World Famous Culinary Leaders Praise ICE Graduates

World Famous Culinary Leaders Praise ICE Graduates

I think if you want to be competitive in the
industry, you’ve got to go to culinary school, learning all the fundamentals slowly in a
classroom and not on the fly in a restaurant. There are many times when a student can go
to a small program or to a school that maybe doesn’t have the type of faculty that ICE
has, but you can really see it in their knife skills right when they come into the kitchen.
The instructors at ICE are chefs that have worked in some of the greatest restaurants
in the country, so they’re bringing that home-grown intensity to the students.
They kind of hit the ground running when they come out of the school. They’re above the
curve with the other schools that are out there. New York City is the city that never
sleeps and it’ll chew you up and spit you out if you’re not ready for the pressure.
Because they were trained in New York, they don’t get too star struck when they get
into a fast-paced kitchen. It’s a very, very intense program. So, you
get in, you get out, and then you’re professionally cooking as soon as possible.
I love working with ICE graduates. They’re very focused, they’re very passionate and
determined, because they very often left another field to come into culinary.
And when you get people that have life experience on top of starting a new career, then you
get those layered and complex people that really enrich the food industry.
And they’re well prepared. They have vigor. They’re excited to be in the kitchen or in
the dining room. In all my restaurants, I depend on a lot of
young students. And ICE is one of the schools also we favor a lot.
Well my sense about alumni of ICE is that they should all work for us, instead of only
some of them working for us. I know Danny Meyers is trying to cherry pick
all the good students, but you know, once in a while the ball drew, but the ICE students
always do a spectacular job. We’re always very impressed with their backgrounds, their
education is always very prominent. A student going to ICE wants to be a great
chef. They give them the tools to make those steps possible.
There’s so many new techniques in the kitchen, whether it’s Sous-Vide Cookery, whether it’s
Immersion Circulators, things that have been maybe not always taught, are now being taught
at ICE. And so, this is very key, so when a student comes into the kitchen, they already
have a grasp. By being exposed early on in your education
to so many different modern techniques and equipment, I think a lot of students don’t
have to wait the years to be exposed to different things later on, and they can find their true
calling early on. My first impression of the new ICE facilities,
I’m blown away. It’s absolutely stunning. It’s completely state-of-the-art. It’s like
no other culinary school that I’ve seen in terms of the technology, the space, the layout.
The new space ICE is great. The views, the light, the air, it changes how you learn.
You could just see everybody’s walking a little differently and moving a little quicker.
The chocolate room, oh my God, that is like state-of-the-art.
ICE is really a think tank with all the new facilities that they have at the school, whether
it’s the hydroponic facility or the chocolate lab, and so therefore, they already have a
head start when it comes to other students going out of culinary school.
They’re doing a lot of the new molecular cooking. They’re expanding their horizons beyond the
classics. And there’s a whole world out there and the fusion of cuisines is much more refined
than it was 20 years ago, and they’re really looking at that and capturing that.
Find your culinary voice at ICE. At ICE.

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  1. Hello, I am searching for the commercial from the early 2000s around the time the school was renamed to Peter Kump's New York Cooking School. Is it possible that it's in some archive somewhere? Please let me know. Thank you in advance!

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