*pyro intro music playing* [Vid]: “I just really like French fries” [Pyro]: “No one gives a single fuck” “Now as a lot of you may be aware of” “I’ve been doing a lot more gaming themed videos recently” “It’s definitely a change in content” “but fortunately, you guys have been incredibly supportive” “leaving great feedback in the comments section” “Thank you all so much for your constructive criticism that helps me bring more content to you” “That comment isn’t” “It’s not even in English” “That comment isn’t even in English” (slightly farther from mic) “h-h-how am I meant to read that” “Now as all of you know at this point” “Youtube has a plethora of amazing original content” “created by the YouTube community” [old man]: “no, don’t do it” “no, no don’t do it” “don’t do it” “im a virgin” [Pyro]: “Now I, Pyrocynical the Third” “will sacrifice my innocence, my life” “I will put everything on the line” “to entertain you people with horribly put-together videos” “It will be quite an adventure, and” “honestly, I’ve lost the will to live at this point” “I’m a forty-five year old man with chronic depression” “and Keemstar blocked me on twitter while fabricating some kind of DM conversation” “because I think he has the skin insanity” [Knome]: “THIS FUCKING FURRY–” [Pyro]: “So prettty much to summarize,” “I’m at the end of my rope, and” “I’m pretty much willing to subject myself to anything for YouTube revenue” “because I’m a disgusting sellout.” “So I had a video sent to me recently called” “PYROCYNICAL SUCKS” “and I swear to God, I am not making this up” “I think” “I don’t know, but” “I think this is the kid” “that did the “I Hate PewDiePie” video” “You know that adorable little kid from some, like, indeterminate country” “I couldn’t even fucking understand the accent, but” “this kid” “I think it’s the same kid” “I’m not even joking” “Let me just play the clip for ya” [Fat kid]: (whispers) “Fuck you, Pyrocynical” “alyghyla (???)” “fucking piece of shit” “fucking furr–fat Five Night at Freddy’s” *breathes in* “You look like this monkey right here” [Pyro]: “So you heard it here first guys” “This child” “This…internet sensation” “had said that I look like this monkey” “this monkey” “Unjo Gratis: The Forbidden Monkey God” “Apparently, that’s what I look like” “This kid has pretty much nailed me down to a T” “Also, what I love most about this video is” “pretty much for all of it” “the kid is whispering” “because his parents are, like, trying to summon a ghost with a Ouija board the next room” “so, you know” “he’s gotta keep quiet” [Fat kid]: (still whispering) “This little fucking” “monkey” “You fucking look like this” “Your fucking avatar look like this fucking monkey” “Fucking monkey” “Fuck you” [Pyro]: “I’m sorry” “Hold up a second” “I appreciate that you’re insulting me, but” “can we” “can we just get a little playback of what you’re wearing” *close up on fat kid’s cancer shirt with music playing* [Pyro]: “Oh no” “No…” “No, no” [Fat kid]: (still whispering) “I hope you die in the zoo” “an” “exceppple (???) zoo” “I know” “absolute dissa (???) zoo” “and you talk like” (slightly deeper voice) “HEY GUYS” “I’M PYROCYNICAL” “AND I’M STUPID” [Pyro]: “Okay, I do have to give credit where it’s due” “He pretty much did nail my voice, ya know” “You can hear the crippling underlying depression in his voice so” “he pretty much nailed the Pyrocynical voice spot on” “Congratulations child” “You win this round” *replay of fat kid impersonating Pyro* *Pewdiepie cries* [Pyro]: “This child is a menace” “He even made PewDiePie cry” “A 2012 rendition of PewDiePie” “How could you” “how” “This child is a menace” “He will never stop” “until every single person is laid to waste on YouTube” “This boy’s begun to roast me, but” “don’t think you’re safe” “He’ll move onto another person” “and then another person. No one is safe” “from” “t-t-the kid” “holding a” *breathes in* “I honestly don’t” “wha-what’s his channel name” [Fat kid]: ah doin say that but” “the factor of you” *puts down Unjo Gratis and move camera loudly* “look at this shits” [Pyro]: “I actually don’t know what’s more terrifying” “This kid making threats to me online” “or the fact that he’s wearing a Minion shirt” “I-I think it’s the Minion shirt honestly” “that always wins” *breathes in* [Fat kid]: “This fucking fur fag right here” “You see” [Pyro]: “So this is a pretty normal video so far” “Ya know” “He insulted me a lot” “He put on a voice pretending to be me, but” “I thought we’re gonna have some nice closure to the video” “and” “it pretty much ends and we go our separate ways, but no” “he went totally insane” “The skin insanity” “clearly setting on this small boy” “In the space of three seconds” “He is now devouring” “Unjo Gratis: The Forbidden Monkey God” *chuckles to himself quietly* [Fat kid]: “You’re fucking piece of shits” “You’re now crashed” [Pyro]: “And that’s pretty much the end of the video” “He throws the monkey and” “then he turns to the camera off and he” probably sat in a corner” “wondering why he created this video in the first place” “Now one thing I do wanna say” “If you find this child’s channel” “if you find it” “do not flame on him, please ” “we need to grow him” “into a god” “If he doesn’t hit one million subscribers by the end of today” “I’m actually” “um” “well, I’m probably not gonna do anything” “but yeah” “be nice” “We need to grow this child into a god” “He needs to be the next PewDiePie” “because then” “some kid will come along and roast him “and the inevitable cycle will repeat itself” “Thank you all so much for watching” “I’m about to go outside and” “buy myself a monkey brush now” [Old guy]: “Don’t do it” “i’m a virgin”

100 thoughts on “YOUTUBE LEGEND ROASTS ME”

  1. Once he roasts everyone on YouTube, he has to roast himself until he stops making videos and he ends up killing himself for being bullied

  2. бог благословляет тачанку: наш герой. но, увы, его здесь нет. но он был бы горд

  3. For the ones whom not know what language this kid speaks and whats that accent,it's Turkish.
    Have a nice day or night.

  4. He says ur a fur fag and that ur the monkey, then hw chews on the monkey so hes basically pretemding to chew u…. And he called u the fag.

  5. It’s the same kid that hates PewDiePie but now since he’s older and can get criticized he took over a new leaf and that new leaf is the foxy fan boy which is you

  6. You know that kid was turk.I am a turk too.I am so embarrased for us.

    You know we have a equivalent of you in Turkey.

    He is like a discount version of you.

    I am gonna commit neck rope now.

  7. I like how he is roasting you on how you are ugly and dumb but he’s wearing a minions shirt that that alone he should be a shamed of but he also has a starter stash so you missed out on roasting him in that so ima do it for you minion creep

  8. It is really fucked up that pyro is a fur fag. That shit should be illegal because they are obsessing about having sex with animals. I would not let pyro near my dog, no joke.

  9. the kids from turkey ik that cus i speak it and if you listen closely there speaking Turkish in the background

  10. The kid is an idiot windbag. A potty mouth brat. With conduct like that he has a rough life ahead. Malcontented little snot.
    I'm so offended! Such hateful speech really ruins my day waaaa boo hooo. CLEARLY, I AM LYING.
    It is most refreshing to see that google isn't filling their shorts laying square eggs over this.

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