What Most People Don’t Know About Martha And Snoop

What Most People Don’t Know About Martha And Snoop

No other TV show comes close to being as oddly
perfect as Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. It’s equal parts weird, educational, and hilarious. A gangsta rapper pairing up with a grandmother
and businesswoman might have seemed like a recipe for failure, but the opposite couldn’t
be more true. The show, with its rotating list of celebrity
guests, has proven to be a ratings blockbuster and hit with critics, even earning an Emmy
nom. The show returned for its second half of Season
2 in August 2018, and we couldn’t be hungrier for whatever these two are cooking up next. But to quench your thirst between episodes,
here’s what you need to know about Martha and Snoop. “Just to clarify, I’m not high right now. But whoever gave us this show, they musta
been.” Real deal friendship The idea of a cooking show with co-hosts Snoop
Dogg and Martha Stewart definitely sounds absurd. And, sure, they might be like oil and water
on the surface, but their friendship is 100 percent genuine. The pair have had a fondness for one another
ever since Snoop was a guest on Martha back in 2008. “Is this Parkay or margarine?” “No no. This is butter.” “Unsalted butter. And look…” “I used to like that commercial…Par-kaaaay.” Over the years, their friendship has grown
into what Snoop calls, quote, “a natural combination of love, peace, and harmony.” “He was funny, he was amusing, he was nice,
he has great intelligence, and I thought we could get along, and he thought he could get
along with me.” Watch a single episode and it’s immediately
obvious that the two have great chemistry. Producer SallyAnn Salsano said, “…I think it feels so good because you have
two people that genuinely love each other and respect each other, for real.” “People woulda never thought that we could
have a relationship and have a friendship. But that’s what’s wrong with people. Stop judging the book by the cover.” Legalized Snoop Saying that Snoop Dogg enjoys weed is an understatement. And he isn’t just playing a character either,
he’s very much the stoner buddy to his strait-laced sidekick, and enjoys being high once the cameras
start rolling. “Hit it Snoop. Hit it Snoop. Hit it Snoop.” “Say go-go-go shorty, it’s your birthday. We gonna party like it’s your birthday” Stewart joked to the Washington Post, “He comes onto the set pretty high, and leaves
pretty high.…That’s the way he lives.” And cooking under the influence seems to almost
be a necessary ingredient for Snoop. Why else would he put delicious potato chips
and a dash of Colt 45 in a fried chicken recipe? “Notice how I ain’t used one utensil. This would be considered east side Long Beach
style.” He told the paper, “Sometimes I may smoke one, sometimes
I may smoke 100. It depends on what’s necessary for me to do
what I’m doing.” “I wanna add the truffle topping. It’s like a mushroom.” “It’s like a mushroom, do it do what mushrooms
do, cuz if it is, I’m a fan of truffles now.” Martha feels the vibes Stewart might not start her day by toking
up with her co-star, but that’s not to say she hasn’t come into contact with the stuff. “Martha, have you ever tried a edible?” “No of course not. I’m square.” “Have you smoked with Martha? Did Martha eat a edible yet?” “I am square.” Apparently, the smoke is sometimes so prominent
on the set, she told The Hollywood Reporter, “I get kind of high from secondary smoke. I’m not a smoker myself, but the smoke is
quite thick around the set.” But it’s not the first time the rapper’s habit
has rubbed off on Stewart. “Let’s get to the reason I’m here tonight,
which is to give Justin Bieber some tips for when he inevitably ends up in prison.” Stewart told Seth Meyers that while sitting
next to Snoop during the taping of Justin Bieber’s Comedy Central roast, she got a contact
high during the four hours it took to film it. “I was totally high by the…by the time I
got…to that microphone. Aye yie yie.” Snoop recounted the roast on the Howard Stern
Show, saying, “By the time she gets up there to tell her
jokes…” “She’s whacked out of her head.” “She’s whacked out of her head but she steals
the f—ing show.” And just in case you need some proof: “I walked into the chow hall, picked out the
biggest bull d—, and I stuck her.” Tossing one back “I’m gonna pour one out for my homie.” Snoop and Stewart might not be sharing,
but that doesn’t mean the two aren’t celebrating their success, and come happy hour, Stewart’s
all about wetting her whistle. “Just a little bit of vodka, a tad of vermouth,
and shake.” Snoop admitted to Jimmy Kimmel, “She forces me to drink alcohol everyday on
the show with her.” The rapper doesn’t seem to be fudging the
truth either. So far, fans have seen the pair enjoy anything
from beer to champagne, and bloody marys…on the show. “You gave me that before, didn’t you?” “No.” “Sangria?” “Never.” “Well gimme some now” Snoop admitted he has mostly given up drinking,
but he obliges when he’s offered a beverage from his co-host, telling Kimmel, “I don’t drink anymore, but with her I have
to drink” “So Martha will get you a little drunk, but
it doesn’t go the other way? We’re workin’ on that” The Dogg can cook Followers of Stewart know that she can cook
like nobody’s business, but when it comes to the Doggfather, Martha says he can hold
his own. “Drip it, drop it, drop it, drip it. Drip it. Drop it. Drip it.” She told CBS, “His Cornish game hens that he made yesterday
were the best thing so far on this show.” Snoop admitted that recipe came from his mother,
but was quick to point out that working alongside Martha has only made him more confident in
the kitchen, telling AARP, “Martha taught me how to make a pizza. I’m talking about from scratch!” A cookbook fo’ shizzle? “The first trick to the trade is you take
some tata chips…we won this s— already yo.” If you regularly watch the show and salivate
over Martha Stewart and Snoop’s creations, you’re in luck. A cookbook from the duo could soon be on the
way. “Everyone likes to get their freak on, right?” “Where is this comin’ from Martha? We haven’t even ate yet.” Let’s be honest: who else is going to put
out a cookbook that could potentially include both truffle pizza and pork chops with a malt
liquor glaze? Stewart told the LA Times, “We publish good, tested recipes. That’s important to me.” “By the way, unagi is an aphrodisiac.” “So is Viagra in that?” The show has proved that just about anything
is possible with these two, so who knows what the future will hold. But we can all agree that a Snoop and Martha
cookbook would be, as Snoop might say, “off the hizzy.” “For shizzle.”

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  2. I wished it stopped white women from clutching their bags when we walked by.. smh… sometimes I wanna pull my wallet out and play big bank takes little bank


  4. Their friendship is an antidote to the racism and hatred so rampant among us. It will last as long as we need it to, before the show is cancelled when we lose interest.

  5. People acting like this is unusual. Wtf.
    Blazing always brought all types tagether, plus she cooks. That's no different then the homies house I'd kick it at even if he wasn't home. Smashing to but munchies and her snack!!…sheeit

  6. Martha naira thought I'd see the day of watching you and having a smile on my face to beginning to the end I'm glad to see that you're totally happy and that's really cool

  7. Back in the days in the good 90s, they would kill u if u go in tv for shit like this as a rapper… just sad how everything changed gay

  8. Perfect combo.
    Snoop – I love to smoke bud all day
    Martha – I love to cook and make the home comfortable

    If she were younger, Snoop would put a ring on that.

  9. I think it’s awesome that this “ odd couple “ defies the odds and put together a productive relationship/ duo

  10. Snoop is a scumbag, and so is Stewart. When she went to jail for lying, and if I had done that, I would have gotten years.

  11. I think the industry put them up to this challenge just to show the world that a ex gang member can still cope with society. And Martha & Snoop probably did in fact had an sexual-affair. I think.

  12. What that with their democratic vote or green vote They both support 9 month killing of minority babies ? We all knew it

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