Which Type of Potato Is Best For Grilling, Mashing + Baking?

Hey Rachel. My name’s Pedro and I work at Rose’s Berry Farm in Glastonbury, Connecticut. A ton of people come into the farm to buy potatoes. I always get a lot of questions about which ones are the best for baking, frying, steaming, and mashing. Here I have a Yukon Gold potato. These are great for making a mash or hashbrowns. One of the most popular sellers on our farm is the purple potato. They can be baked, mashed, or grilled. Red potato has a thin skin that is edible. Works well as a potato salad or gratin. Fingerlings are my personal favorite. This potato varies in colors and can be made into a salad, eaten in a chowder, or just steamed or boiled. Thanks Rachel. (upbeat music) (audience cheering and clapping)

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