100 thoughts on “World’s Best School Lunch ★ ONLY in JAPAN”

  1. A few days after you posted this video, I showed it to a class of fourth graders in the United States, and they loved it, especially seeing the differences between here and schools in Japan.
    Keep those videos coming! They are wonderfully informative and provide an easy way to learn interesting things about Japanese culture.

  2. いつも見てます(*´∀`*)





  3. I went to preschool in Japan, I wish I remembered more from it but from what I do remember it was really cool! Sometimes in recess they’d let us swim in a pool

  4. Ha, I mustn't show this video to my children because they would say: "The old man never ate vegetables when he was a child, yet he has lived to sea 97 years of age, and mom, you keep telling us vegetables are vital!" – I wouldn't have a response to that… lol.

  5. Why can't japanese eat something else other than whale such a beautiful creature is on verge of extinction

  6. 60%= omggg Seiichi is 96 years old but he looks soooo young🤯😮
    39%= i wish my school could be like that😔
    1%=im hungry

  7. Ukraine also has one of the best healthy lunches in its school system for kids and students, very similar to Japan.

  8. School lunches here in California are sometime good or bad. At my school a lot of times the lunches are terrible. Except for only these.
    – chicken bowl
    Mashed potatoes, corn, cheese. Breaded chicken
    – mozzarella sticks
    Bread sticks literally oozing with cheese
    And that’s it

  9. My mum couldn’t afford much so we at a school lunch and although 99 percent of the food was fantastic the only one item I didn’t like was there mashed tatties, there wasn’t much if any salt in them and yeah. I know too much salt is bad for you but this was the60s and 70ts, oops I forgot to mention tapioca or as we called it in Aberdeen frog spawn

  10. 3:56
    So you have to eat everything? What if you had allergens to any of the food, or what if you were lactose intolerant?

  11. Who eats in the classroom!!?? Should have atleast been a replica diner hall or something………

    My bad i just got to 3:50 and it answered my question lol.

  12. I remember when I went to Japanese school and was amazed by the school lunch it was a step up from cardboard pizza and tasteless apples

  13. Meanwhile in America we have some plastic Mac and cheese, some hard bread , vegetables that taste like nothing and don’t forget the rock hard smiley face French fries

  14. No duh it’s good in my opinion every Japanese food is good! Sushi is my fav! American school lunch is bad… GO JAPAN 🇯🇵

  15. How it should be in the states. 25 to 99.9 % are over weight lil lards. Most are the parents fault though.

  16. Here in indonesia we must buy the food, some good some bad and some students like to bring their own food

  17. The school lunches look like a lot of carbs for the low calories. Healthier than a lot of American schools, to be sure. I'm American, and I eat healthy. No refined sugars and starches, no deep fried, but definitely no dried fish or seaweed. Matter of choices within opportunities. Why the buildings in this all so dark? They prefer few windows?

  18. America lunch: HAMBURGER, chocolate/normal milk, fruit

    Japan lunch: CURRY, milk, Softmen and much others

    I live in America, trust me I starve at school

  19. I love the fact that they cant choose their food or waste it. Absolutely love it. Japan does this so right.

  20. Wait $40 – $60 USD per month for a near restaurant quality fresh lunch in your school?! Many elementary school students in North America spend that much every 2 weeks or every month on vending machines and snacks. Japanese school students get wholesome meals while North American school students get sugar rushes and confectionary convenience. Glad one country, such as Japan, has their priorities straight while the rest of the world battle childhood obesity.

  21. see how respectful he was. still kept his hand behind while speaking to other. 96 years and still in full discipline.

  22. Parents pay for their kids food… The way it should be… So many entitled people in the USA demand their kids food be free…

  23. I don't agree anyone should have to eat what they don't like. I'd end up never leaving the cafeteria if that's the rule.

  24. I have been really excited to try this place since I saw you video. I finally planned my trip to Japan, and noticed this place is permanently closed. 😥I cant believe it. So bummed, I wanted to try that softmen noodle and anpan sugary bread.

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