YOU ROASTED ME.. so i made this..

YOU ROASTED ME.. so i made this..

Hey, guys, how’s it going, welcome back to another video, where today We need to have words! [oh] STRONG. WORDS. right here is my twitter page, where i posted a screenshot from one of the live streams i did two, days Ago, i think the slime rancher and i posted this right here it says rare sighting shiny Dantdm in shorts some say you’ll never see it again Which is which is true combined with the the shininess and the shorts, which i hardly ever wear because i don’t like shorts [WHY DAN AREN’T YOU HUMAN] but it’s you’re lucky day today i’m wearing them, again, to up but the replies to this tweets were Well you roasted me didn’t you [yes we did Dan] (Laughter) So today i thought we’d fix this picture according to what you tweeted as your replies to this My favorite one which i did actually reply to as this Dan leg, day please try 🙂 (laughs) I mean Charlotte you have a you have a good point, my legs are literally as slim as this i guess [DAN U ADMIT IT FINALLY] So let’s fix that now [yes plz] This won’t be the greatest quality image Because it was taken from a live stream and i took it on my phone so it’s not gonna Be the best quality image but we can fix that. [Hopefully] First of all we can cut out this stick figure of a human being Try, and improve him this might actually provide, some interesting results, but i’m gonna search for muscley leg [Oh god help] Please, don’t be weird, oh? Yeah, it’s weird. [well duh] Oh no, oh, my goodness if this, is what it means to take leg Day you uh know seriously and if you don’t know? A leg, day is it pretty much, means the day that you train your legs in the gym. I feel, like i need to explain that because i don’t go to the gym, i don’t know it because of memes. [lol] whaaaat That’s crazy, that leg that quad is that what it is a quad is the size of my Head wow this want to work i think so right prepare for the Transformation of your life, me. I have myself a muscly [oh really?] leg i’m gonna, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh… Flip that and now i need to try And put it in the same pose and try and fit it in these tiny shorts i don’t know If this is gonna work but you know What this ain’t too bad i might be able to just kind of like bend it a little bit, my, my photoshop skills are limited To, youtube thumbnails so don’t judge me too much i’m trying my best [we are all jugding you dan>:)] That might work, though, yeeees, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh this is gonna, be great i’m sorry, me i’m gonna cut your leg off. [oh no] let’s just take that off right now 3 2 1 [good he didn’t do it] Wait why are, my legs so white as, well i’m a. Youtuber that’s that’s, why, [R.I.P. Dan’s leg] leg has gone new leg yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah [???] That’s what i’m talking about right i think i need to change the shorts as Well right let’s cut out of these paste them, again, see what i mean about, my um, my limited photoshop, skills is there’s probably a Better way to do this but i don’t know it was gonna cut out this leg here, we don’t need, those we’ve got brand New, legs ready to work here this is this is like perfect… almost. ;–; Almost perfect. You know what this is actually gonna work i just need to cut out this piece of leg here Yes and then make the shorts bigger, and then we’ve got this just make these stretch, over the leg Make, sure they, fit my waist still and i’ve created an absolute monster (laughs) hahaha i Like this this is fun i should be able to use the same leg, oh no i’ve deleted the leg no i need The leg, back, whoever’s leg, this is by the way i am so Sorry, that you have to be put through this all right this one just needs to fit down here i might make These shorts just a little bit shorter just so you can See the bulk of the muscle if you if you’re wearing shorts, when you’ve got legs like This, you have to be showing off the muscle especially when i’m gonna Be putting in so much effort in leg, day it’s unreal, okay there are similar size (laughs) ah man right that should work, we just need to again, make, these shorts, bigger and we Are golden, oh, my, goodness this is gonna be great again. There’s probably a, better way to do this but this is all i know? And i think it’s working i don’t know, about you but this is perfect (kisses) masterpiece yes (laughs) hahaha Let me just let, me just view that from all the way back here That, is that’s magical that Is some unreal i say bicep edge woah wow that’s what i’d look, like, during leg day i am i need, to get working don’t i wow let’s get a little bit of Photoshop edge in here just to make it look a little bit more realistic Because it’s looking pretty realistic already right, oh, my word this, is freaking me out A little bit now i’ve looked at it for too long and now it looks normal why does that look so normal I Don’t know, ah i think i’ve actually mastered this. Okay but the problem is it doesn’t actually match, my skin tone at all Let’s just just for an example let me show You, how much it doesn’t match this is the hand yeah doesn’t quite match Does it let’s fix that to brighten those brightness brightness brightness brightness brightness brightness i can’t even match it that’s full brightness and i can’t? Even match, my skin that’s in that’s insane why
Can’t i match this i’m not i’m not that white so now i know i’ve completely messed it up i’ve gone full orange Maybe i am that pale, oh? My, goodness i am, oh? No, i put the brightness so far up and it still doesn’t match properly dahhh, maybe instead of making these videos i should Be out in the sun, which is i just realized to cut, my hand off as Well whoops whoops whoops whoops whoops just uh put that back on there we go but Yeah instead of making this, weird video i should Be out there in the sun so i can combat this uh leg Issue i’ve just saved this to my computer and the titled its, leg, day so if police ever go through My computer please watch This, video this is why this image exists i’m not weird i promise you so could it a. Bit smaller yeah that works (laughs) hahahaha It definitely works right, do we need the arms to match No, what we do need though is the top of my, head’s cut Off which isn’t good so i’m gonna need a hat, we need to select. A hat of my um beautiful self. Oh actually? Wait a second Found myself, some more leg, oh? That’s what leg, day is all about look at this i don’t need, you know, what i don’t need A hat i just need to show. Off the legs that’s all i need much better What, we need next is a gime gym gym gym see look the third thing that comes up is leg, day it’s important shouldn’t miss it uuuuuuuuuuuuuum which one has lots of treadmills in it This one perfect. Oh wow, oh wow look? Does this man look, like, he doesn’t belong here this is exactly, where he belongs right next to the treadmills (laughs)dumb this is so dumb right what do i do next uh Feel, like it’s not finished But i don’t know, why i have just had the best idea, like actually the best idea, so i’m gonna need to borrow Someone’s hand and i am gonna need to find a hat so let’s, do that shall, we cool hat, oh, oh? Look, at the selection. Oh wait a second gym hats, oh? This, is great gym fox 100% wait wait wait wait wait wait leg day hats Yes yes go pink, oh, my, goodness this is fantastic could not have found anything better There it is this is get rid of the background? And let’s pop that on my, hair you can’t even see it Let’s make, small Dan just that little bit smaller then, hopefully, we can fit this on yes? yes yes yes No it’s backwards now. You know, what it’s gonna have to go backwards because it’s not gonna look as good But, we need, to see the words that’s, why, this hat exists numnumnumnumnumnumnumnumnumnumnumnum So i know the original image just isn’t the best quality but i feel like this is working at least a little bit right Oh, what have i done you know, what can i borrow my Own hand for this i think i might be able to need flip this What why, does my hand like a spider, what is going on kind of works the tattoos, don’t match but that’s my? Own fault right get rid of that hand adds that hand on for some reason i’ve got to make this hand Darker to fit in and it’s, also Massive compared to my other hand and i don’t know, why? Okay, that whoa? This has been the weirdest 20 minutes of my, life, what have i been doing Now can, we let’s try merging these? Let’s try adding a little bit of a. Oh, yes a drop shadow Yes this is like my standards Youtube thumbnail kind of deal and then we’re, gonna, add we’re gonna add some text and it’s gonna say don’t Skip, leg, day you can’t see it just yet but i promise you it’s. Gonna be good don’t skip leg, day Yes i don’t know, what color to put it i guess i could, do it the same color as this bit pinker maybe Little bit pink there, we go finished i think i think we’re finished, feel like i need to blur this But the blur can, sometimes crash photoshop so Let’s not be too generous with it while this is working yes Yes it’s gonna, be perfect. Okay, we’re blurring out the the i was gonna, say windmills treadmills you can Tell i don’t use of that much but. You’re, still gonna know that they’re there and guys we are done hit save this is a public announcement do not skip leg, day, be like this man not like this one It’s an absolute masterpiece What has, my life come to charlotte thank you for your tweet thank you for your roast Together, we have created something beautiful i think, you’ll, agree let’s see what other roses you dealt me with Is that a tattoo no No it’s not a tattoo that would be a weird one wouldn’t it just like lines and my legs No, it’s just the ripped bits of my, jeans you know, me i like i like a set of rekt rip the ripped Jeans the only tattoos i have or on my arms Your legs match your hair at least We just discovered that i couldn’t even match in in photoshop it’s that light quick grab the master ball this gives me an idea Back with the original i just need to find a picture of a master ball, okay this one might not work Because it’s real but let’s see i need to get rid of this Watermark, there’s only one way i know, how, to do this properly Not because i’ve done it before let’s try this yes Hahaha, there go that works let, me just need, some this bit up and then, we have ourselves a master ball that we can, use i can’t decide which way, to put myself inside the master ball, uh i Guess that yeah that would work a hundred percent let’s, do that i just need to trace around, this so it looks like my, head is inside the ball same with the bottom bit as, well duh nuh nuh nuh i Don’t know this one doesn’t feel as satisfying i’m not sure, why, how, does it look smaller You know i do you, think that’s cool, my hand is still cut Off though i need, to fix that somehow i have an idea, ash ketchum throwing, that’s it what is this? Ash, what are you doing you, okay, what Okay, let’s stop Okay, this, is the best one that i can find let, me just clean this up a second i want it to look Like he’s thrown, the ball but i’m not quite sure i’m gonna, do that actually this is gonna work perfectly Well you definitely need that um that pokemon background right this, is what they use in most battle things Or just anime in general i have to try and make my, own like speed Line and this is how i’m gonna, do it big white rectangle Put it behind this opacity down and try and Figure this out i cut it out, like this does it work kind of you know what that’s not too Bad i might just smudge it a little bit That’s better yes? Yes i did it i still have a hand problem, so i’m gonna have to borrow, my, own hand again here comes The palest hand in the universe i mean i am a pokemon right now so it doesn’t really matter if my hand it doesn’t match My skin Even though it’s my, own skin my, own skin doesn’t match my, own skin you you know What i mean actually though that one’s not too, bad that’s way? Better than the one before is this complete i don’t really know I think it needs like a drop shadow on it always add a drop shadow Always, add a stroke cuz. That’s how. You make good youtube thumbnails Feel like i’m missing something Really, missing something i’ve got it i know, what it is i can’t be a pokemon without? These right there we go done with Without with without, with without you can, make your, own choice i think they, both look, fabulous, and that is the next thing that we have creatived again, very creepy i Feel like i could, do something with, this Bam it’s the cookie monster hmm how. Can i incorporate this into this Yeah, that’s, gonna be it okay so also first i? Need, to cut out this which is the fur bit. That’s gonna be holding myself Yeah, there we go, we kind of need to get rid of the cookie somehow And then replace it with his, own fur let’s cut. That out, and save it for later Just in case, yes that works problem is i now need? Some neck fluff to put in place of okay, that actually Wasn’t too hard at all that works perfectly wow i thought that, was gonna be harder complete the last bit of that dudes face You, wouldn’t even know right Yes okay, i want to try and use this cookie for something i want to try and like, make, myself chocolate chip but i’m not sure how, to actually i do know, how to do this i think i do anyway Again, limited photoshop skills over here but i’m gonna try but it seems to make this cookie stretch over as much of my Body as possible and i’m not Sure the best way to do that this is the only way i know that works then i make this big, oh my? Goodness this is gonna work i promise you Then delete ay i made a dan shaped cookie It actually worked i’m not sure how, best to make it look Like i’m a cookie though i mean that’s probably the best you’re gonna get chocolate Chip, dan what are we doing what am i doing what am i doing can i make it so that it is Round i think i’m happy with that, so i’m gonna merge those and try and create like a rounded head shape Just to finish it off, oh, my, goodness i if actually created i was gonna say a, masterpiece but Now i’m not quite sure I’m also not quite sure what to do with this leg, so i’m just gonna round it off like i’m a gingerbread man yes This is it this is it yes? Same with the hands as Well we don’t need, this get out of here try to make myself like a gingerbread man here not sure if it’s going Well or i guess it could be going, worse, ah i am now a cookie being eaten, by the uh, by the the cookie monster what have i done What have i done i need, something else so i’ve decided that behind this Beautiful blue, man i’m gonna have a cookie jar full of little cookie dans this is honestly the weirdest thing i’ve ever done on this channel i think possibly Ever it’s just a little bit creepy isn’t it photoshopping yourself into a cookie, jar i don’t know what i have done to the hand And then we can just duplicate that, by oh oh Duplicate that by tw ogo on get back in there flip that, bad boy around and we have ourselves something? Incredibly scary, there’s just one more thing i want to add my man’s in a cookie shop, check it out 100 percent all done um This has been a, weird day for me and hopefully it’s been a, weird day for you too but Honestly i hope you’ve enjoyed it look just look at. These guys eating a cookie Gingerbread dan i think this is just a masterpiece an absolute marvel What do you think? So we’ve got cookies and then we’ve, also got The pokemon one in the master, ball and then finally leg, day Which started the whole thing off guys thank you for roasting, me that, was great just know That you were responsible for this atrocity? atrocity however you say it of a video i Enjoyed it if you did too please leave a, thumbs up that would be greatly appreciated A like, would be awesome and if you’re not too weirded out i don’t feel, like, sticking around, for some more videos every single Day then Please do consider subscribing to join team tdm and today for daily videos Seriously thank you so much for the replies to those tweets They, made my, day they were hilarious so on thank you again have an amazing, day, and i’ll see you all next time goodbye Me name’s Jeff!

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  1. me: dan did u loose ur foot and hand bc u dont have them on u
    dan:well i went docters and they chopped it off
    me:oh well i just ate the new ''Cookiedan
    dan:OH D.D.D.DID U …

  2. Yesterday my brother said that you were lame even though he watches u every day I just sent him this and he was laughing so hard I could here him upstairs so that proves him wrong

  3. Youtube:wow most weirdest video I have ever seen…,
    Dan:sees email from YouTube*
    next day…..
    Youtube:congrats Dan you are the winner of the most weirdest video

  4. Me: you ripped your shorts


    Dan: how bout don’t skip leg day

    Me: good idea but you skipped leg day. Sorry 😐

  5. Being a YouTuber is the best- you get to sit down be pale be thin and Photoshop yourself into being fit or a cookie and earn lots of money

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