Xiao Long Bao Recipe – How To Make Soup Dumplings!

Xiao Long Bao Recipe – How To Make Soup Dumplings!

Hey, welcome to souped up recipes.Today we
are making xiao long bao, which is a type of soup dumpling. You might ask how can I put soup inside a
dumpling? Well, you need pork skin to make a jelly. When you steam it, the jelly turns into a
liquid. It tastes amazing. Whoever thought of this, is a genius. Let’s get started! Blanch the skin for 5 minutes to remove the
bad smell. Clean it and remove the fat because you don’t
want your soup to be too oily. Cut it into thin strips. Prepare a pot of water (1.8 L of water). Put in your pork skin. Bring it to a boil and then down to low heat. Stew it for 1 hour. It should look like this after 1 hour, now
you add a bunch of spring onion some slices of ginger, a tbsp of Chinese cooking wine,
2 tsp of sugar, a tsp of white pepper and a tsp of salt. Keep stewing on low heat for another hour. This is what it will look like when you are
done. Strain the broth into a container. After stewing, you should have about 400 ml
broth left. Put it in the fridge for at least 6 hours. Skin has a lot collagen, which dissolves in
the water during stewing. When the temperature goes down, it turns into
a jelly. Carefully mince the jelly. Make sure there are no big chunks. Set it aside. Let’s make the filling You can do this while the jelly is being formed
in the fridge. We are going to use some white part of the
spring onion and ginger to make a sauce. Blend them with 3 tablespoons of water. Strain it. Pour the sauce into the ground pork. Add white sugar, dark soy sauce, sesame oil,
and 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Stir it until the pork absorbs all the sauce. Add the vegetables into the meat. And Combine them. You can switch it with other vegetables like
water chestnut or radish. You don’t even have to put vegetables, but
I think it balances the flavor. Last step is to mix it with the minced jelly. Set it aside We need high protein flour. We don’t need yeast or baking powder for soup dumplings, because the skin needs to be bouncy enough to hold the soup. A fluffy skin will absorb the sauce quickly. You need about 200 g of flour. Add a 1/2 teaspoon of salt and give it a mix. Pour warm water in 3 parts and mix the flour Let’s start to Knead it. At first, it looks dry and messy, don’t
worry, just keep kneading it. Once you make all the flour into a dough then transfer it to a flat board and knead it until smooth it should look like this. Cover it and let it sit for 30 minutes. Knead the dough again for 5-10 minutes, this is to squeeze the air out. Cover it Let it sit for another 30 minutes. Cut the dough in half. Roll and pull it into a long even strip. Then, cut it into small pieces. Turn it after every cut to get even pieces. Each one should be about 12 grams. Sprinkle some flour in case they stick to
each other. Flatten them with your hand. Sprinkle some flour, and roll it like this. Use the thumb to hold the middle. Right hand rolls it. Left hand holds and turns it. Repeat this again and again. What you are looking for is a small round
wrapper with thick middle and thin edge. The size should be about 8-10cm long across. I will do it again, slowly forward back turn the dough. Repeat this. And there you go. I know it is not easy but do your best. It will be fun. This is the most important step to make them
look great. Take a wrap and put enough meat so it’s
almost full. I put a little bit more than a tbsp. Lift one part of the edge and pinch it to
make a pleat. Continue all the way around. At the end, pinch it together to close the
dumpling. Will show you one more time Normally, each dumpling should have 10-12
pleats in total. Don’t worry too much about this your first
time it will take some practice to make it look perfect. Now let’s get them to steam. If you don’t have a steamer, something like
this should work fine just place your xiao long bao on top of it. Put parchment paper in the steamer cut some small holes so the steam gets through. Leave some space between the xiao long bao Bring the water to a boil. then put the steamer in and let it steam it for 5 minutes on high
heat. The traditional dipping sauce for xiao long
bao is quite simple. Some shredded fresh ginger, 1 tablespoon
of white vinegar, 1 teaspoon of soy sauce that’s it! Time to eat- finally! But, do not eat it immediately- you will burn
yourself. There is an art to eat this. Pinch the top of it, and transfer it to your
bowl. Poke a hole, you will see the soup coming
out. And then you drink the soup. Unbelievable, the flavor is so deep. All that work I did for the broth- worth
it! Now put a little bit ginger with the vinegar
and soy sauce combination on the top and eat the dumpling part. You HAVE TO try this. Whoever you make this for will be impressed! If you want to learn how to cook more Chinese food… Subscribe! and click the bell so you don’t miss any videos I’ll post at least one delicious recipe each week And for now Check out my other amazing recipes!

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  1. Thank you for explaining why we need high protein flour. I made Shanghai dumplings yesterday with lamb and there was no soup left in them. Luckily I had spare chicken broth and put the dumplings in that. It was still nice, but would have been better if the dish had remained authentic.

  2. I didn’t have a steamer so I used a large wide colander lined with parchment paper. Not ideal but did the job.

  3. Very impressive – just discovered your videos and i must say – you are a terrific chef…. your presentation skills are great and you are so cute to watch… i am now ready to start cooking chinese dishes…. they all look so delicious!

  4. 你好!I recently subscribed and I really love all I'm seeing so far. Hopefully I will have the time to do soup dumplings one day. I was wondering if you've ever made 奶黄包 or nai wong bao? I have tried making them a couple of times but I always fail to do it properly! There's a lot of raising of the dough over and over, the steaming I'm doing doesn't seem to work, etc. Different recipes tell different things, but not all explain why. Do you have any tips? 谢谢!

  5. Is this dish traditionally made with pork skin or can you make it with a bone broth? I mean you can get a gelatinous enough bone broth that you can mix it into the meat and it would be more nutritional. But I don’t know about flavor. Maybe do a bone broth with just a little bit of skin?

  6. Can we buy the wrappers keep on fridge until we are ready to make filling for wanten. Mine gets dry tear cannot fold

  7. Hi, I just went into your site. I have tried many recipes for this dumpling, but did not get a good result. I will try yours and I will let you know if your recipe turns out well! Thanks.

  8. Hi, I tried your recipe. All other instructions are OK. However, the dumpling result is very different from yours. I used the high gluten flour from Taiwan. What sort of flour do you use. Although I rolled it to a very thin wrap. After steaming the dumpling. It does not look like yours. My dumpling skins are quite hard. Please tell me why. I greatly appreciate.

  9. I used this video to make my first xiao long bao and it came out great, thanks so much for posting. For the broth I used the porkskin but also added neckbones, chicken feet and chinese smoked ham for the saltiness and it came out amazing very rich and gelatinous.

  10. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video. Its incredibly difficult to find authentic Chinese recipes. Your channel is amazing.

  11. Not familiar with high protein flour. Would like more information. Is this wheat flour or some other type? Also recommended brands. My son recently introduced me to these dumplings and would love to try to make them. BTW—love your videos. Your presentations are very clear and thorough.

  12. I just made xiao long bao today using your recipe,came out very good. I made the jelly 2 days ago(can add few pcs of chicken feet also)
    and the meat filling 1 day ago{i added 1 pc of dry shitake mushroom(chopped)}.my struggle was making the dough/wrappers and to close it,but I've found an easier way to roll the dough and to wrap it for who never make xiao long bao before,like me! Thanks for the recipe!!!

  13. What a great instructional video. I'm addicted to xiao long bao but i didn't know it was this complicated to make 😪 subscribing!

  14. Do you need wet the edge to seal shut the dumpling? Will it seal shut and not spill soup if it is dry and flour coated on the edges?

  15. Really love the recipes! Unfortunately, my dumplings keep breaking and all the soup is out before I can even eat them. What am I doing wrong?

  16. Hi ! I've tried several recipes of yours and they're just wonderful. I'd like to make xia long bao for my family, but I have a question ; since I don't want to spend too much time in the kitchen when they're here, can I make these a few hours in advance ? Like maybe after closing the dumplings, can I cover them (so they won't dry) and put them quickly in the fridge so the jelly doesn't melt ? (I'm sorry of the question has been asked before…)
    Thank you so much in advance, and keep up with your wonderful channel with authentic tastes from China ! <3

  17. Do you have any recommendations for alternative to pork for the gel? I would love to make this, but my family does not eat pork <3

  18. Hello! Can the xiaolongbaos be freezed if I can't finish eating? Would the taste and texture be affected after the freezing process? Thank you!!

  19. Wow you making my stomach growl I'm hungry LOL p. S. That blue dress looks so radiant on you love it😻💜👍👍

  20. Instead of pork skin for the collagen/gelatin jelly, I have used beef tendon before. It saves me from shaving the pig skin haha

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    (I share ingredients and recommended products there)

  22. Can I use something else instead of pork for the jelly? It will be great if you can mention any alternatives.

  23. Hi, I really love your videos. They are big help to people like me who aren't good in cooking. Thank you for sharing these wonderful videos. Now my question for this recipe is, can I use store bought dumpling skin? Are they the same? I have seen dumpling wrappers sold in Asian grocers. The reason I asked is because I am having trouble looking for the high protein flour in my area. If I can use the store bought dumpling skin, that will make the whole thing so much easier. Thanks, keep up the good work ❤❤❤

  24. Hi, When I visited new york I fell in love with xiao long bao, now back in argentina I wanna try my hand at cooking them!! Thanks for the recipe!!!

    I have a question, can this be pan fried? In the restaurant I ate them they had this variant that looked either pan fried or oven cooked – I don’t know which- but the dough was golden on the bottom and thicker and a bit more bread like all around… was that pan fried? Thanks you so much for the recipe!!

  25. Oh, right, of course. Soup inside of dumplings and not the other way around. That's what I was expecting when I clicked this video…

  26. wow you made it as if it was easy to make xiao long bao! it also has clear instructions,
    I want to try this on weekend 😀

  27. Thanks a lot for sharing! I'm now obsessed with this! My wife (she is from Wuxi) and her Chinese friends loved it too! It made me pretty happy to see that a French person can make it too!!

  28. Love your recipes! You make such delicious things!! I am hoping you are one of our Canadian Treasures as you use a lot of metric measures!

  29. Just came across your video. Very clear instruction. You made it feel for a beginner like me to want try it because you made it easy. Thank you for sharing. Hats off from Philippines. I just have 1 question though. Can i just use the ready made dumpling wrapper from the supermarket? Thanks again.

  30. Hai~ i love to try make Chinese dumpling, but I cant eat pork :'( is it okay if I substitute pork jelly broth with chicken? can chicken broth make a jelly just like pork broth?

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