What Was Life Like? Episode 7: Tudors | Meet a Tudor Cook

What Was Life Like? Episode 7: Tudors | Meet a Tudor Cook

Oh I shall never be ready, I’ve got all this food to cook for the feast. Where are the eggs and the vinegar? Oh hello, well you must be my new apprentices, what’s your name? Olivia Adham Well, Mistress Olivia and Master Adham, welcome to Gainsborough Old Hall, my name is Thomas Griffin, and I am the cook here to Lord William Burgh. Now, we’re cooking a feast because there is a very important merchant coming from Lincoln. I’m actually making some special biscuits, for the banquet right at the very very end. So let me take those, and over there, put your clothes on. Ready and waiting That’s much better, well there’s lots to be getting on with so first thing, I need lots of breadcrumbs, so take a piece of bread and start breaking it up in to those bowls there. So what’s it like in the kitchen? It’s always very very busy we’re up very early in the morning and we can’t go to bed until Lord William has gone to bed as well, in case he wants something to eat and there’s always something to cook, there’s always things to be getting ready and preparing for the next day as well. I have to look after the kitchen, I’m in charge of everything, I talk to the merchants who sell me the food I make sure all the ingredients are ordered I roast, I boil, I bake, I fry, I do absolutely everything and make sure all the staff are doing it as well. What do you have for the dessert? So Lord William likes lots of sugary, spicy things so there will be dishes with fruit in there will be sweet wine from Spain and Portugal. I’ve made some roses using this mould and I have also made a coloured marchpane chess board and we can use little biscuits to move the counters around But what’s marchpane? Well marchpane is almonds, egg yolks and sugar, and you grind it all up and make it in to a sort of a doughy pasty like stuff. Oh marzipan. What do you use for the food colouring? Plants mostly, that’s why I’m chopping this parsley, that’s going to give us some green. And there’s some special bark from brazilwood or madder, that’s going to make us red and we even have a special kind of beetle called cochineal that comes in from overseas and that’s going to make a lovely pink colour I tell you what, there’s a job that you can help me do we can colour some marchpane to decorate the Shrewsbury biscuits for later on would you like to do that? Yes! First you need to pound the herbs in a pestle and mortar then we’ll add some water and a little vinegar or wine, and simmer gently over the fire to release the colour and make a paste. We then pour the liquid into a cloth or a mesh and we strain the liquid through it to make a fine dye and finally we are going to knead it in the marchpane. We are just going to roll the marchpane. If we cut a little bit off. Now, I want you to place that on there and give it a good squish down, that’s it. Very very good, now then if you gently peel it off and put it on the table That’s it, lie it down, and now we have the shape of the leaf. Now I’ll quickly cut around them. There we are. So now, take a biscuit each take a quill and just dip the end in the honey. Take the back of your leaf and now just paint a bit of honey on, that’s it. And now, glue your leaf on to the biscuit. So there we are, biscuits fit for Lord William himself or maybe Queen Elizabeth. Thank you for teaching us how to cook. Thank you for being my apprentices today.

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  1. It would be lovely to play chess on this edible board and eat the pawns taken ! Fun and delicious.

  2. Thomas Griffin is a delight! 🙂 lovely bloke with a lovely voice. Nice to meet him! Thanks for the vid

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    Heh, looks like somebody's already worried for Mrs. Crocombe. No worries, dear, the wonderful Avis Crocombe could hold her own with a bevy of Tudor cooks.

  4. So fun! Must have been back breaking work tho. That table is so low! Then leaning over the fire…we are sure spoiled now. Thankyou!🇬🇧👼😍🍯🍪

  5. You know, doing reconstitutions to explain how things would go/were done to kids would be a job I'd enjoy immensely. A good mix between a teacher and a guide, that's pretty awesome.

  6. Oh , how I wish I was a little child again ! .
    To be invited to do this would have been wonderful. (Well , it would be now ! )
    Absolutely brilliant EH , Thank you !

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  9. We’ve been betrayed. They’re trying to usurp Mrs. Crocombe’s kitchen with this medieval imposter! There can only be one English Heritage Kitchen Hero!

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  11. Remember the uproar when people found out that Starbucks was still using beetles as dye in the strawberry frappuccinos?

  12. I think they can befriend with Townsend and Ivy. They can surely make good delectable dishes together!

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  16. Fascinating, I hope you do more on this period. Life must have been back-breaking if you weren't a member of the nobility. On a related subject, as a Townsends YouTube fan, some of the cooking pots, pans, etc., look familiar. I'd be curious about the history of some of this stuff and how it developed differently in England over the years.

  17. Absolutely adored the seemingly regal feeling with this simple, Tudor kitchen. Please continue this as a miniature series of some sort! Much love

  18. I think this might be the channel with the nicest comment section on youtube. Everyone here (especially on the cooking videos) are so nice! I`m from Norway but I want to travel to England now.

  19. Oof I’m an American so I had to google what Tudor meant. Apparently it means the time span between the 1400’s to the 1600’s

  20. Went to gainsborough old hall on a school trip many moons ago. A pretend banquet was held so i got a feel for the real thing 500 years earlier.

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  23. I had to do a double take with a merchant from Lincoln! Funnily enough, I'm watching from Lincoln, in one of the university halls! How exciting

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