What Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast | How Fouad “Hoss” Abiad Starts His Day

What Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast | How Fouad “Hoss” Abiad Starts His Day

it’s a cliche but you have to eat big to
get big I mean it’s it’s a simple fact every meal counts how’s it going muscle and
strength fans I am Fouad Abiad IFBB Pro and you are in my kitchen
and we’re about to make my breakfast so you guys can see how I eat to fuel up
for today’s workout I can’t eat the same shitty bland food day in day out so we
just went shopping so the fridge is stocked we’re gonna go with some egg
whites some fulll eggs and we need some cheese sour cream actually leave the sour cream out go with some ketchup Mayo I cook
everything with like Pam cooking spray or any cooking spray so we’ll get the
eggs started and since I’m in the offseason I’m gonna
probably do a little more carbs than I would normally so this is cream of rice
do 1/2 a cup cream of rice is about 80 grams of carbs fiber can be a nightmare
at times if you’re trying to eat a lot of food so for me I found that cream of
rice cream of rice instead of the oatmeal just digests faster and I can I
can just get through more food that way I’m not going to measure this time
normally I have my measuring cup out but I know there’s 8 egg whites there so
that’s that you know I know everybody has their own
philosophy about it and some people say you know the organic thing is just
bullshit it’s just to make you just to make you spend more money and so this is
a marketing ploy and all the stuff that might be true I mean you never know I
choose to err on the side of caution so today we’re gonna do breakfast burritos
each of these tortillas have 30 grams of carbs so there’s 90 grams right there
and then I got another 80 grams in the microwave so my breakfast will consist
of about 170 grams of carbs I’ma eat six meals a day the breakfast
is usually the highest and carbs and the lowest of protein cause I only got about
50 grams of protein in that egg in the egg meal so I’ll just add a little bit
of cinnamon you need our fat so I know there’s fat your saturated fat in the
egg yolk but I don’t feel like that’s enough so I’ll do a heaping teaspoon
which is but more like a tablespoon of peanut butter natural peanut butter it’s
not like jiffy or Kraft or any of that garbage I’m gonna have oatmeal or cream
of rice all sweeten it with stevia now the only other thing I had to that frozen blueberries it’s a cliche but you have to eat big to
get big I mean it’s it’s a simple fact every meal counts if I eat all my meals
and they’re all like this heavy in calories I will gain weight which is
what I want but if I miss a meal the next day I’m lighter I think in the
offseason when you’re trying to grow you need a surplus of calories and you need
a variety of nutrients but if my fat level on my body isn’t overboard then I
feel like I can do this a couple times a week it’s two ways to
go about it you can eat perfectly clean and then binge one day a week and have
whatever you want or you can do it my way which is give
your body a little bit of something every single day so it keeps it
interesting it’s got to look good to taste good I used to be a chef believe
it or not it doesn’t look like it anymore I think I’ve lost all my skills
but you know I worked in a couple restaurants you’re gonna bodybuild for 20 years I’ll
give you guys the number one tip to longevity in the kitchen as far as
your diet goes learn how to make stuff taste it you know if you’re eating
chicken and rice learn how to make chicken and rice eight different ways
you know then you’ll be able to you’ll have longevity but you’re not you’re not
gonna eat plain chicken and plain rice for 20 years if you learn how to do
chicken and rice and you saute it with some vegetables or you do learn how to
do any any type of meal you can think of or even make you make burritos out of
your chicken whatever it’s it’s like you have to have a different variety for
your food I can’t eat the same shitty bland food day in day out for the whole
year I’ll do what I’m dieting cause it’s to serve a purpose and I have a focus in
my mind but in the off season I don’t see why I should have to limit myself

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  2. Usually, i don't put comments on youtube.
    I love your videos.
    Can you please teach us cuting diet.
    Or carb cycling.
    For example, a Male has 36% body fat
    And 280 lbs
    How low his carbs can be.
    Also how high his cab can be.

  3. What time do you inject your bum cheek with gear? I thought that was going to be shown in your breakfast

  4. I wonder if he has a job other than bodybuilding . .i mean how does he make a living ?
    Sponsors probably

  5. Notice how hard he's breathing just to do everyday things… sad. These people are not as healthy as they think they are and its so unfortunate what theyre doing to their cardio system, i hope its worth all your powders and gains.

  6. Ladies and gentlemen…this is what drugs does to you….looks like hes about to pop, cant breath yet will create the illusion that all you need is food. This industry is as dirty as they come… clouds of lies, dirty marketing and "athletes" forgetting to tell you that they are in fact heavy drug users and no kids…no amount of food will make you look like this. Rant over

  7. please im not being disrespectful at all i really want to know if im wrong i think he is on steroids only because it seems un human anyone that big i know he works out alot and that is really good im just wondering

  8. i eatevery day since 3 years the same food no excuse … ill like it … its just perfect. its personal preference 🙂 1 time a month ill cheat thats it

  9. Cream of rice has been a savior!!!
    I tried oatmeal for a week when i started my bulk and it was taking forever to digest and half my workouts i felt were laggin cause my stomache was working overtime to digest it….ever since i switched to cream of rice with a bannana its been beautiful….digested by workout and i get a nice pump

  10. Stop banging your utensil on the bowl, I don't think it is making any difference. Also, when you crack an egg do so on a flat surface, this will ensure that bacteria (if it is present) will not enter your food.

  11. what a useless sport. Overeat to make the body look like what it's not designed to look like. Gym worshipers. When you go to the grave they worms are going to have a nice feast.

  12. The main thing for me is when he talks about variety of food and to learn to make different types of dishes.
    I agree 100%!

  13. The funny thing about body builders is they claim their food is to bulk and get and most casual exercisers have less fat on their bodies than they do. Course they also have a lot less muscle too. 😂😂😂

  14. This guy just has a depressed look on his face…kind of like Jay Cutler. I don't even think these guys look good. The bodybuilders of the 70s and 80s were way more aesthetic and healthy looking. Give me a swimmers body anyday.

  15. Organic all the way baby. I have chickens and what they produce compared to generic supermarket eggs is miles better in taste nutrients and satisfaction. Love your work dude

  16. His bathroom gets destroyed on a daily. Like plunging it is a 30 minute workout for the shoulders and triceps. 3-4 times a day.

  17. So like, what's the point of getting that big, like what's the goal, is that the goal, I feel like he passed the goal and idk what's left for him, dude look like a hammer

  18. Do a side by side taste test of the regular eggs and any cheap cage free egg and then you will know its not bs. The regular eggs taste like chickens were shitting on eachother. I GUARANTEE it

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