume, gaining a reference who can recommend them for future jobs later on. An
ICE education opens the same, if not better doors than other leading culinary schools
in the industry. James Briscione: At ICE, we explore the endless
possibilities in today�s culinary world. Sabrina Sexton: ICE alumni and the school
itself have won numerous awards over the last 35 years and have gained national recognition.
Ivy Stark: ICE is considered one of the nation�s leading culinary schools because of the quality
of its alumni. I think it�s the New York City location that has a lot to do with that,
really driven people are motivated to come here and work with the best.
Rick Smilow: The school was founded in 1975 by educator and entrepreneur Peter Kump. Kump�s
colleagues included Julia Child and James Beard who were also guest instructors at the
school. Michael Laiskonis: Another great feature at
ICE is its program of professional development where professionals can come in and continue
the learning process because chefs never stop learning.
Tina Bourbeau: I got to work with these great chefs that were coming through the school
and doing demos and other schools did not offer that. So I had an automatic advantage.
Cindi Avila: ICE is home to the largest recreational program of cooking, baking and wine classes
in the world. Every year more than 26,000 people enjoy learning techniques, skills and
experiencing flavors and recipes from every corner of the globe. The same courses are
available to career students as electives. Cindi Avila: ICE is also a focal point for
entertainment hosting over 500 hands-on cooking parties and corporate and press events each
year. Paras Shah: After I graduated college, I went
into sales and it wasn�t very happy. But ICE helped me change that and I am loving
every minute of it. Zac Young: ICE is the best place to take your
passion for food and make it a career. Kelly Senyei: After I graduated from ICE one
of the instructors told me this is your last day as a student but your first day as a colleague.
Gail Simmons: ICE has helped more than 10,000 students find their culinary voice. You should
be next. [0:03:08]
[Audio Ends]� � � �

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  1. I don't know If I should attend this college or Berklee college of music. I love playing music and cooking. Sadly, I can't make up my mind 🙁

  2. Same here, I love music playing guitar and everything, but then I love cooking it makes me so happy when I see the look on someones face when they taste my food. I sadly don't know what to do either D:

  3. I am a pastry arts graduate!

    This is a great school, great culinary programs and great instructors!
    Do it!

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