100 thoughts on “Which Celebrity Has The Best Wings Recipe? • Tasty”

  1. But why everyone calling him "Asian girl" when he is definitely a guy
    Don't care what he want to look like he is a fucking male

  2. Gordon Ramsay: Imma make things easy for people by lollipoping the drumlets so ppl can hold them by the bone

    The non-asian girl: Imma hold these drumlets on the meat side

  3. (1:53)My favorite comment is the Asian girl saying there is no need for sesame seeds that's just pretentious or something lol.

  4. That Asian lady there, was she pretending to be a badass food critic? I really didn't like her attitude… Who brings such people

  5. This channel is annoying, it’s the most unaccurate test ever because they’re not making it the exact way that these people do, nor is the person themselves that actually created the recipe making it

  6. less then two minutes into the video i'm already scrolling down to see all the juicy comments on the annoying asian girl . youtube community you do not disappoint 😀

  7. I liked John Legend's recipe the best and I feel extremely disappointed with myself for agreeing with that pretentious try hard asian chick

  8. What I don't like about this series honestly is it takes some recipes that can be made in like 2 hours and put them up against recipes that have an entire day of prep time

  9. “There is no taste, but there is kind of a taste” da fuq you mean? That asian woman had the weirdest complaints that made no sense. She is the girl who sends food back when it’s perfectly fine.

  10. On behalf of all Asians, we do not condole our selfs with that women, I can assure you that we love all parts of the chicken equally

  11. Let that asian girl make her own wings then let her try it out, but dont tell her its hers. Lets see how she reacts

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