What It’s Like Being The House Chef For The Famed FaZe Gamer Clan | Just Warmin’ Up

What It’s Like Being The House Chef For The Famed FaZe Gamer Clan | Just Warmin’ Up

Elie: I can’t remember the
last time I touched raw chicken! Elie: Oh my god.
Cheo: Try it out, man! Elie: Cheers bro! Yo that’s so good. This is my favorite show! I get to sit down and I get to
eat noodles with amazing people. Today, I got Chef Cheo in the building. He’s the house chef of the FaZe Clan, One of the biggest names in the e-sports community, And he’s gonna show me a little bit about
what it takes to make it to the top. This is Just Warmin’ Up. This is cool because we’ve been buds for a minute,
but buddies don’t normally interview each other. Cheo: No, no. Elie: Alright, so for the people who don’t know… What is the FaZe Clan? Cheo: Well the FaZe Clan was a gaming clan. It was from Call of Duty These guys came together, and they used
to do trick shots and all that And they started recording on Youtube,
and they started to blow up! And then from there, they started
doing skits on YouTube and they built professional teams. Elie: So what’s a trick shot? Is it when you see someone playing a first-person
shooter and they snipe from across the field? Cheo: Yeah, they’ll jump off something
high and do like a 720 no-scope and like, just change their gun and kill someone. And then it would be like the last kill. Elie: So how did you link up with the guys in FaZe? Cheo: I knew the guys before they moved to New York! I care about them, and I wanted to see what I can
do to provide for them a better chance to grow. I grew up cooking. You know I have a daughter,
and I had to cook for her. So I was like, I can bring that
aspect of being there for them Cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner… Just helping them organize their day Cheo: And that’s, you know…
Elie: Something they needed. Cheo: Yeah it was something that
was needed, I felt at the time. Being that father aspect like,for my daughter. I kinda see it like that in the FaZe house I’m not the dad of the house, I’m not their father But I bring that father-like responsibility Like, discipline to the guys And say, “Hey, you can’t always do this.” What I instill to my daughter,
I want to instill to them. I wanna give the best advice,
and be the best role model. Elie: Alright so tell me a little
bit more about growing up. Cheo: I grew up in Boston, and I was raised
by my mom. She was a single mother. She worked three jobs, so with her working
three jobs I had to learn how to cook. I couldn’t depend on her cooking a meal all the time. So my mom’s like, “Hey, you know what? I’m gonna cook
you this meal and show you how to cook it.” “And then from there, you gotta run with it.” Elie: What’s something she taught you how to cook? Cheo: Like rice, beans, chicken. That’s every Puerto Rican Domincan’s daily meal Which I love! I can eat that all day, every day. Elie: So now you’ve got two families, right? You’ve instilled some great stuff in your daughter You’re bringing some qualities and chef stuff to the house Elie: But you’ve gotta learn from them too.
Cheo: Oh yeah, obviously. Elie: What do you pick up? These dudes are mega successes. Cheo: That anything is possible
as long as you just grind it out. Everybody came from somewhere different. We got one person from Sweden, one person from Canada. You know, one from Brazil. And as long as they believed in themselves
and just came together and grind it out It works. Elie: What’s next for you? Cheo: I’m gonna be getting more
into the management side of the guys. So I’m gonna be helping take care of everything Making sure they’re on time for everything I like that for them. It helps me know
that they’re gonna get things done And continue to kill it. I’m obviously gonna help cook here and there
for them, but that’s not gonna be my main focus. Elie: I gotta shoot you straight… I don’t know how to cook. Cheo: I could teach you how to make some fried chicken? Elie: Okay.
Cheo: Mix it in with some Cup Noodles Cheo: It’ll be bomb, I guarantee it. Elie: I’m just gonna come over to your house! Cheo: Come through bro! I’m always ready to teach people how to make something. Elie: Alright, cheers! Cheo: Because that means I won’t have to cook
for you, you can make it yourself. Elie: Alright, we just came back from shopping We got all the ingredients we
need to make this Karage Chicken I’ve never actually touched chicken. Cheo: Really?
Elie: Yeah, like raw. Never touched it before in my life. Cheo: I’m gonna break this whole thing for you You’re gonna touch some chicken.
You’re gonna fry some chicken. Elie: Okay… So why are we making this? Because the
dudes in the house love fried chicken? Cheo: Recently I went to get some ramen And I had some Karage Chicken and put it in the ramen, and I’m like… “This is amazing. You guys need to try this.” They loved it. So, I’m gonna bring it out to you guys. Elie: Alright, so we don’t have to make the ramen because we got Cup Noodles. Cheo: No,it’s really simple. Boil some water, it has all the ingredients and broth in there so you’re straight. Elie: Dude, so we just focus on the chicken. Alright. Cheo: Now we’re gonna get technical with the chicken, so I want you to actually clean out the chicken. Elie: I do what now? Cheo: Yeah, you’re doing all of this. So, put down the meat now. This guy has a bone in, so you wanna take it off the tendons and cut around it. Elie: So I just cut around the bone. There’s just one bone in here? Cheo: There’s just one bone in there. I’m kinda scared for you, but I’m gonna let you do your thing. Because it’s amusing for everybody else. Elie: That’s a clean cut, right? That’s usable?
Cheo: Oh man, yeah! Elie: That’s the bone! But there’s a lot of meat on there. Cheo: There’s still like two pieces of karage there.
Elie: This is so hard! Cheo: It’s alright. I’m gonna do it for you. Elie: You know what I like to do is talk to people that are cooking And before you know it, the recipe’s done. That’s the move, dawg. That’s the move. We’re good, we got the chicken! Cheo: So we got the other ingredients to mix for the seasoning. We have a tablespoon of minced garlic Two tablespoons of soy sauce A tablespoon of sugar We have a lot of sake here, I don’t know how this turned out but… Elie: A little heavy-handed pour. It’s gonna cook off anyway, so it’s all good. Cheo: We also have to grate ginger. Elie: Here we go!
Cheo: Sauce it up! Cheo: Alright, that’s good. Now you wanna whisk this. Elie: Oh yeah, I’m starting to get all that flavor. Elie: You get a little bit of that sake aroma.
Cheo: I can smell it. Cheo: It smells great by the way.
Elie: It smells so bomb, okay. Cheo: You wanna pour that onto the chicken. Elie: Alright so the dudes in the house normally like it a little bit simple? Cheo: Yeah, the guys are simple in the house. Rice, chicken, vegetables, steak. Either before they’re making their video or right after they’re making their video. They’re on me, you know? They wanna eat. From there you would put it in the fridge for about an hour. Cheo: Let it sit.
Elie: Okay. Elie: Camera magic?
Cheo: Yeah, let’s do some camera magic. Elie: Camera magic. Throwing it in the fridge! Cheo: We have the water boiling for the Cup Noodles. And since we don’t have a deep fryer, and not everybody has one, we can use a pan. Might as well. Now, you put the marinated chicken into the flour. Shake it up in there, bro. Cover it completely. You can do one by one, and just gently put it onto the pan. See that sizzle? Elie: Dude this is exciting. I didn’t know you could fry in a pan like this. Okay!! Cheo: I’m actually impressed with you today, bro. You killed it. Elie: This looks good! This looks like it’s sitting in a restaurant. Cheo: Don’t burn yourself, please. It’s really hot. Elie: Oh man, that broth smells good. Should we bust one of these open and see what they look like? Cheo: Yeah man! Elie: Oh man, that’s some nice crunch. Elie: Oh my gosh.
Cheo: Try it out, man. Elie: Yo. Yooooooo. Three minutes are up! Alright I’m gonna peel it all the way off. We’re gonna do the full plating. I’m gonna hit it with some chili sauce because I just love it. Cheo: Get some spice.
Elie: Yeah I like a little extra kick. Elie: And then you said when you first had this you let the chicken kinda soak? Cheo: Yeah I soaked it in. Elie: Well then we’ll get one in there. That’s the bonus chicken at the end. Let it sink to the bottom. Do this. Cheo: I think we need to try it.
Elie: Let’s go man! Elie: Dude that’s so good. Cheo, I appreciate you. Thank you for teaching me everything today. Cheo: Anytime, bro! Elie: You taught me how to fry chicken, and be humble! Cheo: Of course!
Elie: That’s the way to get to the top! Elie: Thank you, brother. Cheo: Thank you! Elie: Cheers man. Just Warmin’ Up. Cheo: Just Warmin’ Up! Ooh look at this chicken.

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