Whole Roast Pig Recipe | Blaze Professional Gas Grill Rotisserie | BBQGuys.com

Whole Roast Pig Recipe | Blaze Professional Gas Grill Rotisserie | BBQGuys.com

Hi, I’m Chef Tony Matassa with BBQGuys.com,
in this video we will be roasting a whole suckling pig on the rotisserie of our Blaze
Pro grill. Let’s get to it! We’ll start by mixing up the brine….. Over medium heat, stir in some sugar & salt
until completely dissolved. Next, add in some sliced lemon & orange. Here I have some sprigs of fresh sage, rosemary
& thyme. Now i’ll throw in some bay leaves, fresh
ginger, & diced garlic. At this point, you can turn off the burner,
we’ll let this steep for a really flavorful brine. Finish it off with some red pepper flakes,
and black peppercorns. Allow this to steep for about 20 minutes,
and it’s time to soak this pig! Pour the brine over some ice to make sure
it is completely cooled off before adding the pig. Then place your pig in the brine, and cover
well with ice to ensure it is completely submerged. You’ll want to brine for a minimum of 4
hours, if you have the time let it soak overnight like I’m doing with this one. While you wait on the pig to brine, it’s
a good time to pre grill some vegetables to have ready to serve as a side. Don’t worry about cooking the vegetables
until they are completely tender now, we will let them finish cooking in the drip pan while
the pig roasts. Once the veggies have some good smokey flavor
on them, just set them aside in the fridge for later. I’ll be cooking the pig on the rotisserie
of my Blaze 44 inch Professional Gas grill, you’ll want to remove the cooking grids
to get the most clearance possible. We’ll be putting the drip pan in the middle,
so go ahead and remove the center flame tamers & heat zone separators as well. Now, i’ll place smoker boxes over the far
left & right burners of the grill. I have two boxes filled with cherry & two
filled with Pecan chips. Set a drip pan on the middle two burners & we
are ready to prep the pig for the grill! The pig I have here is 21 LBs. you’ll want
to get one around this size to allow enough room for it to turn in front of the infrared
burner. I have the pork skin coated in bacon fat & i’ll
score it to help it crisp up. Season the inside with some kosher salt & creole
seasoning blend. I’ll put the recipe in the video’s description
if you want to make the one I am using today. I picked up a stainless steel U bolt & pipe
clamp from the hardware store to secure the middle of the pig to the rotisserie rod. You’ll want to secure that through the ribs
before you truss the pig. Now, use a large needle and some kitchen twine
to truss the belly of the pig together. Always remember to tighten the rotisserie
forks with some pliers so they stay put during the cook. Next, turn the far left and right burners
to medium low heat & fill the drip pan with some red wine & beef stock. For the first portion of the cook, I’ll
keep the rear infrared burner off. Use the burners under the smoker boxes to
reach an ambient grill temperature of 325 to 350 degrees for the first hour and a half
of roasting. Down here in Louisiana, a whole roast pig
is referred to as a Cochon De Lait, and is traditionally roasted over a pecan wood fire. From the looks of the smoke rising, this guy
will have some of that classic smoky pecan flavor. I’ll be using the drip pan mixture for basting,
so I’ll add a few sprigs of fresh rosemary and sage…. And Now for the secret weapon, a few spoons
of rendered bacon fat. I’ll go ahead and bast this cochon & let
him roast a little longer. Alright, it’s been about an hour and a half,
this little piggy is lookin good! I’ll go ahead and turn the far left and
right burners to low.. and light the rear infrared burner. It’s a good time to add the grilled vegetables
to our drip pan, so they can stew in the flavorful drippings. I reserved some bacon fat to baste my pig
with during this last portion of the cook, this will ensure that our pork skin gets nice
and crispy! It’s starting to smell like cracklins out
here! I’ll baste the pig one last time & let it
crisp for 10 more minutes. Alright, this guy is looking done, let’s
shut off the burners and check the internal temp to be sure. Once the internal temperature reaches 160
degrees, it’s time to let it rest for about 30 minutes with all burners turned off and
the lid closed. And now for the finishing touch.. Some aviators for when pigs fly! This, right here is my favorite part..the
crispy skin.. Delicious! Thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed it, please subscribe & check
out more of our videos. I’m Chef Tony Matassa, and remember at BBQGuys.com…
we smoke.. The competition!

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  1. Meat is eerily lifelike when it's in one whole animal-shaped piece. I half expected that pig to hop up and run off with that apple at the end lol.

  2. Nice video until you put sunglasses on it. Meat is precious, and you killed that thing for your table, so have some restraint and don't turn it into a clown. I'm thinking of native Americans, and whether they would have put sunglasses on the animal they just spent two days tracking and putting down. Don't think so. Is this where we are at when folks can just pick up 20 pound suckling pigs from the store?

  3. Woau, amazing… We will try to do it like this next time. For the first time we did it in this manner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dO1ily3j1oo

  4. I'm going to assume when you say you turned on the rear burner, you put it on high??? No mention is made about what temp the closed grill lid should read.

  5. and? Know this Vegans! The center portion, of our teeth, top & bottom, are designed by nature, to be 'flesh tearing.' So, nature says, it's OK, to eat meat!

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