What You CAN’T Do With A Split Tongue

What You CAN’T Do With A Split Tongue

I’ve heard a lot of crazy theories about tongue splits over the years. Always from people who don’t have their tongues split – but that’s kind of how body modification is. It’s kind of an extreme sport and not a lot of people play but everybody seems to be an expert. So today, I’m gonna put some of these dumbass tongue split theories through some rigorous thorough scientific tests to prove just how dumb they really are because who are you gonna listen to a thirteen-year-old who uploads Fortnite videos or a guy with a split tongue? *Attractively moves tongue* (jazzy music) Okay first up – – and I feel like this takes a special kind of stupid – you can’t talk with a split tongue. Well let’s head into the lab and find out Yes. All right, next up and these get progressively less stupid, but this is still pretty stupid… You can’t eat with a split tongue. Let’s ignore the fact that I haven’t died of starvation and go test this All right this next one is kind of related to eating and I gotta say when people try and “educate” me they always sound really, really confident in this one. And I’ll be honest it almost sounds believable sometimes. It’s-its close. It’s close. It messes with your taste buds. We’re gonna get real scientific with this one and we’re gonna do a blind taste test to prove that it does NOT affect your sense of taste in ANY way. *Liquid pouring* Apple Juice. Pepsi. Mountain Dew. Over the last ten years or so of having my tongue split I’ve been asked some really dumb questions. And I’ve heard some really crazy theories about how cutting your tongue in half somehow makes it less able to do normal tonguey things and the truth is there are actually two things that I used to be able to do that I can’t do anymore Blowing a bubble with bubble gum *blows and spits* And whistling with my fingers Both of things that I don’t miss very much, but I guess you could argue that that’s a negative impact. It’s things that I could do before that I can’t do now. So, maybe there’s some merit to the crazy thing people say on the Internet or maybe you shouldn’t take Anatomy lessons from YouTube comments! So please if you have any more dumb questions about tongue splits I really don’t want to hear it. You know what though… do-do leave them down in the comments though I-I do I do kind of want those… *More jazzy music* You know we do this for science. Oh, yeahhh That looks like poo water! Minty…

100 thoughts on “What You CAN’T Do With A Split Tongue”

  1. Does splitting tounge stop you from being able to "wolf whistle"?
    Which is whistling loudly without your fingers

  2. Maybe its not a dumb question but imma ask it anyways.When you for the first time split your tongue,how does it feel?

  3. Dont believe him his tongue (WHICH IS OBVIOUSLY MOST CERTAINLY VERY MUCH SPLIT) is saying wrong stuff so u and your tongue convert to the dark split tongue society to recruit for the army of split tongues to fight for split tongueishness across the world I'm 13 and my uncle gave me meth good night and thank you

  4. OcO this is something I also take a interest to I find many things about people interesting different kinds of eyes, things like tattooed eyes (like yours), all of those things but this case seems a different kind if interesting. Intriguing maybe? I don’t know.

    Can you do things like twist your tounge basically wat kinds of things can you do when it comes to tricks.

  5. This video is almost 2 years old and I had less than 10,000 subscribers when I made it. PLEASE don't subscribe if you only want to see more videos about my tongue split because this is it. I don't make videos about this topic, and the thousands of subscribers I gain every month who aren't interested in anything else are killing my channel. Thanks <3

    Feel free to follow my other socials, I'm far more likely to post tongue stuff there:

  6. I have a dumb question when your tongue is split can you move both on there own like you have on half going up and the other going down or no

  7. There’s one thing I notice word with an s sounds like a snake when he takes lmao YeSSSSS SSSplit tongue SSStupid

  8. Can you independently move both sides of your tongue? I’m just wondering, because if so then that would be cool.

  9. I've always wanted to know this not trying to be rude in any way shape or form but does it hurt to get it split or does it hurt just in general I just wanted to know sorry for asking

  10. Wait wait wait so in real life I don’t have a splitted tounge but I can do the flower tounge so if I had a splitted tounge I would be able to NOT do it then the flower tounge

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