Wendy’s Roasting People On Twitter Some More

Wendy’s Roasting People On Twitter Some More

Wendy’s if you reply I’ll buy the whole Wendy’s menu right now. Oh, yeah prove it here’s your proof. Thanks for sharing your baby pictures OHHHHH Guys guys why are you like this well we try to keep it friendly, but we are gonna get trashed by someone OHHHHH Guys this is Wendy’s roasting people part two part one was hilarious Let’s see if this one’s any better has a Wendy’s evolved like Wendy’s almost like a pokey man The more she roasts the more she evolves it’s like she power-ups or something Wendy’s is actually savage you never expected this from from that Innocent girl was though. The cute little like pigtails, and she’s so cute, but she’s scary. She’s dangerous I gotta tell you I want Wendy’s but my girlfriend wants McDonald’s would I do well there are plenty of fish in the sea? Basically wendy’s is implying that this guy needs to break up with his girlfriend because the girlfriend doesn’t like Wendy’s Okay, Wendy’s so my friends like Wendy’s but I don’t what I tell them apologize for being wrong who doesn’t like Wendy’s everybody likes Wendy’s say I I feel like if I don’t support Wendy’s is gonna come back and roast me so I’m scared of Wendy’s to be honest Why are you scared of Wendy’s we all hurt you we just want to serve you HOLY SH*T Well Wendy’s if the beef is never frozen then how do you guys keep it fresh one word? R E F R I G E R A T O R S. You heard of that before? Something to keep the beef fresh, but it doesn’t spoil it r e f r i d g e r a t o r s Refrigerators Wendy’s what is subway good at underground transportation? Oh? Wendy’s why is your beef square because we don’t cut corners yeah Wendy’s who’s running the savage page three dogs in a trench coat pretending to be human? I HAVE FOUND THEM!!!! Can you give me relationship advice well if you ask you a fast food Twitter this? Relationship might be doomed at Wendy’s McDonald’s is better at freezing beef Wendy’s is my hero Wendy’s I’m going in and out what should I get? Out, you should get out of there and go to Wendy’s I want to go on a date with Wendy’s and take them to a real burger joint to Burger King Oh Sh*t that’s kinda salty i feel the salt. Burger King replies Treat her like the princess she deserves to be.Wendy’s reply: If you’re looking for a princess you might want to let it go not interested in the frozen beef Kingdom Oh my god Burger King for the win what they win?a participation trophy It’s so beautiful who comes up with these genius tweets. These are the most savage like this is better than Gordon Ramsay This is even better than the Photoshop troll, and you know I love that guy Jamie, Jamie, Jamie Wendy’s, I just hate that Burger King what you gonna do about it feel sorry for you Wendy’s I’m getting McDonald’s today. Sorry about the bad day better luck tomorrow. You know when you have a great day It’s only At… please don’t hate it. Please Oh Hit it. Okay. That’s not gonna work. I was gonna spin. I was gonna do like like when you have a day It’s only better at Wendy’s Yo, Wendy’s y’all can just use my mixtape to flame grill your burgers if you want hashtag just saying Thank you, but we prefer to keep our food fresh, and hot unlike your mixtape What are your deals on Black Friday buy one get one free savage tweets courtesy of Wendy’s and finally yo I think Burger King is better than Wendy’s then why aren’t you in there mentions? Oh? Guys check this one out, it’s gonna be the first link in description all the Wendy’s roasts *i think it says “hold on asking the people in charge if we can turn” We might make a part 3 and this gets enough likes if this gets over 50,000 likes. I’ll make a part 3 This is one of my favourite series so far It takes some time because Wendy’s has very legendary tweets Wendy’s doesn’t always roast people But when she does she’s a complete savage. Thank you for watching check out the second channel subscribe It’s me my friends do some crazy stuff in our free time also subscribe to this one if you haven’t already Subscribe to reaction time and check out some more videos of me enjoy. I’ll see you next time and peace out!

92 thoughts on “Wendy’s Roasting People On Twitter Some More”

  1. The I don't like Wendy's but my friends do, then Wendy's say apologize for being wrong. That was a year ago…


  3. Honestly Mc Donald is better because they were the first ever to invent fast food than the rest I will never give up on mcdonalds

  4. Has anybody ever had that time when ur watching something your parents don’t want you to watch but u have headphones so they can’t hear it but then your headphones unplug and you freeze with a frozen face only to realize the video paused.

  5. I like Wendy’s but they get my order wrong always and it’s so simple ONLY LETTUCE NOTHING ELSE JUST MEANT BUNS AND LETTUCE

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