30 thoughts on “What’s wrong with what we eat | Mark Bittman”

  1. People are not going to stop eating meat. However, millenials eat substantially less meat than their older counterparts. We are slowly moving towards a more common plant based diet. Any encouragement to eat less animal protein is great!

  2. Meat is fantastic for us, it contains all the amino acids that we require, plus B12 and iron, and more, it's natural. So what's the alternative? Tofu? It's not natural, but instead heavily processed, the decision is easy…eat meat and fresh veg/fruit, honey, nuts and seeds, drink milk for calcium and for animal protein.

  3. Poor argument. All scientists agree on global warming? Facts lady and gentlemen…crickets.. Do some research into HAARP systems and then you can see what weather/climate/global warming is all about. Misinformation as per usual progressive jargon.

  4. When you make the statement "every scientist agrees," you lose me at that moment. Not every scientist agrees. Every, on any topic, no, they don't, and they never have. So don't treat us like we're stupid. I think you have a lot to say, and I would probably agree with most of it, but if you can't get past using that generalization, I won't listen.

    Shameful. Most of the TED series is so good. This was not.

  5. One interesting connection he didn't make but gave the evidence for: when women stopped being housewives or cooking at home, it led to a domino effect which led to global warming. At some point in our history, we learnt the standard women should aspire to is men or to be like men. Maybe women are just different and should aspire to being something else. Maybe taking care of our next generation and stuff like that is more valuable than making money, who knows.

  6. He needs to re-do his talk. "Global warming" has been proved to be nothing but a pack of lies. Climate change? Probably, but not because of anything humans are doing (or have done). The earth is a living thing. It changes constantly, albeit sometimes more slowly.

  7. Climate change proven by every scientist who wants to keep a job, and any scientist that disagrees has no job or grants. No need to watch more than 2 mins to work out hidden globalist agenda

  8. Okay, so maybe I'm a Vagitarian – That's on me. But if you're gonna eat meat (I have for most of my life, and who knows if I'll go back), just make it less awful. Don't eat a bunch of it, and when you do, make sure it's coming from quality.

    Factory farms just won't do, man.

  9. Global warming Gaia Terra Earth is Dying Heal Plant Kingdom Mineral Kingdom Insect Kingdom All Animal Kingdoms Sea Kingdom value and respect All Life Waste nothing , Sea level Dropped 200 Feet ,how is this? Is this So? Slaughtering them in hellish conditions, I MUST Change! Locovour sounds like you eating like a Train Locomotion

  10. Oh another pro vegan talk LOL! More bacon for me ! The rubbish USDA food pyramid was written by an unscientific vegan staffer on the 1977 McGovern commission which has made the US population sick and spread its nonsense around the world !

    Rice Growing Emits More Methane as Climate Warms


    Increased greenhouse-gas intensity of rice production under future atmospheric conditions
    Kees Jan van Groenigen, Chris van Kessel & Bruce A. Hungate
    Nature Climate Change volume 3, pages 288–291 (2013) doi:10.1038 nclimate1712


    Where Are The World's Hotspots of Climate-Induced Food Insecurity?


    Wheat, one of the world's most important crops, is being threatened by climate change
    By Chelsea Harvey


    Why All Humans Need To Eat Meat For Health

    Agriculture contributes to climate change both by anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases and by the conversion of non-agricultural land such as forests into agricultural land.[5] Agriculture, forestry and land-use change contributed around 20 to 25% to global annual emissions in 2010.[6]


  11. ALL the predictions from 10 years ago, like no more snow, did NOT come true. Now that loon AOC tells us we only have 12 years left. LMAO! You simply parrot the left's talking points on climate change. It's so damn stupid, we must fight climate change. We can't stop climate change, it has always been changing and always will. It's a goddam scam. I have two AS degrees in digital electronics and communications. I was database administrator for state of California for 20 years. Finally, I'm done with you … troll!

  12. There has been a long long time since I've heard these many lies before! A lot of times, it's just non-scientific citations, but the worst part was to hear plain lies like "we don't eat animal products" (around 4:20 into the video). Why do vegans need to by B12 to supplement their diet? Because every single human will die on a pure vegan diet if they don't cheat (buying B12 at a local pharmacy is a modern way of cheating and buying a supplement that is only available naturally in animal-based foods). Also, why do vegan have a higher incidence of cancer and are almost always malnourished?

  13. Only the plants are LOADED with Round Up. I was eating a real whole foods diet, but I didn't know it was loaded with Round Up until it perforated my gut.

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