58 thoughts on “What Clyburn’s fish fry means for Democrats who want to be president”

  1. Trump doesn’t “own” anything, much less 2020 as something commented below. That’s why he won’t release his taxes. Kamala Harris rocked today. Warren too. Joe Biden tried to say too much too quickly, but he really didn’t say anything. Wish he’d quit with the Obama friendship bracelets and trying so hard to act like he’s a bro for our brothers and sisters – votes. We’ve already got one clown trying to play us. We don’t need two. Sanders did the same thing having a background of African Americans. We’re sick and tired of being played.

  2. This is it, put Harris and Warren on a ticket together.. Forget the kkk, it time for women to do the job. Safe our children and teach them well..

  3. Let's all go pander to the negroes and remind them that if we're elected we'll give them free stuff.

    If you're black and you're not deeply insulted by this then something is wrong with you.


  5. When you get to Heaven:
    There will be a wall
    There will be a gate
    You have to be on a list to get in
    Not everyone is welcome – deal with it!

  6. I dislike promise of other people's money as a reason to vote for someone. Warren should be asking the rich if they will contribute more. Not asking the poor for power to take.

  7. Lol soon Biden will be a hippy and gay pride wearn flag that’s the only way he can get votes.. chicken is key. Berber is the sheep that got away 😂 سمك ودجاد الحل

  8. I want to thank all of the candidates for attending my instructional class HOW TO MICROWAVE BREAD here in SC.

  9. Democrats are nothing but a joke
    Trump will win 2020
    Gillibrand and pedo joe are tied to nxivm child sex cult

  10. Wow, Biden looks rough. 3:03
    We've all known that relative that starts to wither away, and the only thing that stays the same size is their head.
    He's almost to the point of being a skeleton with saggy skin draped over it.

  11. Sad.
    Fried fish & hot sauce…..

    Seems like black folks STAY falling for the same old sh*t.

    Year in…..year out.

    Give them a free piece of catfish and they'll vote for anything….just sign em up

    ….I hope they all get food poisoning….

  12. Anytime you sit down and break bread with your community, you are helping to build a stronger community. Whether it's fried fish, a pizza party, or a bbq, it's the coming together that will impact the future in a very profound way. If you don' t understand what I am saying, I highly suggest you go to one.

  13. Clowns look particularly like idiots in t-shirts.
    How ghetto. And they match with the color
    which is apropos for the hive mentality
    groupthink of Democrat sheep.

  14. Your Democrat 2020 field: a dearth of principles, bereft of integrity and not even an ounce of character – except Gabbard, maybe, who I wouldn't vote for in a million years.

  15. The Wash Post, and mainstream political narrative is as usual, premature… we need to keep our eyes open, and listen. I'm a vet, and Tulsi Gabbard is the best candidate I have ever seen (I never voted for a Dem before). Last weeks survey of TV time for the candidates… Tulsi was last, not even close to any of them…grand total of 15 seconds in the week. The media is threatened by her…anti war…anti Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Ag, where will the media and DNC get all their lobbyist and corporate money if Tulsi gets elected? They smear her or ignore her, only the people can get her going…up to us.

    But she will shine in the debates, and they won't be able to block her. And people who think for themselves and don't bow at the temple of the DNC and MSM like her a lot: Daniel Ellsberg, Ron Paul, Oliver Stone, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Joe Rogan, Mike Gravel, Jill Stein, Jimmy Dore, Susan Sarandon, Kim Iversen, etc.,

  16. The Washington post love those Democrats. Any actual testing questions for them in the debates next week? I highly doubt it. Just a big love feast of fish and hugs with crispy chicken 🍗

  17. I live in Argentina so I don't have a dog in this fight. But i just had to click the like button to make it 69 – 69 even.

  18. What a great idea! Congressman Clyburn is a good and decent man. He is wise, thoughtful, insightful, and empathetic to folks, not only in South Carolina, but all across this country! He actually gets it! People that really struggle are shunned and not given even a second look on the way to the rich folks' $100 plate dinner to schmooze with a future POTUS that will owe favors to him by the end of this process. I really want someone with class, intelligence, and grace back in the White House! The Obamas have been sorely missed from our country and around the world. We need a statesperson again that doesn't make us cringe with embarrassment when he tweets or talks aloud.

  19. Fun fact. People stood in line for hours while only some of them got the free fish they were promised, and the event started 2 hours after the advertised time.

    Socialism in action, folks.

  20. God damn does Gillibrand's voice make you wanna punch a hole through the wall or what? "A woman at the HEAADD of the TAAAAAAAABLEEEEE!!" God i hate her so much.

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