[#WhatToWatch] (ENG/SPA/IND) Son Ho Jun&Nam Joo Hyuk Eating Braised Short Ribs Beautifully | #Diggle

[#WhatToWatch] (ENG/SPA/IND) Son Ho Jun&Nam Joo Hyuk Eating Braised Short Ribs Beautifully | #Diggle

[What To Watch] [Three Meals a Day]
(The kids are drawn to the smell) (The beauty of waiting
Cooking braised short ribs) – [Ho Jun] I’m hungry
– [Seung Won] I’ll leave this open (It seems to have boiled down a lot) Wow, it looks good Didn’t you tell us on
the first or second day? “I’ll cook you braised short ribs” (Kept his promise)
At the end [PD Na] Don’t look at him like that, Ho Jun [PD Na] You’ll eat soon, too You said you have to go on a diet Diets always start tomorrow (The braised short ribs
are more precious than life) [Seung Won] Of course
there are none leftover [♬ BGM “Couple” Playing ♬] Be careful or we’ll be in big trouble Seriously, we’ll be in big trouble (Finally, the braised short ribs are on the table)
[Ho Jun] That was scary 1, 2, 3! (They’re going to have their last dinner
on the good ol’ truck) I have to escort this at the front Look at him That’s hilarious – Are you escorting?
– [Ho Jun] I’m just looking No, you can’t Seriously! Man, these people! “I’m just looking” (Thank you for the food) (Feast in the countryside, braised short ribs)
Thank you for the food! – [Ho Jun] Thank you for the food
– [Joo Hyuk] Thank you for the food! [Hai Jin] Yum, it’s delicious! (Since it was cooked
for a long time with care) (the meat falls right off from the bone) [Hai Jin] It’s delicious! Wow, it’s delicious! (The meat-loving youngest is super excited) Oh, it’s really good! [PD Na] Is it worth the pain? Oh~ Of course It’s very rewarding (Even if there are no words) It’s good (looking at them eat feels rewarding)
It’s really good (‘Reward’ fills their mouths) (Joo Hyuk takes a spoonful of soup) (Mix mix) Look at him mix it with the rice [Hai Jin] Experts are different – Wow, this the best
– [Seung Won] Help yourself [Seung Won] Ho Jun and Joo Hyuk… [Seung Won] …eat so well [Hai Jin] Joo Hyuk, what was the most
delicious food you’ve eaten here? [Joo Hyuk] It was the boiled chicken soup [Joo Hyuk] It’s my forever #1,
the boiled chicken soup (Everyone remembers the delicious meal)
[Seung Won] Boiled chicken soup! [Hai Jin] Me too [Seung Won] You too? – [Joo Hyuk] Seriously–
– [Hai Jin] It was very unique I don’t think I’ll ever
taste it anywhere else [Seung Won] I’ll cook it for you The boiled chicken soup! In a way… this is what happiness is [Seung Won] Of course! Eating delicious food
with such great people It’s a big happiness

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  1. 밥 잘먹이는 예능이 최고야~~!! 먹는 거만 봐도 즐겁다
    일단 먹는건 최고 잘먹이는 손호준 단독 예능
    <나PD보다 악랄한 손호준 20년지기 실친들?? >

    EP.1 >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maask2uZqIk

    <'이거 몰카지?' 붕붕마블 2탄 투척!??>

    EP.2 >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grOrmYb8w6Q

    <볼링장에서 역대급 신난 손호준! 이런 모습 레알 초면;;>

    EP.3 >> https://youtu.be/gigjQuXuLKU

    호주니의 고생은 여기서 끝이 아니ㄷr….★

  2. 저렇게 모양 유지하면서 맛까지 있게 소갈비찜을 만든다는게 쉬운건 아니더군. 추석때 엄마가 한 갈비찜은 너무 부드럽게 해서 모양이 부스러졌지 뼈는 다 분리가 되고. 그치만 맛은 끝내줬지.

  3. 지금 여배우 버젼 삼시세끼에는 티격태격 대는게 하나도 없어서 그냥 예능이 아니라 다큐 틀어놓은 기분

  4. 이 멤버 진짜 잼섯는데.. 아재개그가 딱 이 프로를 설명함.. 진짜 순수해짐 이거 보면 ㅠㅠ

  5. 근데요 저런 갈비찜 la갈비로하는건가요 부모님이 갈비찜 먹고싶다고하던데 la갈비로 하는거는 아니라고하던뎅 la갈비로하는 갈비찜이 있는거는 아는데 la갈비말고 따른부위로 하는거라던데 혹시 어떤부위인지 아시나여 찾아봐도 안나와서여 ㅠㅠ

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