Who Can Bake A Better Cake – Pooja Dhingra vs Srishti & Shayan | BuzzFeed India

Who Can Bake A Better Cake – Pooja Dhingra vs Srishti & Shayan | BuzzFeed India

*terrified screams* Did you use ALL the butter?! In our cake?! What is this number? Why does she have a paintbrush? When did it start looking so good?! My name is Srishti. My name is Shayan. And, uh, we’re here today to bake. Hi, my name is Pooja Dhingra. I’m a pastry chef. I run Le15 Patisserie in Mumbai. Have you ever baked a cake? Literally never in my life. I’ve not even tried. I baked once… when I was 12. Uhh, it was not good. Because after I put it in the oven, it came out as a slab. I have been baking since I was six years old, and I started my business in 2010. Our competitor is Pooja Dhingra, who is a certified pastry chef. She’s like the polar opposite of what we are in the baking industry. We, on the other hand, are certified champions at eating cake. I know it’s a competition, but I think that there’s cake in the end of it, so we’re all winners. So today y’all will be making a cake in 90 minutes, and you have to make the best cake that you can possibly make. So are you guys ready?
– Yes The ingredients are here. You can start in three.. two.. one.. go! I forgot everything. I know what to do, we need this. *whispers* Just keep seeing what she’s doing.
-Ya ok. I’m that guy. She’s cutting butter. She’s smiling. I basically had picked a recipe that I’m very comfortable with. It’s something I make at home a lot. One that I know that is a sure-shot success and that people enjoy. My strategy is to make something edible. I am trying to uhh cut the parchment paper for… creating a base. So that uhh….
– That’s what professionals do. I’m not a very competitive person by nature. I enjoy doing my thing and I also enjoy seeing other people prosper. So I will be helping them out. Okay, guys. We have this basket. You have to use minimum two things from this basket, and incorporate it in your cakes. However you want it.
– Done I’m gonna use Milo inside the cake. I think it’ll go really well with the chocolate cake that I’m making, I think it’ll dissolve in really well and it’ll give you a nice, sort of malty flavour. This is not working!! Well I’m trying to like, make the lining for the thing. But it always comes out as not a circle. It looks like Australia. Do you wanna watch?
– No. Is this sugar?
– No, that’s sea salt. Just taste it, haan? Make sure it’s not baking powder. Are you trying to sass us? She’s started trash-talking! Her trash talk was great, like — Her trash talk was like insanely good.
– It was like she was saying such sweet things and we’re like yaaaaa.
– Very on point. But like, she’s like, “She’s trashing us.” So I’m pretty much done with my cake mix. I just have to add in the eggs and the flour, and it can go in the oven. Hi guys. Hey!
– How’s it going? How’s it going with you?! I’m almost done.
– WHAT?! You’ve played the role of a supportive friend really well today. Dude, you’re killing it ok? You’re doing so well right now. I’m so proud of you! I’m really proud of you! I’m really glad.
– *blubbers* I’m really glad. How many cakes have I baked in my life? I started baking when I was six years old, I’m thirty two now, so… let’s just say a lot. *crippling despair* So there might be some eggshell in our final product.
– It’s crunchier like that. Ya, it’s like a different type of cake which I make.
– Yeah! So I’m going to make my frosting, while they make their cake. Can’t do with sass!
-She’s just… She’s just trash-talking but she says it in such a nice way.
– Sassing is not a good work enviroment. I feel like, yeah. Yeah, this is not a positive work space. What was I doing? Mayo! Yeah yeah yeah. Mayo! Half a cup mayo. Half a cup?! Okay, so that’s a cup!
– This one. Did I just hear that right? It’s our secret ingredient. I saw them put mayonnaise in it, which you know, I normally don’t do, so I was a little creeped out by that in the beginning. So we’re thirty minutes in, and my chocolate cake is in the oven. I think it’s almost ready. Five minutes and it’ll be done. My frosting is ready and so while I’m waiting for them I’ve decided to make another cake. So I’m doing a vanilla and chocolate chip, sort of sponge cake. I had finished my first cake in thirty minutes and then I had a lot of time left, so I decided to make another cake. That was like the ultimate mindf*** When Pooja was like, “You know what? I think I’ll make another cake.” I’m very curious to… Can I?
– Yeah yeah. Don’t let it show on your face, whatever it is.
– Yeah just be… It’s not bad! The batter, I must say, actually tasted good. So we have put our cake in the oven. I can’t tell what it looks like right now. And we are preparing our frosting. No, that’s salt, dude. Have you put this in that, thinking that this is sugar? Shayan, did you put salt instead of sugar in our cake? It’s a maybe. It took us 90 minutes to make that cake, so it can’t be a maybe, give me a sure answer. You don’t believe in beautiful accidents? No, it’s not beautiful if that accident happened. Okay. I’m putting the Horlicks. The whole time, I knew that we are never even going to come close to whatever she’s making, so I was resigned, and I just wanted to make the best efforts, and for whatever to come out of the oven to be edible. It’s looking pretty good! It’s come up! What?! I’m feeling pretty confident, because now I’ve done everything I could. So at this point it’s in the cake’s hands, literally. The competition ended the second she announced that “Guys, I will make a vanilla chocolate chip for fun”. It’s like she came to give a Physics exam, and she was like, “Let’s give the Geography exam as well.” If I keep looking at it, will it take longer? Yeah, yeah, that’s how time works. In the last fifteen minutes, I think it was crunch-time,
we took the cake out of the oven, looked pretty dome-like, then it just started sinking rapidly, just like our dreams. Her cake went down like this. Our cake was just like — It’s done!
-It’s clean AF! It’s really done! So my second cake is ready for the oven. The best bad cake I’ve ever made. It smells also pretty decent. I think it’s — I think it’s good. I don’t know, but I think decorating it was the most fun. That was the most enjoyable part of the process. Now rotate, and go like CUT CUT CUT CUT CUT. I saw her do the same thing and it was very nice. I’ll show you, I’ll show you, it’s like CUT CUT CUT CUT CUT. By that time we were like okay, this might just work,
and then it was just sprinkles. Your whole elbow is in the cake. Yeah, it is. Bro.
-Twenty seconds. Bro! Yeah yeah yeah yeah,
go for it, go for it. Okay, done. Taste-wise, I cannot comment— we don’t know if it’s sweet, salty, sour, bitter. Who knows?
-It looks pretty decent, like it doesn’t look like a professional has made it, but — Looks like a really talented child. I’m super happy about my chocolate raspberry cake. I think it’s going to be great. It has a little bit of Milo inside, it has Silk on top, it has Nutties. It’s looking very beautiful. The vanilla chocolate chip is something that is comforting, and it’s not as pretty as the other one, but I’m sure it’ll taste good. I never expected for us to win. I just expected us to be able to make the cake happen, which is what he said. We just wanted a cake to be there by the end of it that we’ve made. And that was — Did a good-ass job on that, didn’t we?
– Did it really well. Do it again. I think this looks very fancy. Wow. It’s so good. It’s really good. I can’t get over it. It’s so colourful, it looks very attractive. Wow. It actually tastes good.
– It’s very crunchy. Umm… Very amateur. Wow. This one is super moist. I hate it. It has a weird taste in it, it’s salty, I don’t know. There’s something weird about it. This one, definitely this one. I like this one too. I love the taste of it. So I’d go for this one. And the winner is — Drum roll, please. *drum roll* Pooja Dhingra! What? Oh my god!
– Yayyy! Very well-deserved
– Did not see that coming But, like, yeah, congrats, Pooja. I feel like we had a really good shot going into — Obviously Pooja was going to win. But it was really fun to bake a cake! Yeah, amazing experience. It’s a lot of stress to do it in 90 minutes, but it’s joyous
– But I must say, great effort, guys, I think you did really good. Not bad. Kinda sour
– Kinda salty So now we know, that it in fact, was salt.

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