Welcome to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania this is a city with 2.3 million people that lies at the intersection of Three Rivers nicknamed the Steel City and also city of bridges it’s also known for being the birthplace of Andy Warhol and it’s a city that’s making a huge comeback since the steel industry. Today we’re gonna explore some of the city’s top breweries and coffee shops that are helping to reshape the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh let’s go check it out our first stop is a neighborhood called Lawrenceville where we’re gonna visit one of the newest breweries in town I am in Pittsburgh today and we are heading on a beer tour. Our first stop is Cinderlands. I’m Paul, the head brewer here at Cinderlands this is a brew pup that opened in late November of last year we make all the beers that we serve here in this very room we are one of the smallestcommercial breweries that I’ve ever seen now we head to the historic steel town of Braddock to check out brew gentlemen which opened in 2014 since steelworks so that was the original steal know that Andrew Carnegie built and it’s still it is still in use today while we were building the brewery ace and I actually lived in a house across the street from that for three years this is in an area that is being revitalized and gentrified it’s a very creative space right now Andrew Carnegie made Braddock the heart of his steel Empire with the construction of the Thompson steel works it grew to become a thriving industrial and commercial hub for over a half century when the American steel industry collapsed in the 70s and 80s the population of Braddock went from 20,000 to 2,000 in 2010 much of the town was abandoned little by little the city’s rebuilding itself with businesses such as urban farms and breweries this right here is the Braddock Farms and then right there so this is by Gro Pittsburgh and they use this to supply a lot of the local restaurants here it’s also used to rejuvenate the neighbor so we have okra tomatoes and peppers growing right here so because the rent is so cheap here a lot of creative businesses have been able to come in but gentrification of course is a double-edged sword companies like brew and gentlemen are really helping to revitalize the communities new housing developments here in Braddock lots of changes what are your favorite breweries in Pittsburgh comment below now we had seven miles southeast of downtown Pittsburgh directly across from the river to a borough known as homestead this town is also known for its steel factory homestead steel works which Andrew Carnegie bought in 1883 it has since been turned into a mall this borough is also rebounding many new businesses are moving in including the coffee roasters steel Valley Roasters neighborhood called homestead and we just went to the steel Valley Roasters brand-new coffee shop in town and now we’re gonna check out Guddu brewery both Gouda brewery and steel Valley Coffee Roasters create a community and creative space in a much-needed part of the neighborhood this building used to be a historic firehouse and the owners turned it into a funky creative space this cookie was unacquainted for about 30 years okay so the owner purchased this building for how much $8,500 this vintage firehouse building came complete with a city jail that’s been turned into booths for the brewery. So literally it’s like being in jail but we are in a bar. neighborhood still has a really cool architecture but created a lot of opportunity for business owners now we head to a family-owned and operated brewery called grist house craft brewery here this brewery is known for being dog friendly and they have a spacious outdoor beer garden the community atmosphere is what really makes this craft brewery special be sure to check the links in the description below for a list of all the breweries featured in this video the next morning it’s time to grab breakfast at a neighborhood cafe called the pear in the pickle is pairing a little deck up here in this very underrated neighborhood this cafe offers a community space and an old-fashioned feel with hip touches such as Stumptown coffee a few blocks down the street we find the colorful murals known as Randy land created by Randy Gilson in 1995 this funky neighborhood is filled with row houses and Gardens known as the Mexican War streets named after the battles of the mexican-american war heading to commonplace coffee the hub of this neighborhood is undoubtedly commonplace coffee which roasts improved their own coffee they created a friendly space for locals and out-of-towners alike to meet greet and work now we head to one of the must-see sites of Pittsburgh the Warhol Museum Andy Warhol was born in Pittsburgh in 1928 and this museum commemorates him with seven stories of his works one of the coolest parts of the Andy Warhol Museum is the interactive space called silver clouds art installation inside the room metallic balloons float freely throughout the space casting reflections along the walls and make you feel as if you’re part of the art Andy Warhol was a leader of the pop art movement where he captured many famous figures in his silkscreen prints one of the most surprising parts of the museum was seeing the pen and ink prints from Andy Warhol’s world trip in the 50s where he went to Thailand Cambodia and Japan our trip to Pittsburgh is not complete without one last brewery where we visit the long-standing brewery called Penn brewery he’ll Penn brewery brews classic lagers in German style beers adhering to the strict quality standards of the 16th century a variant on this level this ground level here there are four main lager and caves that go back into the Jill side this is one entrance way back inside of one of these caves is these old original lagering barrels from the 1860s or 1870s and you can see the scale the size of these barrels because that’s my partner Stuart standing beside us we’re at the penbury and these are the original offering capes used in the late 1800s we’re here to keep it cool and actually bring ice from the river look at this beautiful patio used during summer and if you’re not able to grab a pint at Penn brewery there is one at the airport we hope that you get a chance to check out Pittsburgh in these awesome neighborhood spots very soon if you like this video hit the thumbs up button and subscribe for more travel videos


  1. Didnt know pittsburgh was a small town brewery area. We have a ton of small breweires in texas so we have local brews all over the place. I would love to try some of these places

  2. Glad to see Steel Town rebounding! Never knew about the breweries and coffee shops. Like the silver cloud room! Very entertaining and informative. Really enjoy all your vlogs!

  3. I hear nujabes in the first song, the 2nd one is probably by him too. ๐Ÿ‘ awesome video. thinkin about moving here in a couple years, in Phoenix right now. Originally from Idaho where its green, Pittsburgh looks more my style! I love the old buildings and like the look of the downtown.

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