Young M.A On The Struggle of Giving Up Meat  | Made From Scratch | Fuse

Young M.A On The Struggle of Giving Up Meat | Made From Scratch | Fuse

This the love of my life. Who that? You! Who them? Who them? This is you Thats crazy I’m so…I was
gorgeous man. My kindergarten picture
I had like this fake smile like I didn’t
know how to smile. I was like, for some
reason when someone told me to smile I was like… I didn’t know
how to smile. This one, I don’t know how
they caught me naturally just with the
flyest smile of all. Hey G-mac Hey New! [Laughing] We’re making that
famous cabbage Yes…with your assistance I do call you New She calls me “New” That’s her nickname for me She been callin’ me that
since I was a baby, “New new” Only my grandmother can
call me that, nobody else can call me New New I named her that because
she was the new baby. When I’m on the road I
always miss the home cooking, you know what I
mean like, you don’t get that on the road. So, when I come home
I come right in the refrigerator, that’s it. Whenever I go to my
grandmother’s house, the first thing I do is look
in the refrigerator, look on the stove, I yell out
“Grandma what you cook? You didn’t cook
noting today? What’s good?” you know what I mean? You cut it up into like
quarters and pieces, big pieces and then you
get your chop on. I’ve never seen her do it,
so now I’m learning as we go actually. So now, when she ain’t here
I’m gonna know what to do. Gonna add one third cup
of olive oil, to a half a cup. And a table spoon
of minced garlic Garlic! And sprinkle some
creole seasoning I’m just gonna stir it,
sauté, let it cook down, keep stirring it. The cabbage only takes
fifteen to thirty minutes. Certain things, you know,
when you become famous, like things change as far
as like the feeling of how it used to be and
then…you know, only with my grandmother and like
my mom and like my little sister I still
feel like that. You know what I mean? Like they never
acted different. Well the first time I heard
her, I was in the car and I heard her on the
radio I started crying. Word? I didn’t even know that To me, I knew it was
another answered prayer. She knew what she wanted
to do early in life and to see her get there, it’s
just like, I don’t even know how to explain it. [Tasting] That’s G-Mac right there. [Laughing] That G-Mac cabbage man. It’s okay? It’s great. I’m gonna put this one. This is a Cajun fish fry,
it’s already seasoned. It’s a little salty. That’s the purpose of
mixing a little flower… Mix it together. I want everything
to be spicy. My fish, my shrimp, my
crab legs, my vegetables. I’ll make fruit spicy. You know what I mean
like the mangos? You put the hot
sauce on the mangos. That’s that seasoning boy, If it ain’t right,
it ain’t right. Usually I dry my fish you
know so it won’t burn when I put it in the grease. When I went on tour, just
in 2017 like around April, May, we was on the tour
bus of course, so you know we just riding around
through different cities. Anywhere we stop…. We probably stop at like
Golden Corral, McDonald’s, you know any fast food
spot, any restaurant, all you can eat. And then you know we had a
lot of alcohol, you know, on the road or
whatever the case. So, all those things
stared to add up, when I got off tour I was 167,
I couldn’t even believe it. And I was like, I’m gonna
make it my duty, I’m gonna sign up for this gym, sign
up for a gym and just say, yo I’m gonna
cut out meats. It was hard on
Thanksgiving, I ain’t gonna lie and I did…one
plate I had like on turkey leg, I just had to. This was when I
first started. I’m just like “Yo, no I
can’t do it” so I tried to, I was like “Can’t do
it cold turkey, I’m gonna just ease off it” but even after
that, after that I was like “No you know what, I’m not
gonna do it no more, I’m gonna really stop” My mom was…she played
music all day, you know what I mean? She was…when she cleaned
she played music, before she got ready to go
out she played music. 50 CentGet Rich or Die
was the first album I took actually serious. I remember first hearing
him, I was in the car, it was on the radio and I
remember being in the car, to myself, in my mind,
saying “This has gotta be the dopest shit it
ever heard in my life” And then that’s when, I
guess when I got home and started to find out,
started to see more of him on TV and stuff like that
and I did my research and I was already like doing
my little rapping on the low, like every
now and then. But that really made me
be like “Oh yo I wanna do this, I love this. This is dope,
like he’s fire. I should be like that, the
female version” as I’m thinkin’ at the time. We gotta say a prayer
first of course. You want me to bless it? You are I’m blessing? Yeah Lord thank you for this
food that we are about to receive, thank you, amen. Amen That’s the most important
part about eating together, get a
chance to pray. Pray over the food. Sometimes when I pray they
be like “Grandma gonna do a whole long drawn out…” [Laughing] A sermon [Laughing] Only at like Thanksgiving Yeah Cooking is a big part
of my house, my family period. My mom, right now, if you
go to her house, she’s going to have something
cooked or ready and she’ll be insulted if you don’t sit
down and have a plate of food. And we sit at the table,
you know, there’s no eatin’ all over the house. Nope, never once. Sit down at the
dining table. We have our
discussions too. Everybody knew
me from school. They knew I
played football. I wasn’t scared, I was
runnin the ball, I was poppin’ people back. That’s what it was, it
was playin’ football. We would play a game, we
would play another team, then you gotta dap
everybody up at the end of the game and you know you
gotta take your helmet off. So they seen I was a girl,
they was like “Yo that was a girl, that’s a girl, 86
is a girl, that’s a girl!” You know part of it kinda
takes place with hip hop, you know from being a girl
on the football team to trying to be dominant in
a dominant industry or whatever the case. So, I kinda could say I
definitely probably broke that, you know, that door
down to people being like “alright she a
‘gay rapper'” Like I literally came
through the door like “Don’t label me. I’m not a ‘gay
rapper’ I’m a rapper” So, I guess once I made
that established from the door, it became “Okay this
is just Young MA, she’s an artist” it’s not “she’s a
female rapper” “she’s a gay rapper” whatever So, it was kinda me kinda
makin’ that initiative too at the same time. You know people
automatically judge you on how they wanna take you as
whatever they wanna take you as. So, I came in the door
like, no don’t take me as that, this is me. And I never really needed,
with music I never really kinda like threw it out
there in peoples face like “I’m a gay rapper” like it
was always just, I said whatever I said. I said what
was on my mind. I said my experiences. I said what I
went through. It was never like “Oh I’m
gonna be the first dyke rapper” I just want to thank you
for even takin’ the time to even doin this with me
and showin’ people just you know that
other side of me. And you know, you’re a
big, very important person in my life and to who I
am today so I definitely thank you, for not just
your food but just you bein a grandmother and
like a mom to me as well. And the only thing I can
too about my grandmother man, when she first found
out that I was, you know, out there, out the
closet or whatever, you never judged me. You know what I mean,
that’s one thing I’ll say about my family, no
one every judged me. My grandmother, she
accepted me from day one, like she never looked
at me no different, she probably kinda even
knew it already. And she just was always
accepting of me. She never looked at me
no different way, never looked down at me, never
just judged me nothing. You know what I mean? She still loved me the
same, as the same New that she always knew me as. So thank you for that too. I’m honored and you’re
gonna make my cry. Don’t cry on camera [Laughing] Can’t do that… But you know I’ve always
been proud of you and I always like the idea that
you went for what you wanted, you knew what you
wanted and you spoke your truth. That’s right. And you didn’t allow
anyone else to label you. Mmhmm So that’s very important Yup You know, continue
being who you are. Thants right! [Laughing]

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    just love her music and enjoyed it….

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  3. I love her spirit….she is so humble and i love the fact that she won't let the industry label her…good for you young m.a you are who you are which is "Young M.A" and nu-nu 🤣…thats what your grandmother calls you…continued success to you

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    Inspired me to take the pen to a whole other level!!
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