So you want to start a baking business
but you’re like which goods should I sell? I like cupcakes, I like cake pops, I
like cookies.. By the end of this video, you guys will have a better
understanding of the best baked goods for you to sell based on what is right
for you and what will sell the best in your area. Good morning everyone and welcome to Cass and Bran! So I am Cass and I have a business
called Cookie Munchers. I own it with my boyfriend Bran. For anyone who is new to
the channel, we are now opening up our second location in Tampa Florida. When
deciding what it is that you want to sell, you might love making a bunch of
different baked goods, you might enjoy making cakes and cupcakes and cookies
and all these other items but you’re not sure which one you should sell either
because you’re not sure what will sell well. You’re not sure which one you
should focus on because your mind is just too scattered to know. First thing
you should ask yourself is what do you enjoy the most?
This might seem like an obvious one but a lot of people totally skip this step.
What a lot of people don’t realize when they are starting a business especially
a baking business is they might say well I love baking just so many things but
what they don’t ask themselves when they’re actually starting the business
is which thing could I do over and over and over and over and over and still
enjoy doing? For example I love decorating cakes. I think it’s so much fun
but would I want to bang out 50 cakes? NO or you might like something completely
different but either way, ask yourself what it is that you enjoy personally.
What you could do over and over and over without getting sick of it. Just because
you enjoy cake decorating doesn’t mean you want to make a million of them. The second thing I would ask yourself is what are you actually allowed to sell? Go and check out
your cottage food laws in your state. Sometimes, you’re able to make certain
things out of your house and not able to make other things. So for example, they
might let you make cookies out of your house but you might not be able to make
bagels out of your house. So you want to find that out if you are set on working
in your house. Now if you’re okay with putting a little bit more of an
investment into it, maybe anywhere between $30 and $100 just to get started,
then you might want to consider finding a commercial kitchen. So if I was here in
Tampa, Florida, I would say Tampa Florida commercial kitchens. I would contact them
and say hey I’m trying to start a cupcake business, how do I work with you
guys? What are your rates? What type of equipment do you have? What do I have to
provide you to get started? Is there a deposit? What do I have to bring myself
vs what you already carry? If you do go the commercial kitchen route, it will
open up your possibilities for what you are allowed to do so I would highly
suggest going that route if you do have which a little bit of money to put into
it. Number 3, the most important one, what will sell the best? The first thing I would do
is I would go on your local Facebook pages. Tampa yard sale group. If you can’t
find anything related to your town online then I would highly suggest doing
this step. So you go online and you say hi I’m looking to start a bakery
business. Can I just please get an opinion from whoever who wants to comment
below. Do you think that I should sell breads, croissants, cupcakes whatever it is
in this area. What would you personally buy? And that’ll give you a good starting
point. So now if people just don’t answer, don’t get discouraged. Instead follow
this next step. What I would do is I would start with a list of 15 options.
You can narrow down with the first one which is what do you enjoy. Knock out the
ones your like I wouldn’t want to make them a million times.
Second one, knock out the ones that you physically cannot make. It’s either cottage
food laws or you don’t have access to a commercial kitchen. Third one, trying
to narrow it down to five before doing this stuff. Make a small batch of each one. Go to a popular place in town. There might be festivals going on. There might
just be a busy street you know or if there’s a farmers market or anything
like that where you can actually get a booth and you have money to pay for and
you could do that as well. So cut them smaller. Give out some free samples and
get feedback. Give the samples people and also be selling them at the same time be
selling the big ones. If they tell you Wow I love it
and then walk away, that is not a good sign. A lot of people always end up
taking all this feedback where they will say I love it I love it I love it and
then they say man this must be a great idea. You know I’m gonna pursue it and
dump all this money into it. Don’t do that. That’s why it’s so important for
you to also sell it while you’re there because if the person says they love it
but then they walk away and don’t buy it and they probably didn’t love it as much
as they told you. No one actually was willing to put their money into it then
it doesn’t validate your idea. You need to have cash in hand before you can
validate your idea by multiple people. With Cookie Munchers, we did a test run
out of our house for just the first few days before we even started it out of
the back of a local bagel shop. That’s where we went to get a commercial
kitchen next. We actually started selling them. We put them online and people were
buying them. People around town actually place orders and gave us cash back for
them and that validated that people actually wanted it. Keep in mind that the
business that you choose might not be your business forever and that is okay.
Entrepreneurs usually start many many many businesses in their lifetime before
they find the one that either makes them rich or that they really enjoy doing. Before we started Cookie Munchers, I had started multiple other businesses
that either failed or did really well but they weren’t businesses I wanted to
do forever. I started a face-painting business. I don’t like face painting. I’ve
done plenty of things since then. Get the experience from it, you learn how to work
with employees, you’ll have learned so much in that time period that you can
use for many other things whether the business fails or the business is
successful, you will still win by either learning from your failure or to succeed
and be able to sell it to someone else who now wants to run the business. Never
consider something a failure. Always consider it a learning experience. So my
biggest advice would be to get started now. Don’t be scared of failing. Don’t be
scared of what if what if what happens it fails. Always think about how you can
do it not how you can’t. The next thing that I will stress
is when you are starting this business and you say okay you know I have an idea
or I have two ideas that I want to work with but I want to you know come up with
a solid business plan for it. Yes, you should have maybe a one-page business
plan but don’t have it be longer than one page. And the reason I’m telling you
that is a lot of people would disagree is because once you start your business,
things are gonna start happening and go another direction and say this isn’t
working so maybe I’m gonna try this business cause this is working. Chocolate cake pops
aren’t selling really well but I based my whole business plan around these
chocolate cake pops. Now you know I want to switch it over to being cakes.
Cakes are selling way better. Then you just started a business plan and wasting all your
time for no reason. You’re gonna figure it out as you’re going. The only things
that I would say that you should definitely have nailed down before you
start your business. One, your finances. That you have enough money and you know
how much you’re putting into it. Get a generic idea just enough to be able to
start because your equipment might switch out overtime. Also include in your
business plan how you plan to make the product and how you plan on selling it.
Do you plan on making in your house? Do you plan on doing it in a commercial kitchen?
Or what sizes are they gonna be? just little logistics like that, you can at
least have a general idea. Also write down your ideal customer. So this is one
of the big things that makes a lot of bakery entrepreneurs fail. You can’t
market to everyone. Every business needs to have a niche that makes them special.
If you know you’re targeting those people then you won’t be so scattered
when you go to market and you’ll be a lot less overwhelmed. That doesn’t mean
you have to want to do that forever. It just means that you have a solid
starting point of the audience that you’re looking for to make it much
easier for yourselves in the beginning. Once you’ve already built out success in
this, it’ll be a lot easier. Just say okay, now I’m going to expand to this now. Then
you’ll know exactly who to contact for that. You’ve already been successful in one
so now you have to duplicate it for a different market segment. Definitely just
hound in on what your niche is that you’re gonna originally start with and
don’t get too caught up in what that’s gonna be because you can always expand
it later. And my last suggestion would be is to know what you stand for. For
example, Cookie Munchers’ biggest tagline is to dream big or about cookies
as big as your face.Those are our two things that we tell people. Just
hound in what it is that you stand for. If you stand for princess cake
pops then stick with it.Now you can expand it down the line but don’t expand
drastically into suddenly your brownies You may expand it into now we have ninja
cake pops or superhero cake pops but don’t just flip and say okay you know I love
selling brownies. I’m gonna start selling brownies. Then, your customers are
gonna feel like you’re a lot less focused and they’re gonna be confused.
You want them to be able to drop onto your website, onto your social media
pages, see your pictures and immediately know what it is that you stand for. You
have maybe three to five seconds to capture their attention without them
clicking off your page if they’re confused. I hope this video helped you guys to decide which baked good you want to
sell or which desserts you want to sell for your bakery business that you might
be starting. I hoped I helped you clear your mind and get an exact thought
process going on how to start your business properly and to not get too caught
up in the logistics that it ends up never happening like it does to a lot of
people. Alright guys so I hope you had an awesome day with me! Remember this channel is not all about business. It’s also about having fun so leave your comments below and let us know what you think of the
journey. If this is the first video you are watching from us or you just haven’t
subscribed yet, hit that subscribe button below and turn on that bell to get
notified every single time we post. Right now we are doing huge things getting
ready for our second location to launch in Tampa Florida in just the next two
weeks. We’re gonna start getting everything in there soon we’re gonna hang
up menu boards, getting tables in there getting equipment in there,
training the employees which I’ll also bring you guys along that journey as
well. I am having all the employees in this store sign an agreement that they
are okay with being on camera before they are hired so that we can be able
to film everything that’s going on for you guys and have you guys really be in
the bakery with us which I am so so excited for. I hope you guys liked this video and
we’ll see you guys next time on Cass and bran! Munch out! Oh I’m not gonna be able to reach and I hurt my wrist. Munch out! I hope these tips helped you guys become more successful when you do start
your bakery business whether it’s from home whether it’s from a commercial
kitchen or if you take the whole leap to a storefront location. These steps will
greatly increase your chances of success so make sure that you would go back and
look at this video if you need to when time comes to make sure you are hitting
every single step in this video to help you become a success

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