YouTube Chef Cooks Tiny Food In Mini Kitchen: MAKING MAD

YouTube Chef Cooks Tiny Food In Mini Kitchen: MAKING MAD

COMM: Proving that all good things come in tiny packages is Yukiko Hasada, who has been
delighting viewers with her incredible tiny food creations. COMM: Yukiko was inspired to start crafting her miniature meals after she came across
a miniature kitchen set one day and decided to experiment. Her menus have since been inspired
by the food she cooks her family at home. COMM: So far, she’s created scaled-down versions of everything from the tiniest bread
rolls you have ever seen to miniature bowls of steaming hot noodles. COMM: Yukiko films all her miniature meals on her own kitchen table and has proudly produced
creations such as a bite-sized chocolate gateau and even a tiny soft-boiled egg to finish
off her miniature chow mein. COMM: In fact, Yukiko loves her tiny cooking so much that she is now hoping to launch her
own range of micro-utensils so that anyone can try and make their own miniature meals at home.

100 thoughts on “YouTube Chef Cooks Tiny Food In Mini Kitchen: MAKING MAD”

  1. Oh m gosh! This is awesome! Too freaking cute! And an actual working mini stove?!? Just stop it already!

  2. This would actually be a really good way to practice recipes without making a gigantic mess, or using tons of ingredients. You try again and again in a very quick amount of time. You just need to scale down the recipe correctly, but that is a lot harder than it sounds.

  3. Look up walking with giants on YouTube, this dude has been doing this for much longer and deserves tons of subs.

  4. but
    why waste time cooking the mini things when you could just cook the big things :/
    you just know the mini things is gona leave you wanting more
    i mean aside from novelty

  5. Hey listen is your mouth tiny? Then come over to Little Bits. Are food is so tiny that it wont get stuck in your lips. We got tiny steak, tiny lasagna ohh shit we even got tiny people. Come over to Little Bits and eat some fucking shit you stupid little bitch haha just kidding. (In whispering voice) Little Bits.

  6. I am always amused by people on youtube..Always Negativity when people leave comments lighten up. and to those saying" they stole this idea cause some dude or chick has done this before..So if you don't like what is shown then go make your own video on youtube that no one has ever done :)).. Or you can simply just watch something else instead of being a Hater

  7. This made me so incredibly happy. I can't even really explain it. It touched, like, a deep part of my soul I didn't know what there.

  8. Of course she's asian. Reminds me of the scene from Family Guy where asians think small versions of things are cute: "Oh look at my tiny dog, i'll put it in my tiny purse, tiny phone hihihihi, *looks at her own breasts* tiny everything!"

  9. your
    are sad have no life and probably were taken care of by ur parents your whole life smfh get a real job what a joke tiny kitchen utensils for sale who is gonna buy it thats a joke

  10. My little sister wants a miniature kitchen set for Christmas, but my dad doesn't know where to find one. Can you tell me what the brand name is called?

  11. All of ya'll are wrong. The original was Miniature Space YT Channel with over 2 million subscribers. Been watching homeboy for YEARS!

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