What’s Cooking With Kimberley: Detox Soup

What’s Cooking With Kimberley: Detox Soup

Hi, I’m Kimberley Locke and welcome to Cooking With Kimberley.
Just like you I struggle with weight loss issues. You
know, I’m always trying to eat the right thing, I’m always trying to start over again or
I’m trying to get unstuck. Well today I’m going to share one
of my favorite recipes with you that is going be an awesome starting
point for you. it’s my detox soup. It’s very simple, it’s fast and its inexpensive to make. The
ingredients that go in the soup are very simple. You’ve got olive oil, onions, chopped cabbage. Cabbage is hearty and
it’s very filling. Carrots which we all know we gotta eat our carrots, cuz they’re good for your eyes. You learn that in kindergarden people. Low sodium chicken stock. The reason why you have to use low sodium is because you don’t want or need
the extra salt. Salt makes you bloated. I know if I look
salt, I get swollen so don’t add any extra salt into
your diet. Celery salt is a great substitute so you can definitely use that in this
soup. You’re gonna use pepper, garlic powder for flavoring because we
all know that if it doesn’t taste good, I’m not
gonna eat it so even if you’re cooking healthy you
can still add flavor to your food, it doesn’t have to be bland. We’re gonna use, of course, water for our soup, and kale. Kale is like a super food. It’s packed with vitamins and for women what’s really important about
kale is that it has iodine in it. And iodine is great for regulating your
thyroid gland. The first thing you want to do it add not even a teaspoon of olive oil. I mean if you need more than that go
ahead but you should really need much more than that and don’t forget we don’t wanna add any extra fat into
this so… about half a teaspoon of olive oil will be
great. Then you just dump your onions in and now we’re going to take it over here to stove So you’re just gonna bring your pan over here with the onions…. put it on about medium heat and just let them start to cook and once they start cooking you’ll know because they’re gonna smell so good! Onions… I mean the smell in the house when you’re cooking onions, it’s amazing it doesn’t matter what you’re cooking. And you want to make sure you shake them up so that they don’t burn Do not burn the onions! If you’ve burned the onions you’ve ruined the soup. So you just let them cook for maybe five minutes for maybe five minutes on medium heat and make sure they get on medium heat. And make sure they get all nice and shiny with the olive oil and they’ll start smelling real good and you’ll know when it’s time to add
the other ingredients. These onions smell so good! So now we’re going to put with the rest of our ingredients in here… and you’re going to watch this soup really come to life. So I’ve got half a of
head of shredded cabbage so we’re going to put that in… and I’ve got my two chopped carrots, chopped however you like… it’s your soup, you can make it how you want. We’ve got our low sodium chicken stock; about a cup and a quarter… We’ve got… this is my favorite, celery salt! Probably about a tablespoon of celery salt there. Black pepper… to taste! I happen to really
like black pepper so this is probably about a teaspoon or a tablespoon. I don’t think I’ll use the whole thing. Then add a a tablespoon of garlic powder because we
all know if it doesn’t taste good we’re not going to eat it especially me! Then of course for water you
can add in about two and a quarter cups. Two cups and a quarter. Oh, and then our kale! The kale is one of my favorite things, I didn’t think I would like kale but once it’s cooked down, it gets all tender, it is really delicious it’s really good for you. Now that our
ingredients all put together… we’re ready to put this on the stove and get it going. You can see how this soup is really going to come together, it’s nice
and hearty. We’re going to put the stove on about medium heat leave it alone, you’re going to cook it for
about 30 minutes and you’re going to watch the grains get really tender and the broth will start to develop, you’re going to want to eat it right away… but I only have one rule with this
recipe. Once you put the lid on it don’t touch it! So I’m very excited
because we actually have a soup that’s already done
and it smells so good right now. This soup is really
good for you I mean you really can’t go wrong… and it always
feels good when you do something good for yourself make yourself a healthy meal… go buy yourself a new dress… You know, it always feels good when you do something good for yourself. So let’s see here… I am going to I’m going to have a little taste before I add anything, I actually… like to taste it just to see if it needs… if it needs anything. I’m going to be honest with you… it’s pretty
darn perfect! *laughter* Don’t you love it when you cook something and it’s just so right? But I am going to add a little parsley. I’ve got salt and pepper here as well but it
doesn’t really need it. But I do like a little fresh parsley. And that should add that little flavor that you love. I just love the kale and the cabbage.. and the carrots see that? So good! This soup is simple, it’s easy and it’s healthy for you. If you want to jump start your program, this is
the way to start. With the detox soup. I’m Kimberley Locke and I approve this soup. *laughter*

15 thoughts on “What’s Cooking With Kimberley: Detox Soup”

  1. I am eating a bowl of this soup now, it's great! I wonder if it would change the "detox" quality of the soup if I added a can of low sodium tomatoes? though I would eat it like this either way!!! Thanks for sharing Kimberley!

  2. My house smells amazing because of this recipe! I'd never had kale before and you are right, it's delicious! I will be making this soup for years to come!

  3. Absolutely! The best thing about cooking is making it your own! Besides, tomatoes are loaded with potassium and magnesium! Just make sure to get low sodium. Tomatoes themselves don't have much sodium, but canned tomatoes often contain a lot of salt as a preservative.

    Glad you enjoyed the recipe! Don't forget to subscribe, we are filming more episodes over the next couple weeks! πŸ™‚

  4. Part of the fun of cooking is adjusting the ingredients to your liking. If cabbage isn't your thing, you could add some chard and/or turnip greens with the kale. πŸ™‚

  5. It turned out great!! And it tasted even better than I thought it would πŸ™‚ I'm going to defiantly make it again soon for sure!!! Much Love to you Kim!! <3

  6. I will definitely try this soup! Several years ago, I lost 95 lbs and I have to give a soup similar to this a lot of the credit. I always tried to have some on hand. It saved me so many tines!

  7. Starting my next 30 Weight loss group on January 1st! You can find all the details on my website at: http://www.kimberleylockeofficial.com/30-days-your-coach Hope to see you there. New year, better you!

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