What’s Cooking 😋| Hotel Transylvania | Disney Channel

What’s Cooking 😋| Hotel Transylvania | Disney Channel

(Recording of crowd cheering) It’s time for… Hey, Monsters, What’s Cooking? Which one of our
dreadful contestants will be our next
What’s Cooking champion? Oh gosh! MAVIS:
Will it be Wendy? (Belching) (Yelping) Let the best chef win
in the most fair, and fun, non-competitive
competition ever!(Crowd booing)MAVIS:
Or will it be Pedro? (Flatulence) You’re going down,
bubble breath. (Belching) (Coughing) (Audience laughing) Well, since you put it that way,
dead mummy walking! (Gulping) Or could it be Hank? (Yelping)
Fire! Fire bad! Fire bad!
Fire bad! Fire bad! Fire bad! Yeah, maybe not Hank. (Audience laughing) Today’s extra-special special
ingredient is fresh, local, organic and
sustainable… (Drum roll sounding) …Cerberus hairballs! (Growling) Contestants,
start your spatulas! (Panting) (Panting) (All straining) (Sighing) (Laughing) (Groaning) (Bell dinging) Okay, enough of that.
Time’s up. (All sighing)Let’s get to the judging.And no monster is more
judgey than my Aunt Lydia.
Am I right?(Audience laughing) (Growling) Whoa. Tough crowd. It tastes like hairball. Yay! That’s the total lack of
flavor balance I was going for. Mmm. This one tastes like…
hairball. It is what it is. Mmm… I’m detecting
hairball, of course, but also tangy notes
of moldy toe cheese and flop sweat. The winner! Yes! (Cheering)Until next time,
What’s Cooking Fans,
let the drool rule!(Coughing)

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  1. Mavis' Aunt Lydia maybe scary but she's still the most beautiful monster ever. Next to Oona from Disenchantment, they are my favorite monster ladies.

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