Would You Rather Smoothie or Deep Fry the McDonalds Menu? | Would You Rather | Cut

Would You Rather Smoothie or Deep Fry the McDonalds Menu? | Would You Rather | Cut

– Hi, I’m Dietrich.
– And I’m Daniel. – And we’re playing Would You Rather? – Oh, I hope this isn’t horse semen. Cheers!
(glasses clinking) (upbeat synth music) (both gagging) – Bring the bucket! (retching) ♪ I’ll tell you all the secrets
after this vial of truth ♪ Take the cup, take the cup! (Daniel laughs)
– Take the cup. (vomiting) – [Director] Would you
explain the show to me? What do you guys know about it? – We’re playing a series of
Would You Rather scenarios. They’re gonna be like, “Hey, would you rather
do this horrible thing, or this horrible thing?” We gotta, as a team, figure
out which one we want to do. – Figure it out, as a team.
– Yeah, yeah. From what we’re told, we’re gonna get a really cool prize. – Yeah! Which otherwise, I don’t
know why we’d be doing this. – [Director] There is a way to lose. If you guys don’t choose
the Would You Rather option, that the internet chooses,
you guys don’t get the prize, and have to do the other Would You Rather. – So if. – Wait, even if we do both of ’em, we still don’t get a prize? – [Director] Your prize is
doing the second option. – Oh, fuck you! – [Director] All right, are you guys ready for your Would You Rather? – I guess, yeah. – [Director] All right, here you guys go. – Would you rather drink a smoothie made of everything off the McDonald’s menu or deep fry everything
off the McDonald’s menu? (Dietrich groans)
Oh God. – The whole?
– This is gonna be bad. There’s, okay, there’s 20 breakfast items, there’s six burgers, and then. – Oh, they have salads too? – Okay, I’m getting nauseous
just thinking about it. (Daniel gags) – [Dietrich] I mean honestly. – I don’t wanna puke from
flavors being disgusting, I’d rather puke from over consumption. – As far as volume goes,
eating all of that food would be difficult fitting
it inside of our stomachs. – [Woman] Exactly, exactly. Just would be better to drink it. I think you’re just gonna be
able to digest a lot better because it’s broken down
for you and that’s great! – And that’s kind of the issue
that I’m having right now, is that I’m pretty much drinking vomit. – Mm-hmm.
– [Woman] Right. – [Director] So did you
guys make a decision? – Yeah we made a decision. – [Director] What is it? – We’re gonna do the smoothie. – [Director] Whoo! (bottle popping) – Fuck yeah. – Hi there, I have
somewhat of a large order. – So can I have, gosh. Can I have all of the
food items from the menu? – [Congregation] Yeah! – They are very accommodating, I was really expecting to take more. – Yeah.
– Oh, everything? Ok. Does this happen often? Where you get such a big order? Really?
(descending whistling) $154.20 So when I looked at the
menu, there was at least four, six options we didn’t even count so we’re close to 80. – [Congregation] 80 items. – Jesus Christ, that’s a lot. (sighing) (techno drums) – [Daniel] This one appears
to have caramelized onions or just old-ass onions. – [Off-Camera Man] Shove those in there. – Sure, sure, go ahead. – [Off-Camera Man] It doesn’t even matter. (blender mixing) – [Off-Camera Man] We’re
gonna tuck that right down. – Crank it up a little bit. – [Daniel] So it’s starting
to look like cole slaw. (gagging) I’ll grab that. This is already a bad sign. That’s bad sign. – Oh no!
(laughing) Oh no! – It’s not a drink, it’s not a drink. – [Daniel] No, no, no, no! (blender mixing) – Oh, did you see that bubble? (synth music) – [Off-Camera Man] There we go. – Alright, ready?
Here we go. (spitting) Nope. (laughing) – [Off-Camera Man] You guys wanna chaser? – Like I got it in my mouth. And it was not going past my tongue. – [Off-Camera Man] Oh
you guys are doing it! (vomiting) – [Off-Camera Man] A
quarter of the way through. – There was so much volume in that one, I didn’t even see it! (laughing) Bottoms up! Is this what you wanted, Blaine? – That’s all I drank? I puked way more than that! – You did, you threw up a lot! This is undoubtedly the
lowest I’ve ever been. – It just tastes too much like vomit. Holy shit. (clapping) – Alright, you’ve inspired me. – ♪ I believe I can fly ♪ Oh fuck. Your body’s telling you, “Don’t you dare put this in me.” – Yeah, like, bro.
– Yeah. – Alright.
– Yup. – L’chaim!
– L’chaim! Yeah! There it was, baby! (clapping) – [Off-Camera Man] Do
you guys wanna celebrate? – No. – [Blaine] 56 people out
of 100 said they would, “Eat it all deep fried.” (airhorn blasting) – Jesus Christ! (airhorn blasting) – [Off-Camera Man] Are you fuckin’. – What? – [Off-Camera Man] You guys lost. – For real right now? – That’s not fake, you can’t fake that. This is genuinely all for not. – [Off-Camera Man] Are you guys ready to get back into the go
back to the drive-thru? – No, no. – [Off-Camera Man] Alright, let’s go! – Hi there, I was in a
little bit earlier today and I ordered every
single item on the menu? And I need to do that again. Oh that’s a nice golden brown that we’re looking for right there. – Shake that fry basket now. – C’mon now! Do we have to eat all this? – [Dietrich] Oh no. (burping) I think I need to go to the hospital. – I think I need a. I was just gonna say, I think
I need a fucking doctor. ♪ I’ll tell you all the secrets
after this vial of truth ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I respect ya and
lying would be uncouth ♪

100 thoughts on “Would You Rather Smoothie or Deep Fry the McDonalds Menu? | Would You Rather | Cut”

  1. Literally why wouldn’t you deep fry it 😂 almost everything at McDonalds is already deep fried so you’re just deep frying it more 😂

  2. I’ve watched this show a good 20 times, I showed this to all of my friends and family (even one of my college professors), and I swear that this is probably the most quality content out there. I even followed Dan’s band on Spotify. 10/10 will show this to my children.

  3. my brother willingly drank a whole pan of fish sauce when he accidentally ingested nasal spray. It's not as bad as it looks.

  4. The editing at the start! Damn I found it so hilarious how it cuts from his violent gagging to the explanation of the game. Loved it!

  5. Half the stuff from McDonalds is deep fried anyways so it really would have been the easier option 😂 would taste better too

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