When Gourmet Gives Back: Creating A Food Scene In Bolivia

When Gourmet Gives Back: Creating A Food Scene In Bolivia

(gentle guitar music) – [Kamilla] We’ve been called
crazy a lot of different times by a lot of different people (chuckles). We were coming with something that nobody had ever
put on the table before, so people didn’t know how to react. My name is Kamilla Seidler. We’re in Bolivia in La Paz in Restaurant Gustu where
I’m the executive head chef. Gustu is a crazy restaurant
on a mountain (laughs). It started out as a small
culinary school project, and then we decided to go big. – [Narrator] Founded by
globally-celebrated chef, Claus Meyer, Gustu is a unique culinary
experiment in social outreach. The goal? Proving that food can do
more than just feed people. It can educate and inspire. One of the poorest
countries in Latin America, but with an abundance of
diverse and obscure ingredients, Bolivia seemed to be the
perfect spot to set up shop. – The idea of giving something
back in a developing country is where Gustu comes into the picture. – [Narrator] Gustu’s goal is to train a new generation of Bolivians to cook, prepare, and
serve high-end cuisine using only Bolivian ingredients. (speaking in a foreign language) – [Kamilla] Gustu’s not meant to be a typical culinary school. It’s meant to be a
learning-by-doing institute. Education needs to come with care. You can’t educate somebody
if you don’t care about them. (speaking in a foreign language) – [Kamilla] There’s a lot of potential, there’s a lot of energy, there’s a lot of pride. One of the big things we’re
doing is empowering people, yes. It’s a movement that
touches the whole society. (upbeat music)

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  1. As someone who's lived in Bolivia for many years, I can tell you that this approach is nothing new, as commendable as this project. There have been similar projects/restaurants in the past, and bolivian haute cuisine has existed for a long time.

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