What’s Cooking? USDA Mixing Bowl Recipe — Stuffed Bell Peppers by Chef Carla Hall

What’s Cooking? USDA Mixing Bowl Recipe — Stuffed Bell Peppers by Chef Carla Hall

Hi, I’m Chef Carla Hall and I’m here with… Ashton! Ashton was telling me that he is trying to
make healthier choices at school. And, so Ashton. What are some of the things you like
at school? Uh, well, I really like the veggie quesadillas and the chicken stir-fry that they have at my school. Oh, that sounds so good. So do you cook at home? Uh, a lot. Yeah. I have four siblings, so
I have to cook for them a lot. Oh, my gosh. So, what would you say if I am going to show you something that is healthy for you to make for yourself and your siblings? That sounds delicious. Alright, so I’m going to show Ashton how
to make a stuffed bell pepper. You can use any kind of peppers. And then one of the things
that the schools use are fresh ingredients, local produce because it’s fresher and it’s
also cheaper. So, in this recipe we have five peppers. But,
I want to show you the secret to actually cutting the tops off the peppers. So when I take my knife, I just cut through
the flesh. I don’t go all the way to the seeds. So there’s that little hat. And actually, I may have you do this. Stick your thumb in there and just lift the entire thing out open. Look at that. See, all of your seeds are right here. So, then what we’re going to do is just pick out this. These ribs like that and
then it’s ready. See? Yup. Easy-peasy. And then, what I’m going to do here is actually
cut out the seeds because we’re going to need this lid to put on our peppers. So, we’re going to do that to all of them. Ashton and I working together. We got all
of the peppers done in little to no time, so now they’re all ready for us. The next step we’re actually going to do
is mix our filling. And here I have a pound of lean ground beef. And then what we’re
going to do is take three-quarters cup of brown rice. Now will you mix this for me? Sure. So that goes in there. It is uncooked brown rice right into the bowl. And then we have our half a can of low-sodium tomatoes diced.
That goes into the bowl. So mix that up really well. And now here comes the fun part. All of the seasonings and the things that make this dish really delicious. So, we have three tablespoons of lemon juice that goes in. That’s going to add a little bit of acid. Now Ashton, this may surprise you, but I want you to smell this. Mmmm. Do you know that? Allspice. Yes, so you have a quarter of a
teaspoon of the allspice. And then smell this. Cinnamon. Cinnamon. Exactly. Yeah, I bake a lot, so I use that a lot. So, we have a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon. This is really going to make this dish feel like you are travelling. And then a little bit of black
pepper, so that goes in there. So mix all of that up. It’s already starting to look really good. Alright, so let’s start filling the peppers. Perfect. We fill them right up
to the top. Just enough for our five peppers. And then that goes into the pot. Now what I’m going to have you do is pour some water in. We want about an inch of water. This is
going to help our peppers cook. So, we’re going to put the lid on these and then we’re going to take it to the stove, cook it on medium for about thirty to forty minutes. Ashton, it’s time. Ooh, delicious. That’s
the thing about cooking together. You have to wait. All those smells. Alright, so the
moment of truth. Ah. Okay, so let’s taste our handiwork. Mmm. Right? Mmm. You taste that allspice?
Cinnamon. Yes. We made something delicious. Delicious and healthy. Alright, if you want to do more of this like
we’ve just done, check out USDA’s What’s Cooking? Website. And I hope you’re inspired and I hope you’re also inspired to go to the Farmers Market
and to eat seasonally.

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