“What should we think about death?” Narrated by Stephen Fry – That’s Humanism!

“What should we think about death?” Narrated by Stephen Fry – That’s Humanism!

One thing we can be sure of is that we will
die. Everybody will. Some people do not like the thought of this
and don’t accept it. They prefer to think that death is not the end of us but that we
might live on, perhaps in another life on earth, or in another place where people are
rewarded or punished. But wanting something to be true is not the
same as it being true. And there is no evidence to support the idea
that our minds could survive the end of our bodies. What sense could we make of the things that
we value — love, experiences, communication, achievements, the warmth of the sun on our
face — if we were disembodied? And if life were eternal, wouldn’t it lose
much of what gives it shape, structure, meaning and purpose? Think about reading a good book or eating
a delicious cake. These may be great pleasures, but one of the things that makes them pleasures
is that they come to an end. A book that went on and on forever and a cake that you never
stopped eating would both soon lose their appeal. Death is a natural part of life. It makes sense for us to try not to be afraid
of this but instead to come to terms with it. Then we can focus on finding meaning and purpose
in the here and now, making the most of the one life we know we have and helping others
to do the same, choosing good over evil without the expectation of reward in some other place. When we do die, we will live on in the work
we have done and in the memories of the other people whose lives we have been part of. Our bodies will break up and become part again
of the cycle of nature. The atoms that form us now will go on to form others things — trees
and birds, flowers and butterflies.

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  1.  What should we think about death?" Narrated by Stephen Fry- That's Humanism!

    Real life examples by Madeleine

    Thats the real endgame of humanism, power for the few.
    Don't be fooled.

    Jesus is the truth, the way, and the life, not humanism.

  2. at least you could remember a cake, but after death, you would have forgotten you had lived in the first place, making life redundant.

  3. No! The video started well enough but fell off the rails when it came to explaining why dying is actually a really great thing. There is a big difference between something not being so totally awful that it removes all meaning from life, and it actually being good for us. Death is bad, really, really bad, but not so bad that we cannot have meaningful lives living in it's shadow. That doesn't mean it wouldn't still be better if we didn't have to die.

  4. “I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.” – Mark Twain

  5. My dad, who suffers from vascular dementia, loves this video, it gives him a great sense of relief, joy and comfort. He always gets a wry smile on his face and says "live it well because once you're dead, well you're dead"

  6. i agree but its not really fair if bad guy and good guy will ends up both to the same result which is death if theres no judgement after life… if we r just here to live here and thats it then what will be the difference between a man who sacrificed his life to help others and look after his planet and another man

  7. The same technology that would allow living forever would presumably come along with the technology required to manipulate mental states indefinitely through psychopharmaceuticals or some other technology, including the state of being bored or otherwise.

    We already know it is even entirely possible to get people excited about meaningless, repetitive tasks with CNS stimulants, to say nothing of things actually worth caring about.

    This is a real bullshit message.

  8. I sometimes think to myself what if there is nothing after death but I am religious I want to go to heaven I am mindfucked I I human words couldn't describe very well itfuckmyhead I'm balls.

  9. Really? mortality as a reason for us enjoying life? How about the people that seem to enjoy life most: children? Do people really think children, the people who also seem to, on average, enjoy the here and now much more than adults, constantly think about and understand death? No. Considering Death as something that gives meaning to life is no better than thinking Death is only a passage from one stage to the other: both are coping mechanisms that avoid the truth. The truth being that not all organisms on earth are mortal, that mortality is a condition that is, in theory, curable.

  10. The most reliable document we have says otherwise. There is a God, who in the beginning intended life to be without end. That not being so would mean there is no purpose, no meaning and no good and evil. So, please read that document, that proves itself not to be of human origin. That would be a scientific impossibility. I assume you know very well what Document we are talking about here.

  11. Who binds to themself a joy
    does the winged life destroy
    But Who kisses the joy as it flies
    Lives in eternity's sunrise
    -William Blake

    What does this sentiment do to the argument? Why do humanists sound so patronising and smug when they have no poetry.

  12. so what of meaning…and what of personal accountability…and what of morality?!?…how does one determine the difference between good and evil?!?

  13. Just because death adds poignancy doesn't mean it's good for us. I'd much rather live as long as I like and risk boredom.

  14. If we were living in the past, people would still be baffled how we can turn into plants and butterflies. But science proves it, and that's why science is amazing. Yet it's sad to see it not being appreciated enough.

  15. Where was each of us before we were born? Wherever that place is, maybe that is where we go back to after we die. On a different but related note, quantum physics theory as of late is suggesting that a part of our consciousness, or mind, or soul, or whatever you want to call it, does live on, in a way. Too complex to go into here though…

  16. There is PLENTY of evidence that consciousness survives physical death, Stephen. I am just so, so tired of the "no evidence, no evidence" mantra. Just because you haven't bothered to properly read any studies relating to the paranormal, does not mean there is no evidence. You can keep on repeating that "no evidence" mantra until you are blue in the face, but it doesn't make it so.

    Just keep on ignoring all those compelling near-death experiences, which cannot be explained by any of the pseudoskeptics' "oxygen-deprived, dying-brain" theories. I'm talking here of cases such as people who were blind from birth, yet were able to see during a NDE; people like Pam Reynolds who could describe accurately the instruments that were used to operate on her while she was clinically dead; and it's funny also how in just about all NDE accounts, the only people encountered are those who are already dead, and no one living — it's funny how a dying brain could be so consistent with the choice of characters it chooses to use in its hallucination! It's also incredible that in some of these experiences, the patient saw people who they assumed were alive, and upon being revived, discovered that the person they saw had in fact died quite recently. And this doesn't even factor the incredible, life-changing aftereffects many people who have NDEs experience for the rest of their lives. NDEs are but ONE piece of MANY types of hard evidence that point more and more to the hypothesis that consciousness survives bodily death. The Holographic Universe theory helps to explain how consciousness is the only reality, and that it preceded all matter, and created matter. Matter is the byproduct of consciousness, NOT the reverse as materialists and those who subscribe to scientism and evangelical atheism love to profess.

    As for the ridiculous argument that belief in an afterlife means we will be less productive right here and now, I could argue equally that this applies to those who DON'T believe in an afterlife, as what is the point in doing anything productive if it is all meaningless anyway? Why be good to a stranger, if you are going to turn into dust in the future? My life has MORE meaning because I place a very high probability on the hypothesis that our consciousness survives physical death. My everyday activities are geared towards improving myself and those around me; after all, if I'm going to exist beyond this life, I might as well make this life worthwhile and fulfil what I believe is its purpose of learning and growth. Additionally, my faith in this hypothesis has got me through so many hard times in my life that I would have been lost without it.

    I am tired of hearing that those who have beliefs in the paranormal or God or afterlife are "mentally ill". I'm sorry, but the only people bordering on the mentally ill in all of this are those who suffer from pathological skepticism, otherwise known as pseudoskeptics, who worship at the altar of Scientism. People whose arrogance knows no bounds, who already have an idea in their head about what constitutes the absurd, and what doesn't. If an idea is deemed by them to be absurd, then it simply MUST BE — no scientific inquiry is necessary!

    I am so sick of hearing the argument that those who believe in an afterlife do so because they are afraid of death. On the contrary, because of all my research, I actually am not in the least bit afraid of it! Perhaps it is the pseudoskeptics (or at least some of them) who are the ones who really fear death — they can't bear the thought that their consciousness might survive the death of their bodies. I put this down to sheer ignorance on their part as to what a future life might look like, or perhaps they have a very guilty conscience and so clutch at all manner of straws, cherry-picking data that suits their "no afterlife" beliefs because they don't want to face any potential negative consequences. Or maybe they even stupidly think that if there was an afterlife, it would be a boring landscape, a childish notion of clouds with harps playing for all eternity, and how awfully boring that would be.

    For the record, I have studied this entire matter since about 1997 when I first had access to the internet. I have lost count on the number of articles I have read from many different sources. My university background is in physics as well as mathematics, as is my current career. I have come to the conclusion that there is a very, very high probability that all matter is in some form conscious, that our own consciousness survive bodily death, and that this current life we live is but one piece of a giant jigsaw of existence which helps the universe to know itself.

    I implore people to have an open mind, and be TRUE skeptics (don't dismiss out of hand anything your ego deems to be ridiculous, but at the same time, maintain a healthy skepticism that is still capable of rejecting some ideas due to a genuine lack of any evidence ). Please, do your OWN research, do not listen to pseudoskeptcial cult leaders (such as Dawkins, Randi, Hitchens). Make up your own minds from primary sources.

    I know that the majority of you will not do any of this, because you're too far gone along that path of pathological skepticism, but if only 1% of open-minded, agnostic people did this, I'd be happy.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dz-fOKoehX8 (3 compelling cases which suggest reincarnation)

  17. But…but I don't want to die and be in complete darkness forever. I'm scared 🙁 please help me. I cant come to terms with my inevitable fate. 🙁 I don't think a 6 year old should be thinking of this but I'm really scared :(. I'll miss my whole family forever. I don't know what to do. Dying….it just…..it just sucks. God damn it. Why do we have to die. why. hopefully science can evolve after I die and I can come back to life. Or maybe I can be in those things that freeze you and you can be in that until science has evolved enough. I don't know. I'm scared. Why does the universe have to be so cruel, why so harsh? why do people need to die. Why did the holocaust happen? Why does anything happen? Why is life…. life? So many questions, and to many answers. Why are people so mean? Why are people racist or sexist? WHY WHY WHY. I dont know. I dont have all the answer's. Or maybe god does if he exists. I hope he does. But deep down I know he doesnt. I cant come to terms with anything now. Im stuck in an endless cycle of questions and no answers. No one knows what happens when you die but I dont want to know. I WANT TO LIVE. Sorry about the long comment. I just need to vent somewhere. If anyone reads this I never hope you have to experience death and I love you, no matter what <3. I love everyone. Why cant everyone just love everyone. WHY IS THE WORLD SO CRUEL. I dont get it. Please help me. I dont know why everything happens. I hope I never die. I just dont understand it. Its just such a mystical topic. I…i….i probably need help. I have ADHD you know so my mind just races to whatever I think about. Like my cant penguins fly? whats up with that? and why do penguins die???? WHY. why does my dog have to die or my hamster or my ps4 or my favorite video game just because it becomes to old and it just dies out. PLEASE PLEASE i hope god exists. I guess im just an absolute selfish bastard who cant come to terms with the fact that death is inevitable. I'm so scared. But if your still reading this I hope you have an amazing fulfilled happy life and just know that there is some idiot 6 year old on the internet who loves you. <3 Well. i think im done now. have a happy great day and if you ever need someone to talk too i'll always be here.



  18. Well what about forgetting? Isn't forgetting something the same as the death of something? We human beings forget so much that it become a survival instinct, and isn't 'forgetting' a part of creativity too? Half the time we forget what life is and was when we were children so i'm sure at least someone could find the joy and appeal in eternal life.

  19. The thing that irritates me the most about my inevitable death is the fact that I won't get to see the future of humanity and the planet. Where will we go and what will we do? It is likely that I will only know the answers to those questions that can be found within the next 60 years, and that pisses me off. I don't like not knowing things, as juvenile as that may sound. That, above all, is what I find appealing about the idea of an afterlife; if we lived eternally, I would know what comes next for the future of humanity.

  20. What rambling nonsense. No life after death you say. So, tell us all how dead matter brought "itself to life" and turned itself from goo to you via the zoo. Fry should also tell us all exactly where is the grave and body of Jesus is.so we can all dismiss the resurrection accounts. Maybe he can also scientifically "establish" how the universe came into existence. Because the very fact that the Cosmos and everything else exists testifies to the possibility and probability that something exists that has the capability to bring all this about. As Christ's resurrection well demonstrates. It seems Stephen Fry and co has yet to discover that all of science is ultimately founded on miracles – like it or not! .Here :http://thegodreality.org/miraclesofscience.html

  21. someone just linked this on facebook, and i think its wonderful,
    i do think a large part of the reason people believe in supernatural things is that they can't accept (or they fear) the fact that they will die.

  22. Instead of hoping for a afterlife, I will think that I'll be part of the Earth my loved ones walk up on. So in a way I'll always be with them. That's a lot better than fantasizing about heaven that probably doesn't exist.

  23. Fry is either an incompetent ignoramus or a blatant liar.
    There are over 10 million documented cases of life after death NDEs that give mountains of evidence for life after death.
    His own statement, wanting something to be true doesn't make it true applies very well to all his own sophism based ideas.

    Atheists. The most irrational, living in denial folks on earth.

  24. How is wanting to be alive instead of dead being selfish? And how is it not selfish to call other people selfish for wanting to live. Death does not give live meaning. If you believe otherwise, that is your personal opinion, not an objective eternal fact.

  25. HOLY FUCKING SHIT I'M GONNA FUCKING DIE ONE DAY, dead, can't breath, feel, speak, eat, see, love, cry, hate, play or anything! That's fucking it I'll be dead and dead I shall be. Never see the sun, my loved ones, my friends, my family no boingo.

    – Me (smert guy) 2016

  26. It's funny, the humanist perspective is exactly the rationale of the suicidal person. – Things going badly? No problem, use the suicide escape hatch, problem solved.

  27. If there is no afterlife and you just disapear into oblivion, you won't be around to realize that you no longer exist. The only thing that could fear not existing is the is the human ego.

    If on the otherhand, there is an afterlife, good chance that it's not religion's pre-packaged giftbox full of suspiciously earthly goodies that just so happen to also appeal to corporeal beings. "What does God need with a starship?"

  28. Stephen, you poor sod! No wonder you're a depressive, now I know why. Unfortunately the world is full of fools like you who are contaminating society with such depressing drivel. Of course there is evidence for survival after death and it increases on a daily basis, and no you don't have to be religionist to accept it. If you do, however, you will surely become much brighter in your outlook than this miserable dirge you have presented. Lets face it if I'm wrong neither you or I will know about it but in the meantime I will have led a much happier and satisfying life accepting what may, or may not, be a happy illusion

  29. I'm still a bit confident about life after death. Maybe in the next life we will see life at a different angle. A different dimension that is impossible for us to perceive in our current dimension. Also, think of the odds of you being alive right now. Its like 1 in infinity.

  30. For all you who believe in a afterlife, Do all other living organisms with consciousness live on, in some form, after death?

  31. i used to think so hard about death to the point id break out crying but that was about four years ago and now tbh cant wait lol

  32. How about If we put more effort into increasing life the span instead of all the resources into destruction. Eventually managing death.
    No need to worry about time and the gods can find a new job. You can choose the time to die . The inquisitive ones can explore the universe. The bored people can exit if they wish to do so .

  33. How do humanists cope with the evil and misery in the world? I'm having such a hard time enjoying my life when I even in my city and in the rest of the world so many people suffer. I am lucky and I am feel very guilty because others aren't.

  34. Only a halfwit could find any sort of appeasement in this cant about "coming to terms with death". It sounds even more cloying than the most conventional religious consolations.

  35. Your knowledge of scriptures is based on the literal meanings of its verses.
    God is actually a mechanism that converts an idea into an action in seven stages.
    The seven stages are,
    1. Day dreaming – Heaven originated from this.
    2. Illusion
    3. Creativity
    4. Stabilization
    5. Determination
    6. Status alteration
    7. Compulsion – Hell originated from this
    If an idea is not successfully converted into an action it get stagnated in stage 7 (eternal hell), gets abolished (dead). The idea can return to stage 1 (heaven) and thus be recycled.

  36. I disagree with the analogy of the book. Nobody wants to die, it's in our hearts to want to live forever. Especially under the right circumstances.

  37. Everlasting Life—A Bore?

    Some object that everlasting life would be boring, no more than a frittering away of eternity with meaningless pastimes endlessly repeated. Perhaps the eternity they imagine is an endless extension of present lifestyles and conditions that to many would seem to be boring and meaningless. Yet, in the Paradise that God will restore, he promises man “exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.” (Psalm 37:11) Such a life will give mankind the opportunity to acquire knowledge of Jehovah’s creations and to dedicate time to developing any or all of the fascinating skills, studies, and occupations that we can now only dream about.

    Dr. Aubrey de Grey, a Cambridge University geneticist engaged in life-extension research, observes: “People with a good education and the time to use it never get bored today and can’t imagine ever running out of new things they’d like to do.” Even so, says God’s inspired Word, “mankind [will] never find out the work that the true God has made from the start to the finish.”—Ecclesiastes 3:11.

  38. You know that there will be immortality technology soon so shut the fuck up with the 'you're gonna die' bullshit

  39. Endless logical fallacies in the comments page. So I think I'll just leave this here:


  40. Sounds good but it's all wrong! Humanism has never worked. History teaches us that humans continually inflict suffering on themselves and eachother. Now many would blame religion on this suffering. I would agree that religion has caused much of this suffering. But it may surprise you that all religion is infused with humanism. In as much as the purpose of religion is man centered and motivated by making ourselves happy this is nothing but a form of humanism disguised.

    The truth is that there is good and there is evil. There is God and there is rebellion against God. To choose God is to chose good. To rebel against God is to chose evil. The Bible teaches us that we are all living in rebellion against Him until we submit to His authority. To do this we need to humbly admit that we have made a mess of things and He only is good and we are not. We can thereby enter into an individual relationship with God by accepting that Jesus Christ died and paid the penalty for our sin. This is not religion. This is a relationship. When we submit to Him and live for His purposes than it is not our happiness that we seek but it is God's pleasure we seek.

    Humanism is wrong at it's very core because it must deny the creation. If there is a creation then there is a creator. If there is no creator then we're left with only the belief that the natural world we live in came into existence on its own. This belief goes against science and common sense (do your own research on this). God has revealed himself in various ways from the beginning of time through nature, history, the prophets, Jesus and those who are his children – those who properly represent Him.

    God has a plan to make everything perfect and we can chose to be part of His plan.

  41. There IS life after death. Here's the thing; if when the end comes and I discover there really is no God, no, heaven, no angels, no New Jerusalem, then…well, I have really lost nothing at all because I have spent my entire life believing and worshiping and trusting in God. However, if I find I am right and there is indeed a God, then all the unbelievers will lose EVERYTHING. Someone below posted something like, "Hell is just a lot of partying…" etc., etc. I would certainly give that some more thought. I suppose my comment will draw an explosion of attacks on my beliefs and opinion, well… that's fine. Whatever you think. But my faith is very strong. I am not a "happy, clappy Christian" as Mr. Bopp states below. My biggest fault is that I care for others. That's what faith is.

  42. I've accepted that one day I will die and I'm ok with this. However, I wish to live as long as possible. I'm not saying I'm afraid death I just want to experience as much as possible. I hope to see 100. I hope to see the first man on Mars. I hope to visit outer space. I hope to finish my book, my music, become a game OST creator. There's a lot in this world I want to do and even though I'm not afraid to die, I'm more afraid of leaving the world with unfinished business I suppose.

  43. I have been looking into hundreds of ndes and from what people say is that our energy just moves into a different realm. We do not die. Check out Dr Moodys book life after life.

  44. Disingenuous and wholly without merit.
    Why would I believe any of this? Death is the end of all? Where is your evidence for such a claim? Do good for it's own sake? Sure, what is good? Don't do evil, what is evil?
    The atheist canot give any coherent and consistent answer for his worldview, let alone the 'humanist'.

  45. Couldn't you say that there is an "afterlife" in the sense of the transformation and continuation within nature?

    Granted, you as a self don't continue on, but this self is only an idea, a thought of me as something separate, or in addition to life.

    If one is innately linked, how is one added or taken away? There's only change in nature. Clouds don't get "added" and then "subtracted" when the cycle of water involving them goes one way or another; they're merely coming and going phenomena in a framework. Our organisms are entirely the same, but the cycle of course is far more complex. We're talking scales that involve evolution, natural selection, abiogenesis, and even the death of stars.

    Perhaps the complexity that we are gives us a hard time to see the "circle of life" apply to us in a unified way as we see it in nature. Our feelings of individuality are our source of divisions, where we think we exist standalone. Once you deeply understand the looseness of these divisions, you see the interconnectedness.

    Besides, if there is no outside God, how is there an outside self? We're talking of a reality that is innately self-organising. What you really are is more of this fabric, this "base" than some outside observer to it.

  46. No!  Death is not inevitable.  Technology will make it possible to live indefinitely, maybe forever, if mankind is not destroyed.  This narrator is not considering any future technology that counters what he says.

  47. hello . why do a lot of these humanists have psychologists . the main ones in briton all seem to be part of some acting cliche and all pretend to be clever . really they are just imploding in their own self importance .

  48. reincarnation.. my part become the air, water, and what people eat. And some part of me become their children, and children's children. Some other become another someone's children so I am everywhere, everything, including you. The chair that you use to sit.
    , the table, foods used to be a person or anything. What we experience as an individual is merely an illusion. And I am also constructed of people's part of life. Inheriting each of their traits by just a little.

  49. Well you actually don't live on, as poetic as that sounds, whatever constitutes you, the one living and aware and experiencing this life stops when you die..your bodily atoms of course transform and your mind, if you believe it to be a separate but living phenomena connected to the brain also dissolves into nothingness…and if you equate your mind with you, you as a person, then you also dissolve into nothingness…the memories that may persist with those you have met in life are not you, you are gone, you are no longer a "you" as I would be no longer an "I"…those memories are merely the thoughts of others about the person they knew, which actually may be quite inaccurate…so no you don't live on, according to this theory at least.

  50. Thing is, I could always pick up the book and read again, or buy another cupcake. Immortality sounds wonderful. Even if I were floating in the void of space for eternity, I'd be ok with that.

  51. It is written that love knows every star by name. Our job on this physical plane is to use this brief moment on the physical plane to accumulate as much light and warmth as possible so that we can become as big a bundle of light and warmth (star) floating in heaven (joy and beauty) as we can, after we drop the clothing of the physical plane. This is accomplished by appreciating this paradise planet lifeboat and the miraculous works of fine art called "life" that inhabit it. Worshipping ignorance (greed) extinguishes our light and warmth , so that we become the darkness and emptiness that surrounds the stars after we drop the clothing of the physical plane.

  52. yeah … it's a fairly logical view … but when you add in anthropic principles … strong or weak … and the measurement idea of reality … it appears we are more than smart apes…. does a butterfly create a flower by seeing it … so ok steven ..be like that.. but there is a lot of non-fantasy evidence for the persistence of being … Ian M Banks referred to it as subliming … joining a thought based reality with others that balance out .. think on Steven …. bet you believe a wee bit eh ? … eh ? … eh ? …. c'moooooon………

  53. 0:45…. "achievements" are represented as a no 1 award type trophy … that's shallow as a puddle in summer … most of my achievements weren't involved in a race ! ….. this is steven dumbing up for lesser intellects … fuckim

  54. what if … it were that if you thought you'd persist … you would … Folk that are resigned to absolute extinction .. would. your mindset might let you down…

  55. 0:30 .. well i can create an electron by looking for it so …. that is just nonsense steven …..Quantum physics iindicates that we create or own future …..read some Ian M Banks and stop the 'i know it all' act.

  56. infinity is fucking you up Steven …. frankly I and mathematicians are fine with it… so take that well versed defeatism to your short arsed grave …. and then say 'oh wow' ….

  57. Im so fucking scared of death right now, its so fucking terrifying. Im having shortness of breath, feeling like I wanna scream. One day I'll DIE and that fucking scares me. I wanna feel better but I don't know how. I also know that tomorrow I'll see an inflammatory post on Instagram and think about that for a bit before promptly returning to my death fears.

  58. I am a Muslim and I am so paranoid about death 💀 in a way how I cannot do anything for infinite years and this is helping to think my religion or any other religion is right

  59. You got it wrong in one place. Life is a mixture of happiness and suffering and what most people search is for happiness while what they should be really searching for is the meaning. You don’t even talk about it once.

  60. Very well. Now see this in context of existential threat posed by climate change to our entire species. How do I hope to live with my works when there is high probability that if not the species, the modern world as we know it will surely collapse in 100 years or so? The only solace is to enjoy the "now" as sustainably (wrt environment) and as authentically (wrt personal fulfillment) as possible.

  61. Fear of death is one of the only few strands that give religions it's power even in this information age.

    Religions prey on the weak by bribing them about false notions of an afterlife.

  62. There is mountains of evidence Stephen Fry; you just choose to ignore it , or turn it into something you can understand.

  63. We should think about death the way we're meant to. It's the wages of sin. Be made alive in Christ Jesus. He was the first fruit of the resurrection. Will you be included in the fruit of the resurrection??????

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