Why People Go Bonkers Over Costco’s Chicken Bakes

Why People Go Bonkers Over Costco’s Chicken Bakes

You can count on two things when you visit
a Costco food court: ridiculously tasty eats, and ridiculously cheap prices. And you simply can’t talk about Costco’s food
court without mentioning the chicken bake one of the menu’s most beloved items. Necessity is the mother of invention, and
we can only assume that the invention of the chicken bake came about because there were
a bunch of leftover ingredients sitting around the food court kitchen. The chicken bake is sort of a cobbled-together
calzone; according to one former food court employee, the ingredients are nothing more
than pizza dough, Caesar dressing, chicken breast, bacon bits, and pizza cheese. The chicken bake is undeniably just a mix
of those other food court staples. If it weren’t for the pizza and the Caesar
salad, we may have never gotten to taste our beloved chicken bake. To whomever invented it, we thank you. If you’re a Costco food court connoisseur,
you’re no doubt familiar with their amazingly delicious pizza offerings, served with the
same perfect crust every time. It’s not too heavy, with just the right amount
of chew, and it’s right there in your chicken bake. But what makes it so good? According to a supervisor at Costco, it’s
all about handling the dough properly. In general, it can take up to 27 hours for
the dough to be ready to press. The importance of letting dough rest can’t
be overestimated; the result is a softer dough that’s easier to work with, which in turn
lessens the chance of overworked, tough dough. That rest period also gives the dough a chance
for it to develop its flavors and air pockets both good things. Maybe that nagging voice in your head is telling
you to order sensibly. If you skip the super cheesy pizza and go
for the salad, you might be better off, right? Who wants all that boring lettuce anyway? What that inner voice isn’t telling you, though,
is that a chicken bake is practically a Caesar salad. It’s got the chicken and the cheese and the
dressing from the Caesar, and the crust fills in for the croutons. And here’s the kicker: that chicken bake might
set you back 100 more calories than the Caesar salad, but it that salad has 15 grams more
fat. That’s right the chicken bake has less fat
than the salad. Have you ever purchased the Kirkland Signature
Chicken Bakes from the freezer aisle, only to be completely disappointed when you heat
one up at home? How can that be? Surely those Costco employees aren’t back
there whipping up fresh-made chicken bakes on the daily, are they? Turns out they are! And why not? As we’ve already learned, all the ingredients
are already in the kitchen anyway, and Costco isn’t known for slinging sub-par freezer eats. Sure, the frozen option is fine in a pinch,
but most will agree that they just don’t taste as good. As far as ingredients go, they look to be
about the same as fresh, with one obvious addition: green onions. Do green onions really have the power to throw
off that food court perfection? Maybe they do. Or maybe it’s Costco’s 600 degree ovens that
give the fresh-made chicken bakes that little extra something. We may never know. Typically, if a dish doesn’t have enough flavor,
or doesn’t taste quite right, what can you do to to bring all the best flavors forward? That’s exactly why there’s so much salt in
fast food it just makes everything taste better. Since the chicken bake tastes so darn good,
it’s not surprising to learn that it comes with 2,310 milligrams of sodium. To put things in perspective, it’s recommended
that healthy adults consume up to a maximum of 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day. In other words, you’re taking in more than
your day’s worth of sodium with just one chicken bake. Of course it’s going to taste amazing. Like most of CostCo’s food court offerings,
the chicken bake is reasonably priced. But for something with the heft of the chicken
bake, it remains a shockingly good deal. For just around $2.99 at most locations, you
get the equivalent of about five Hot Pockets. For most of us, it’s a two-meal event. It’s what we order when we’re starving and
also have starving children in tow. Even with the addition of a soda, you’re looking
at lunch for about $3.58. Where else can you get that kind of quality
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65 thoughts on “Why People Go Bonkers Over Costco’s Chicken Bakes”

  1. Zombie Apocalypse: Costco]

    surrounded by blood thirsty walkers yet still patiently waiting for my Chicken Bake

  2. How many times have you warned us about the unhealthiness of the chicken bake in your other videos? Maybe you should stick the name of your writers in the video or description, so that you don't sound like you're sending mixed messages.

  3. Never heard of it and I've been a Costco customer since the 1980s. My fave was the Hebrew National franks with mustard and sauerkraut … unfortunately, the Costco I shop at now changed the kosher brand for a non kosher and even their pizza has gotten soggy and greasy as all heck. Now i just limit myself to just my regular shopping.

  4. I never eat at any food court BUT tomorrow I am going to Costco to order for a 100 Birthday event my Mom and I really am going to go for a chicken bake. Thank you MASHED I also loved your video on 'how smoked salmon is produced' you do have great subjects.

  5. Those chicken bakes arent even all that. I'd stick to the $1.50 hot dog/soda & pizza with the berry sundae for dessert.

  6. Hey Costco! You need to have a food courts outside so that anybody can buy the food. Because I’m a single person and to pay for the Costco membership is way more than I would ever need… That way your food courts can thrive on their own. Otherwise you get locked out …you can’t get in and then a lot of people hate Costco!

  7. we call Costco (wholesale?) S&R (retail?) here in PH…and their Chicken Baked Roll seems like everyone's favorite here. cost 129 PhP or about $2.25. but in reality, it will only cost you half the price because the whole size can already be shared by 2 stomachs.

  8. I rather get a Wendy’s 4 for $4. It’s actually tasty and you get a decent amount of food for the price, sometimes I toss in an extra chicken sandwich for a $1 and then I’m really full, all for around $5 and some change, can’t complain for that price.

  9. I debated the hotdog deal. Then I blurted out the chicken bake. It's like a crispy chicken calzone. It is delicious. ✌

  10. I wish this channel would stop popping up in my recommended. “Lets suck every restaurants dick so we get sponsor money” the only people who watch this are fat anyways.

  11. Mashed
    At a Gordon Ramsay restaurant: This food is ok, nicely seasoned, but not the best thing I’ve had

  12. why is costco not open late what if i want a slice of pizza and a berry smoothie and a churro at 10pm

  13. I haven't been to Costco in like 7 years and never seen chicken bake just hot dogs and pizzas i switched to Sams Club a long time ago lol ima check it out now

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