Wendy’s Can’t Stop Roasting People on Twitter

Wendy’s Can’t Stop Roasting People on Twitter

Well, let’s see. How Wendy’s feels. Which Four for Four is better? We usually prefer the original to a knockoff But hey you do you just because you were first doesn’t mean you’re best. Tell us the fourth person to walk on the moon without googling it. L O L, they blocked us. So many salads so little time. But there’s only 5. Doesn’t seem like a lot. You about to sit down and eat 5 salads though. Maybe, maybe not. Do it. Why do Wendy’s make a vanilla frosty For people that like vanilla. Our salads don’t need a filter. Wendy’s, do you recommend me eating this? Yes, the salad not the phone. When are you going to do a face reveal? *Beautiful Wendy’s face is shown* At Wendy’s hastag kiss a ginger day Not sure how we feel about kissing someone with two first names. hashtag kiss a ginger day. Okay, Wendy Thomas. My parents got me a gift card to Burger king. What should I do? ‘I threw it on the ground.’ Joke about Wendy’s on Twitter, and they joked back. Joke about SargentoCheese And they will have your twitter account suspended. That sounds like lactose intolerance. What is your favorite thing at McDonald’s? Leaving. write me a Twitter bio, and I will use it. *Wendy’s being petty* me a Twitter bio and I will use it. Do you have any memes? We are the memes. I lost my son. Can you tell me where he is? 42 Wallaby way Sydney. bk for the win. What are they win a participation trophy? Why don’t you have quinoa milk? are we living in the stone age’s as if. [whispers] is quinoa milk a cool Pacific northwest thing we don’t know about yet in the midwest, or is this a joke Are you going to make a rap album? If so give us a sample Sick beats dropping beef like bars fresh and hot, our roasts are cold, but the beef is not. fresh never frozen time to stir the pot. Hey, who do you think is a better girl? personal opinion only I’m partial to redheads. partial to redheads you say? You say where can I buy a Big Mac at the corner of regret Avenue and disappointment drive? Why are you acting so savage all the time on Twitter? Just cause you guys know all the other fast-food places Gotcha beat sit down good morning How did you sleep restaurants don’t sleep you could have just said good and left it at that We aren’t here to lie though. What should my tinder bio say swipe left? What’s better the Big Mac, or Whopper Nollan? Why do you ask such terrible questions ceo Wendy’s what are your thoughts on Burger King? We don’t think about them at all the attitude of what I’m assuming to be your manager he was dressed differently than the other employees tony at your location on Chasten Road in Kennesaw Ga is Absolutely disgusting you may want to replace him before you find yourselves trying to replace all your customers We replace our customers daily. We appreciate your opinion, but Tony said you were obnoxious and well, we don’t mess with Tony I hate your food then why are you taking the time to tweet us? Do you have a boyfriend? Why are so many people curious about the relationship status of a fast-food chain just tell us the truth Restaurants don’t Date we serve food So you’re with McDonald’s right um no never then burger king stop roast me without talking about my followers What followers at Wendy’s this is all your fault How many retweets for two tickets to universal how many retweets for a season pass? How many retweets for a free ticket how many retweets for a free pass? How many retweets four free tickets from the end yo? I think burger king is better than wenders then why aren’t you in there mentions, if you don’t trust me I’m going to McDonald’s you are a Twitter reg, and this is your roli tweet There is literally zero information to roasts you about you starting beef with McDonald’s. We’ll stick to our fresh beef They can have those ice chips they are serving I want to go to Wendy’s, but I don’t want to drive when dis come pick me up restaurants. Don’t drive cars If Wendy’s doesn’t for flight service. I’m going to McDonald’s and ordering everything on the menu don’t do that to yourself Yo, when does y’all can use my mixtape to flame grill your burgers if you want hashtag just sayin We’d prefer to keep our food fresh and heart I just ate became what you’ve got to do about it feel sorry for you Can you give me relationship advice if you are asking a fast food Twitter this relationship might be doomed my friends like Wendy’s But I don’t what do I tell them apologize for being wrong?

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  1. There's only one thing Wendy can't roast, and that's garlic bread 👅👅👅😏😏😌😌

    Su🅱scribe to CowbellyTV for a unroastable garlic bread.

  2. Cool. We are being advertised to. Wendy's roasts people in place of commercials and we are eating right out of their hands.

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