What is the Reverse Sear Method? | Easy Grilling Tips

What is the Reverse Sear Method? The Reverse Sear Method allows you to grill
thicker cuts of steaks so that they achieve a uniformly cooked center in a well charred
crust. In order to achieve this you need to have
a 2-zone grill. You can either use gas or charcoal.
Here I’m using charcoal. And I have about an inch to a little almost
an inch and a half thick steak. When you’re ready to start grilling, place
your seasoned steak on the indirect side of the grill.
And yes, go ahead and use the flip often method if you choose.
Cook this until it reaches an internal temperature of 10 degrees below your target temperature.
And what I mean by that is if you want a medium rare steak at 135, cook it till it reaches
125 degrees, then take and place it over the direct heat to finish searing that beautiful
crust, which should only take a couple of minutes per side.
Make sure to take the time to rest your steak properly.
Then slice into a tender, juicy cooked to your perfection steak and yes, I like mine
just a little over medium. And in its simplest form the reverse method
is as simple as that. Hey, that’s it.
Thanks for watching. This is Gary House with Cooking Everything
Outdoors show. We’ll have new tips, tricks or technique for
you every Tuesday.

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